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Career Questions tagged Heavyequipment

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy Dec 13, 2022 238 views

What’s the daily life of a iron worker/welder?

How long does it usually take for a new welder to get used to or comfortable with the union and field welding in general? What are some tasks that the field workers do day to day? What other work do you do as an iron welder besides welding?

caden’s Avatar
caden Nov 08, 2022 189 views

what should i know about tower crane operating before i get the job?

like anything from some basic or something you do daily or to something that happens rarely that you need to know in case it happens

caden’s Avatar
caden Nov 07, 2022 131 views

what is the most important aspect of being a tower crane operator?

I'm in 11th grade at Millbrook high school looking to be a tower crane operator after graduation

dalton’s Avatar
dalton Apr 16, 2018 971 views

What will get an employee immediately fired?

#interview #fired #losing-a-job #employment #human-resources #heavyequipment #career #job

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jase Apr 05, 2018 740 views

What is the normal time of a probation period?

#career #employment #heavyequipment

jase’s Avatar
jase Apr 05, 2018 709 views

When a person walks into an interview are they automatically judged or not?

because i am wondering if you judge or not a soon as you meet them #heavyequipment #career #interviews

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jase Apr 05, 2018 562 views

How many warnings you get and/or days you can miss before you get fired?

because i am researching on how to be an employable worker
#heavyequipment #career #employment

Tim’s Avatar
Tim Apr 05, 2018 481 views

If you dont wear your PPE on the job site will you be fired?

#heavyequipment #public-safety

Tim’s Avatar
Tim Apr 03, 2018 452 views

Would my employer provide me with the right PPE? If I fail to use it what might happen to me?

#heavyequipment #public-safety