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Career Questions tagged Dailylife

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jan 23 83 views

What is my passion and daily goals?

I really try everyday to wake-up being positive and giving myself words of encouragement for the day. A good breakfast helps as well to give myself a semi-full stomach to feel better through-out the day.

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy Dec 13, 2022 238 views

What’s the daily life of a iron worker/welder?

How long does it usually take for a new welder to get used to or comfortable with the union and field welding in general? What are some tasks that the field workers do day to day? What other work do you do as an iron welder besides welding?

Silvia’s Avatar
Silvia May 03, 2019 424 views

What would be the "normal" day as a business manager?

#buisness #dailylife #management

Halley’s Avatar
Halley May 03, 2019 385 views

What is the daily life of a food critic? What classes do you have to take in college?

#food #foodcritic #critic #california #dailylife

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 22, 2018 608 views

What is the daily life of a dance major?

Although I LOVE dance and would like to major in dance for my undergraduate degree, I want to make sure this is the right fit for me. Therefore, I have a few questions. What is the daily life of a dance major? Do you get to pick your classes? Do you have time to double major? Do you have time...