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Career Questions tagged Interior Architecture

Madi’s Avatar
Madi Oct 17, 2022 472 views

How do I start a business for a interior design service? Is there a need for interior designers?

Hi, I'm a junior in high school who's very passionate about interior design. I want to be my own boss or be the marketing manager of a business to take control of the initial look of the company.

Keira’s Avatar
Keira Jan 18, 2018 4014 views

What qualifications it takes to become an architect?

To influence my decision into going in a career in architecture by providing me more knowledge of what an architect do. Thanks for reading my question.
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Colin’s Avatar
Colin Jan 16, 2018 448 views

What can I do with a degree in Interior Architecture?

I'm looking into getting a degree in Interior Architecture, but I'm not exactly sure what jobs are available for someone with said degree.
#college #interior-architecture #choosing-a-major #architecture

Rafael’s Avatar
Rafael Feb 15, 2017 2189 views

What is the most exciting part of being an architect?

I am very interested in becoming an architect and I want to know what part of a project is the most fun or exciting. Is it designing the general layout of the building or designing the interior? Where do you think you make the most impact in the design of a building? #architecture...

Jill’s Avatar
Jill Jan 17, 2017 1236 views

About architure

Well is it true that the math and other units of architecture is really hard??? What type of math there is? Will there be a lot of making model structure? Will there be a lot of reports? I really wanted to take up architecture but the math scares me ,makes me think to just change career choice....

Raven’s Avatar
Raven Oct 19, 2016 1937 views

What are some benefits of Architecture over Interior Design?

I have been struggling with choosing my major before college. Ive been planning on becoming an architect, but I also have the idea of interior design in my head and would love some advice. #interior-design #interior #interior-architecture #majored

Maggie’s Avatar
Maggie May 19, 2016 1088 views

As an interior designer, are the projects that people come to you for more free range or are there more guidelines?

I am going into my junior year as an interior design major. So far our projects have had minor guidelines, but I can pick and design the space how I want. In a real life situation are there more guidelines? Are people more picky, or do they trust your design? #jobs #design #interior-design...

Shi Ying Quince’s Avatar
Shi Ying Quince May 19, 2016 807 views

What career choices I have with interior design and Japanese?

I been studying interior design in college but due to some academic issues I have to change to Japanese which I still want to be doing something with design. Is there any career choices that can combine the two together? #interior #japanese #interior-architecture #interior-designer

Shi Ying Quince’s Avatar
Shi Ying Quince May 19, 2016 1158 views

If I don't graduate with a degree in Interior Design, is it very hard to find a job?

I am asking this question because I am studying interior design right now, but due to some academic issues I can't continue with the major. I still want a job associate with interior design will that be something difficult to do? The major I will be changing to was my minor - Japanese....

Nikki’s Avatar
Nikki May 13, 2016 996 views

Is having a wildly different and innovative idea practical in the architecture world? It may seem like an easy question, but are most architectural projects designed to have a "wow factor" or are they just whatever is trending?

I am currently a senior in high school who will be majoring in architecture next year. I've always loved architecture and have wanted to be one since my kindergarten days. I want to know from an actual architect if they have the liberty to design pretty much whatever they want (within...