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Career Questions tagged Construction

brandon’s Avatar
brandon Mar 23 52 views

how many hours a week are a good average and how much should i get paid for it?

looking to become a commercial & industrial designer what would be the average amount of hours i should expect and what is a salary i should expect on average?

Eden’s Avatar
Eden Mar 20 116 views

What does a typical day look like for a Construction Manager?

How long did the process take of becoming a Construction Manager?
What types of training or education would be needed to become a construction manager?
Thank you for answering!

Pharrell’s Avatar
Pharrell Mar 14 140 views

What are your duties on a day to day basis? do you also get to choose which assignments you work on?

Working on my trade certification in B.C.T

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Mar 14 52 views

How long does it take to become a construction manager?

What are some benefits of being a construction manager? Why is being a construction manager such an important role?

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Mar 09 69 views

How much money do construction managers make? also is it tiresome to be a construction manager?

How much money do construction managers make and is it tiresome?

Jairo’s Avatar
Jairo Mar 06 35 views

what type of tools do Electricians need?

hello my name is jairo am a student at job corps and I want to become an
Electricians and I wanted to know what tools you use

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Mar 06 41 views

What are the main responsibilities of an HVAC worker?

What are some types of main responsibilities that an HVAC worker does, that a person looking into HVAC should know?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Mar 06 60 views

What is a typical day of an HVAC person look likes?

I am just wondering what a typical day as an HVAC worker looks like.

Jairo’s Avatar
Jairo Mar 06 58 views

how much education do i need to become an Electricians

hi my name is jairo I just wanted to know how much education would I need to become an Electrician

na'kiyah’s Avatar
na'kiyah Mar 02 56 views

How long does it take to get in the interior design field ?

Looking to get my career started off!

Lilian’s Avatar
Lilian Feb 28 245 views

Is it difficult to find a good job as a commercial estimator?

Is it difficult to find a good job as a commercial estimator?

Emilie’s Avatar
Emilie Feb 24 70 views

What are some essential skills that I need to be a succesful Interior Designer?

Is there anything specific I need to know about this field?

Ezekiel’s Avatar
Ezekiel Feb 22 199 views

what architectural job pays the most?

I am wondering which job in the architecture/construction industry would pay the most, I enjoy building and planning the building stuff.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Feb 22 118 views

What is the most fun part of being an architect? What is the least fun part?

I have been really interested in architecture from a young age and I am continuing to look more into this career as an option for my future. I have talked to a couple of architects but I would like to learn more about architecture in general from multiple different people and perspectives.

alijah’s Avatar
alijah Feb 22 145 views

how much do cement make?

like how long you have to be working to get a higher raise? or will I be working for the union/?

evajeh’s Avatar
evajeh Feb 15 113 views

construction bct

what are things i need to learn about construction

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Feb 14 180 views

How hard is it to become an electrition?

asking a professional how and get taught by the person.

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Feb 09 136 views

What is a good job that I would enjoy if I enjoy working and building stuff with wood?

I like to build all kinds of things but I especially like to use wood. I like to be creative and think of ideas then make that idea. I enjoy to work in groups or with another person.

angela’s Avatar
angela Feb 08 113 views

What does a typical day look like for a Constructuion & Building Inspector?

What are some software skills I should be familiar with?
What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in this field?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Feb 01 320 views

construction manager

what does construction manager do in the construction site building ground

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 31 157 views

What are three important pieces of information that I should know about welding??

What does a typical day look like as a welder?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 31 221 views

What values does your company look for in a person they are hiring?

Looking for welding jobs

Brence’s Avatar
Brence Jan 31 116 views

Questions about electricians?

What does an electrician do in a day?
What are the pay/benefits?
How secure is the job?

Brennen’s Avatar
Brennen Jan 30 90 views

How do I become an FBI agent?

How long do I have to go to school?
What classes do I have to take?

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Jan 30 154 views

witch career path should i go into?

I have studied for both collision repair and digital design but I also want to do welding in the future. Witch career path should I go into to enjoy and make the most money?

Keaton’s Avatar
Keaton Jan 27 160 views

What is the best field to work in when trying to become a welder?

My name is Keaton I'm from Rock Hill, and I'm hoping to become a welder when I get out of school but I'm wondering which field of work is the most enjoyable, and the most rewarding when becoming a welder.

Jamario’s Avatar
Jamario Jan 26 141 views

Is construction hard?

If you know how to build something is it the same for construction would it make your job easy.

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Jan 26 147 views

How helpful is being an apprentice as a electrician ?

How long is apprenticeship for most electricians.

Alan’s Avatar
Alan Jan 24 181 views

Why should I join the welding industry?

Why should I choose the welding industry as a career? How many hours a day on average are the shifts? I am 16 years old and am interested in the welding industry; What is a good age to join the welding industry?

Kris’s Avatar
Kris Jan 24 93 views

What kind of certifications would be best for welders?

Are there opportunities for training and progression within the role/company ?