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Career Questions tagged Happiness

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Jul 20, 2020 493 views

What's the best advice you can give to help plan a career rather than just work to keep a job?

I have always envisioned myself having a successful career, except I don't know how to make a plan. I'm in college studying psychology and criminal justice and want to have a career that highlights both of these fields. How do I plan for my future? #career #success #career-counseling...

Jadyn’s Avatar
Jadyn Feb 19, 2019 642 views

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

#happiness #hello #positivity #behappy #career

Tracey’s Avatar
Tracey Nov 30, 2018 398 views

Why do you love your job and what you you enjoy most about it?

Just basic things that make you happy at your work. ;)
#job #happiness #joy

Mandy’s Avatar
Mandy Oct 30, 2018 441 views

What is the best way to balance schoolwork, extracurriculars, and work in college?

I know I want to work in college and stay involved but I don't know the best way to do so without getting overwhelmed by schoolwork as well. #college #happiness

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Jun 30, 2018 596 views

How do I know for sure when the job is the one? The one where I'm happy to be at?

My dad majored in economics and loved it, but ever since then, he hasn't found a job that he actually enjoyed.
I don't want to be in the same situation my dad was.
I want to enjoy my job and be excited to go each day.
#happiness #enjoyment #success

Mike’s Avatar
Mike May 08, 2018 647 views

What should I focus more on, salary or enjoyment?

I want to be at a job I enjoy doing that makes me happy, but will I be able to find that while also making the money that I need?
#help #job-search #search #money #happiness

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Jan 23, 2018 696 views

Do I live life to satisfy myself, or to satisfy my family?

There are family members who choose a career for a child, while there are others who trust their children to choose their own career as long as they are happy. But what happens when a child chooses a career and their family is not satisfied with the choice? And so they don't support or accept...

Joi’s Avatar
Joi Jan 21, 2018 588 views

Know what your dream job is?

As a mechanical engineer, I know that I have many options for my career choice. But I am also worried that I won't be able to find a job that I enjoy. What are the best ways or what are the right questions to ask to find out if I like a job or not? #enginnering #happiness...

Maria Victoria’s Avatar
Maria Victoria Jan 19, 2018 816 views

What should I do if I graduate from college with a degree I no longer desire?

One of my greatest fears is to go to college for the wrong reason. I don't want to waste anyone's money, time, and efforts helping me only to end up with me being unhappy and no longer passionate at what I do. What should I do if I graduate college with a degree I thought I wanted, but ended up...

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jan 15, 2018 804 views

Who’s life will I change ?

I am asking this because one day I can change someone’s life in a positive or negative way. No one can tell what I will do in the future. But I also would want to ask this question so I can change my wrongs into rights. My life goal is to change and impact someone’s life in a positive way so...

Mackayla’s Avatar
Mackayla Sep 01, 2017 749 views

As someone that is undecided about what to study in college, what tips are there for finding an interest that balances personal happiness and economic confort?

This question is incredibly important to me because it addresses my largest concern, not just in terms of post-secondary education, but for life in general. As a naturally indecisive person, I perform well academically in all classes, but no colleges or majors have stricken me as "the one."...

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Apr 04, 2017 1128 views

Is it better to pursue a career that will bring you happiness or one to bring you money?

Some people believe it is better to pursue a job that'll bring you happiness but maybe not enough money to keep you comfortable. On the other hand you could argue that you'd be happier in a job you don't necessarily enjoy but brings in a ton of money. What's your opinion? #career-choice...

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Mar 06, 2017 979 views

What strategies help to balance school and a part time job in college?

I am a high school student who will be going to college soon. Depending on where I go, I may need a part time job to afford tuition and living expenses. Past or present working undergraduates, how hard has it been to balance school with work and what are some strategies that would make life...

Terrance’s Avatar
Terrance Aug 27, 2016 1431 views

What is success and happiness

Tell me something I dont know. #management #life #life-coach #happiness #analytics #succession-planning #success-driven #rich

Terrance’s Avatar
Terrance Aug 27, 2016 1077 views

What are at-least 5 powerful words intertwined with success.

Success is something hard to obtain because there is so much to life. That thickness of life itself is what makes life so great. But what does it mean to live a successful life. #psychology #ceo #performing-arts #beauty #happiness #succession-planning #success-driven #optimist

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin May 02, 2016 822 views

How can you find a job that you really like that pays a lot?

How can you make a lot of money doing what you love? #career #jobs #careers #happiness

DejaCodman2’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 Oct 10, 2012 2118 views

How do you decide if a career is for you?

Hi I am a sophomore and i was wondering about picking a career. A lot of people say you should NEVER pick a career based on the amount of money you make, but how are suppose to live off of a career that you barely make money off of? #career #money #career-choice #career-path #career-options...