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Career Questions tagged Construction

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Josh Aug 29 139 views

hi i was wondering what the average day of being a carpenter looks like?

Carpentry Question

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Javelle Aug 26 162 views

What are typical Construction Managers like in a job?

I want to be on my beast in the future so I can help others.

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dustyn Aug 26 123 views

How much is the salary for a carpenter?

I want to know how much the salary for a construction carpenter is so that I can know that I will be able to provide for myself.

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Dennis Aug 04 217 views

Any advice for Starting an electrical apprenticeship right out of trade school?

Im currently attending trade school working on building my foundation and i would really appriciate any feedback or information on getting into the electrical field. Thanks in advance!

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Dennis Jul 29 207 views

What are some things to expect when starting my path to become a lineman.?

Is there any tips or advice, and whats the job like on a daily basis. High voltage overhead powerline construction

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kevine Jul 21 79 views

Is carpentry the best option

why would carpentry be a good trade or career for someone?
if you were to own a construction business, what would be some of the requirements for your job?
outside of work , what something that interests you

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Ruben Jul 20 84 views

On average how long will it take to complete a job for floor laying?

I know the time will vary depending on the size and material of the site but I would like to know how long each step takes in the process.

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Ruben Jul 20 95 views

What are some issues I might run into while floor laying?

What are some common issues I may encounter while working and any helpful tips that could help solve or avoid issues?

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Ruben Jul 20 82 views

What tools should I get familiar with for floor laying ?

Wondering what tools that are necessary for flooring as well as what other tools can be useful

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Calvin Jul 06 293 views

Three questions about construction

I have three questions.

1. How has your career affected your marriage?

2. Do you believe Job Corps is a good use of time?

3. Do you believe someone can get far enough to provide for their family with a job in construction?

Violet’s Avatar
Violet Jun 28 195 views

General questions from someone going into construction labor.

Hello, I have some questions for those in the construction industry. What kind of jobs can you find in the private sector? I can easily imagine doing public works kind of things but I'm curious what there is past that. For anyone working in the private sector, or maybe running their own...

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Leonardo Jun 14 102 views

What are the risks of working in construction?

I started technical training in construction and would like to know more information

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Leonardo Jun 14 153 views

How much will I get paid in construction?

I am starting technical training and would like more information.

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Leonardo Jun 14 99 views

What are the benefits of working in construction?

i am starting technical training in facilities maintenance and would like more information

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Nakene Jun 14 91 views

How long will my work shifts be when I do begin working?

As I have never worked before, I am unsure of how much time I would be utilizing for my hard work during the job

Nakene’s Avatar
Nakene Jun 14 147 views

What will my medium pay be as a construction manager?

As a person who has never worked before, this is my most curious question considering my motives and the goals I want to achieve.

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Nakene Jun 14 230 views

What clothing is appropriate to wear in a construction environment?

I was told back when I was 12 that there are a good amount of safety equipment employees are required to wear in order to prevent accidents.

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DarMario Jun 09 127 views

How does construction work and what are the skillful aspects of it?

Would I be paid a salary for construction and what would be the benefits? Ideally, I would like to start off with a job title that can lead to a future and possibly be helpful.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jun 03 229 views

How long does it take for someone to learn all of the skills needed for your trade?

I know how long an associate's degree and bachelor's degree takes but what about any other certifications or prerequisites are there that i can obtain? How long do they take, any what do I need to do before hand to get them done?

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jun 03 221 views

What path would you recommend to someone just starting out?

What choices are ahead of me that I don't know about yet? What is the best options i can take advantage of? How can i make the most of my time?

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Christopher Jun 03 189 views

What steps did you take to get to your position today?

I have graduated high school in 2015, but have struggled to get into the trades of my choice. I want to know what you did in order to get into your trade, as well as any advice that you could give if you were to do anything differently. Also, just to specify further, I am interested in two...

Jada’s Avatar
Jada May 25 151 views

What steps can I take to help me pursue my career in architectural design or construction?

I am a high school graduate that’s looking into trade schools that can help me to get more hands on experience. I went to school for architecture and I want to get more experience in skill trade.

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Gerald May 17 120 views

What are the main responsibilities as a construction worker?

what are the daily work look like for an construction laborers?

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Gerald May 17 107 views

What are some of the biggest struggles in construction?

Need better understanding on what common tasks to look follow to if i decided to pursuit in this type of occupations.

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Elias May 16 196 views

How do I find an empty location to build my own house?

How do I find an empty space to build my house in Chicago but I need help finding a location?

Elias’s Avatar
Elias May 16 127 views

How would I build a new kitchen in a house I would build?

I want to build a new kitchen for my mother but I don't know where to start or begin or what tools and things I need to use to build it.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 10 179 views

If I enjoy working on a railroad, what college major should I choose?

I am looking for a good career path

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Nijuel May 09 207 views

how much does it cost to buy an entire apt building

i want to to get into realist in new yoyk city

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James May 04 144 views

What are some good vacation months for construction management?

I lake to travel when it's hot.

kristopher’s Avatar
kristopher May 04 164 views

Is staying fit or in shape important working as a construction worker?

Is there alot of heavy lifting and moving going on?