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samson O. Mar 05, 2017 708 views

how to combine relationship and school

i am a student about to graduate but i have a girlfriend and it been difficult combining relationship with school. how do i go about it? #teacher #educator #research...


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Jess W. Apr 01, 2017 1065 views

Two patients enter to seek treatment from you at the same time. One of them is rich, and the other is poor. Provide the different circumstances in which you would treat either patient first, and why.

While this question is probably answerable by those who are not in the medical profession, I think that perhaps those who are experienced would be able to provide me with a different perspective. #medicine -education #emergency-medicine #family-medicine #doctors-assistant...

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Mounia M. Apr 01, 2017 813 views

What to do when you don't get the job you really wanted?

I interviewed for a position that I really want and am wondering how I should prepare if I don't get the position? Should I consider volunteering for this organization? Social media was brought up by one of the women that interviewed me, should I look for additional oppurtunities by following...

#interviews #social-networking #jobs #job-application

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Mounia M. Apr 02, 2017 771 views

What should you do when you aren't getting replies from job postings?

I have applied for many positions on and Craigslist and haven't gotten any responses. Should I follow up or possibly change my methods, if so does anyone have any suggestions? #career #jobs #career-counseling...


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W. C. Y. Apr 02, 2017 717 views

What is the toughest part in changing a job?

hi! I want to know about what hinder you in changing your profession into a new one? Do you change your job just because of your own preference or high salary? What is the greatest challenge when changing a new job/new profession? #job...


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Megan B. Apr 04, 2017 817 views

Is it better to pursue a career that will bring you happiness or one to bring you money?

Some people believe it is better to pursue a job that'll bring you happiness but maybe not enough money to keep you comfortable. On the other hand you could argue that you'd be happier in a job you don't necessarily enjoy but brings in a ton of money. What's your opinion? #career-choice...

#undecided #happiness #passion #career-path #career-development

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Kristen K. Apr 04, 2017 817 views

How do I write a meaningful cover letter?

I'm having problems drafting cover letters for potential employers. I don't know how to start the letter in order to grab their attention, and I don't know how to talk about myself without sounding like I'm tooting my own horn a little too much. Any advice would be appreciated! #college...

#cover-letters #career

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Ursula G. Apr 06, 2017 749 views

What is the best way to follow up someone after an event?

I recently went to a networking event and I met a lot of people and I wanted to keep in contact with them. Should I e-mail all of them or just the ones that I had longer conversations with? And how should I approach them with the follow-up e-mail? #film #networking #film-production #editing...

#sound-mixing #post-production #video-editing #sound-editing

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Nnenna U. Apr 06, 2017 552 views

How do interview/apply for an internship in healthcare?

I am currently a freshman Biology student who wants to do an internship with a healthcare company. Where should I start? #healthcare...


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Ursula G. Apr 10, 2017 597 views

How to manage money while in college?

I'm a college student and I find myself running out of money frequently. I try to stay on a budget, but sometimes I need to go over it. Do you have any tips in how to manage money in a small budget? #student-loans #editing #video-editing #post-production #motion-pictures...


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Laiz A. Apr 10, 2017 672 views

How can I set myself apart when applying for jobs?

I will be graduating this semester (Woohoo!) and am currently looking for jobs to gain work experience to act as stepping stones in building a career. I work as a server at a restaurant, but realize I need to focus on my future. To the jobs I have already applied to, there are many I have yet...

#entry-level #hiring #hiring-managers #business #business-development

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Bianca S. Apr 13, 2017 703 views

What careers are out there that allow you to travel?

I absolutely love traveling and would love to incorporate into my career in some way. I am a biology major, but open to other fields/topics. #biology #travel #traveling...


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Bianca S. Apr 13, 2017 701 views

What is it is like being your own boss?

My ultimate goal is to become a speech therapist and help children in elementary schools work on their speech disorders. One reason I job this job is because many times, speech therapists are self-employed, and this is important to me. What is it like being self-employed? #speech-pathology...

#self-starter #speech #self-driven #speech-therapy

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Amy Z. Apr 13, 2017 427 views

How can I stand out more to admissions to get off a college's waitlist?

A college student that got waitlisted by preferred transfer school. #college-admissions #college-advice...


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Galina B. Apr 14, 2017 603 views

Are there any things that you must do the summer before you go to college?

I am a senior who will be graduating in June. I already sent in most of my enrollment forms to my college and registered for freshman orientation. Is there anything else essential I should be doing this summer to prepare for my first semester of college? Is it highly recommended to intern or...

#summer #college #volunteering