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Do I live life to satisfy myself, or to satisfy my family?

Updated Pflugerville, Texas

There are family members who choose a career for a child, while there are others who trust their children to choose their own career as long as they are happy. But what happens when a child chooses a career and their family is not satisfied with the choice? And so they don't support or accept the child's career path. What does the child do then even though family is very important to her/him? Does he/she continue believing in themselves and pursue their dreams or try to make their parents understand them. #family #happiness #career-choice #future

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Andria’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey
Wow, this is a tough one. I have two kids that are 23 and 24 and I let them decide what they wanted to do in life. My daughter chose nursing when she was 6 and never changed her mind. My son wasn't sure. I think or hope that a parent would support a decision you made as long as it is not going to jeopordize your health or put you in danger. Of course the military can put you in danger but that is a personal decision. My son wanted to be in the military and I talked him out of it. I still live with that guilt all the time. I should have let him live the path he felt he wanted to live but my emotions took over and I just couldn't let him do that. If your career you are chosing is not being accepted because your not going to make enough money or your family just doesn't understand then you have to make the best decision for yourself. This sounds cheesy but it works. One day make a list of all the pros to this career and then the cons and that can help guide you. Then discuss them with your family. It could help them see things differently.