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Career Questions tagged Positivity

Litzy’s Avatar
Litzy May 16 109 views

What does a day in life look like for a construction manager?

What would be some challenges and some positives for this field? Are you happy with your income and position?

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jan 23 189 views

What is my passion and daily goals?

I really try everyday to wake-up being positive and giving myself words of encouragement for the day. A good breakfast helps as well to give myself a semi-full stomach to feel better through-out the day.

Ellison’s Avatar
Ellison Nov 01, 2022 353 views

How do I know what careers there are for me based on what I like?

I would like help in trying to find out what exactly would suit me for a future career that I'd also enjoy. It needs to be enough to financially support me.

Jadyn’s Avatar
Jadyn Feb 19, 2019 735 views

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

#happiness #hello #positivity #behappy #career

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 16, 2018 764 views

How, through my future career, can I inspire young kids to make a difference in their community?

I want to make a lasting impact on the people I work with, and I want the children I see to be inspired to work hard and positively impact the people around them. What are some ways I can help kids achieve this? #positivity #inspiration #medicine #children #working-with-children...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 20, 2017 1099 views

What career path should I choose ?

I love hearing stories and caring for others. I also really want to positively influence people . #sociology #stories #humanitarian #communications #thought-leadership #college #college-advice #college-majors #positivity #influencing #public-relations

Samreen’s Avatar
Samreen Sep 01, 2017 1474 views

How can I maintain good relationships with my professors once I go to college?

My teachers often advise me that it is important to get to know your professors in university, and I was wondering how I can do this.

#professor #positivity