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Felicita I. May 15

Is a bachelors in Economics better then a PR or Marketing degree?

To make a very long story short, I received a regional scholarship however the school that I plan on attending does not have my major I want to study which would be Public Relations and Marketing. A family friend told me it was better to get a degree in Economics, which would help me with...

#business #marketing #public-relations #economics #finance #college

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Felicita I. Jan 24, 2018

Is it better to follow my interests or hobbies as a career?

I know that I want to do something that associates me with people in a meaningful way as a career. By helping people I was thinking the medical field, but I'm not the greatest at math or science. As for my hobbies I'm much better at writing and artsy things. I want to know what I should go for...

#careers #college-major