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Career Questions tagged Interior Design

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na'kiyah Mar 14 37 views

Do you need a degree to start an interior design career ?

Is a degree required or recommend ?

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na'kiyah Mar 03 56 views

how do you start off in interior design ?

Big question

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na'kiyah Mar 03 41 views

Is interior design therapy for some of you?

Designing is art and art is very therapeutic for me.

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Emilie Mar 03 49 views

Should I also take some Marketing courses in College to while taking Interior Design courses?

I would like to know more about how to get my name out there and be seen by potential clients in the future. Would a marketing class be helpful in any way?

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Emilie Mar 03 33 views

What exactly is the major difference between Interior Decorating and Interior Designing?

Are they pretty much the same? Will I be able to do both things if I pursue Interior Designing? Which is more profitable/fufilling?

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na'kiyah Mar 02 57 views

How long does it take to get in the interior design field ?

Looking to get my career started off!

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Emilie Feb 24 71 views

What are some essential skills that I need to be a succesful Interior Designer?

Is there anything specific I need to know about this field?

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Brennen Jan 30 90 views

How do I become an FBI agent?

How long do I have to go to school?
What classes do I have to take?

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Mia Jan 09 170 views

Do I have to take both Art&Design and DT for GCSEs to be an interior designer?

I am picking my gcses this month and I still don’t know what I want to be for sure but I know that I definitely want to be in the art field (either being an interior designer, architect, graphic designer or an actress). I have already decided that I’m doing history, Spanish, drama and now I...

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Mia Jan 06 148 views

What subjects should I take for GSCE if I want to be an Interior Designer?

I have to choose between Art&Design and DT and I find Art more free but the coursework is a lot and I find DT easy and useful but it’s harder to get a 9, 😭💀

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Ella Dec 13, 2022 182 views

What does a day look like for an Interior Designers? Schedule?

Schedule? In the day.

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Ella Dec 13, 2022 168 views

How much schooling do you have to do for Interior Designers?

#Interior Designers?

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Xzaevia Nov 29, 2022 370 views

How do I start an in/exterior design/real-estate company that can one day turn into a global influential brand?

Hi! My name is Xzaevia! I have a BA in Community Development and Design for Social Impact. I want to create something in this world that combines aesthetics, functionality and social impact.

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SaraKate Nov 03, 2022 250 views

lnterior Design?

What is interior design?

Eloise’s Avatar
Eloise Oct 31, 2022 249 views

Entrepreneur vs. Employed by Company

Do you think people are more successful self employed or employed by a company?

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Maci Oct 18, 2022 166 views

How do I start looking into collages for interior-design?

Contact collages.

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Mary-Elex Oct 18, 2022 493 views

Interior design.

How do you start your own business in designing right after you graduate for college? And how do you find all of the resources you need to start a business, and bring clients in?

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Madi Oct 17, 2022 187 views

How often do people need interior design services ?

Hi i'm Madi a junior in high school. I would like to open up my own interior design business but worry about how much interior designers and actually need. Also how many services are available.

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Madi Oct 17, 2022 339 views

How long does it take to become a professional interior designer?

Hi, I'm a junior in high school with the biggest dream to become an interior designer but don't know the aspects that are apart of actually becoming one.

Madi’s Avatar
Madi Oct 17, 2022 505 views

How do I start a business for a interior design service? Is there a need for interior designers?

Hi, I'm a junior in high school who's very passionate about interior design. I want to be my own boss or be the marketing manager of a business to take control of the initial look of the company.

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Lilly Jul 14, 2022 212 views

I love animals and I'm a creative person. What career is best for me?

Hi! I'm really interested in animals and biology. I have tried 2 entrance exams already , but I did not get selected. I am really clueless now as I don't know what to do. I'm also a creative person and enjoy art and even interior designing.

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Clarissa Jul 07, 2022 331 views

Interior Design

Are interior designers required to join a union? If so, which one(s)?

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Leilani Jun 14, 2022 532 views

Since I was a child, I've wanted to be an architect, interior designer, and engineer because I've always been fascinated by the numerous things I could build, such as airplanes and buildings. But, in order to attain this goal, I'd like to know what courses in college I need take to get there. Such as the programs and requirements I'll need to achieve that goal. Could someone with experience in this field please assist me?

I'd also like to play D1 or D2 softball in college. I've also heard that having a degree in engineering isn't worth it, but I'd really like to do it.

Hildaleez’s Avatar
Hildaleez May 23, 2022 231 views

How can I appeal to interior design firms/internships?

I just finished my first year in college as an Interior Design student. Prior to college, I had little to none background and experience in architect or design. My resume mainly shows skills and experience of extracurriculars and office work. How can I appeal to an interior design internship...

lexy’s Avatar
lexy May 10, 2022 239 views

Majoring in interior design

What kind of major/education do you need to be an interior designer?

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bridget Mar 31, 2022 354 views

is it possible to study interior design in south korea

i was always interested in studying abroad and I'm very interested in studying in south korea, is it possible?

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bridget Mar 31, 2022 273 views

how do i get work experirnce as an interior design student

i really wish to get work experience as an interior design student so that i can learn the ins and outs of interior design but i don't know, how can you help me?

bridget’s Avatar
bridget Mar 19, 2022 442 views

Can I be an interior designer as well as a model?

i want to be an interior designer. I'm very passionate about it but I'm worried it might be too stressful and time consuming for me to do modelling as a side job.

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kate Feb 07, 2022 218 views

What's the employment rate of interior designers?


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kate Feb 07, 2022 269 views

What classes should you take to become an interior designer?