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Career Questions tagged Finance

Finance is broken down into three sections. Personal finance relates to managing your money, earning revenue, and investing your profits and savings. Corporate finance refers to financial activities in running...

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Kayana A. Jun 21 136 views

What are the best universities to study business, finance, accounting?

I have heard about Harvard way too often, but it seems overly competitive and expensive.

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Kayana A. Jun 19 63 views

What are some possible careers for commerce with math students?

#careeroptions #commerce #business #college

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Armando M. Jun 11 92 views

Hedge Fund

Any recommended pathways for someone that aspires to become a Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager?

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Andrew M. May 23 115 views

What is Entrepreneurship?

I know what it means but i don't fully understand it. How do you become a good one. How do you make a lot of money but then help people at the same time.

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kavon N. May 17 84 views

how would I build my own furniture making business?

My dream is to build my own company to build homes and shelters for people who cannot afford such as being homeless or who cannot find housing.

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abdul S. May 12 159 views

what major do you need to study if you want to be a business owner.

how can i start a business with little to no money.

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Matheus S. May 11 129 views

What are some career options for someone that enjoys communicating and traveling. I also value my down time to recharge.

Some careers I'm considering are finance and insurance because they involve communicating and travel, as well as data and sharing new ideas.

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Nijuel J. May 09 163 views

how much does it cost to buy an entire apt building

i want to to get into realist in new yoyk city

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dariyus W. May 04 208 views

How do I become a investment fund manager

i know it take some collage but like what skills classes and information do i need to attain to be proficient at this job

dariyus W.’s Avatar
dariyus W. May 04 135 views

How can you use your skills as an investment fund manager to build you own wealth

I'm a newborn to the business world can you explain it as so

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Isaiah B. May 03 147 views

How Do I maximize my profit and receive bonus revenue from investing. What company would give the head start ?

Lets say I Have over 10,000 inside of my account and my main goal into Building a career is investing, Making the money back we spend plus 20% What would be the Smartest and fastest way of creating my consistent monthly income ?

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Stephanie B. Apr 27 147 views

how much does being a Search Marketing Strategists cost?

college finance

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Cameron T. Apr 20 158 views

What helps you decide which company to invest in?

What guidelines or hints help you know what companies are any good to invest in?

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Cameron T. Apr 20 227 views

What are the best long-term things to invest in?

What are the best stocks to invest in?

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Cameron T. Apr 20 178 views

What do you like most/ least about this career?

What do you like about being a Financial Investment Analysts?

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Brian F. Apr 13 135 views

If I wanted to make my own fintech company, would I have to dive into computer science or coding to create the best platform possible?

I've been curious about starting an app as this industry is fast growing.

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Kelvin L. Apr 10 212 views

What is the typical work and life balance for a portfolio manager?

I have heard that portfolio managers work up to 80 hours per week.

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Brittany G. Apr 06 147 views

Economics and an Ethical Career

Looking for a career and wondering what jobs there are combining, economics and an ethical future. Looking at Winthrop or a highly-rated online school for Economics and wondering what else to take? Finance seems practical and common. Definitely want a well paying job. But would be interested in...

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Anita S. Apr 06 409 views

When should I get a credit card/debit card? Whats the difference?

A confused high school student :')

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isys L. Apr 04 112 views

WHat types of jobs can i get with a economics major?

I want to major in psychology and minor in economics but im not sure what i can do with it

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Cato H. Mar 25 104 views

Is it easy to find a job with a business finance major?

Is it easy to find a job with a business finance major?

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Colin S. Mar 10 313 views

What is the most common thing Financial advisors do?

#financial-aid #college #accounting #money #finance

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lily L. Feb 09 229 views

To get a job in finance, is it recommended to get a masters' degree?

#finance #accounting #business #master's

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lily L. Feb 09 128 views

In finance, how important is it to keep up with the economy and stocks?

#finance #investment-management #stocks

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Micale M. Feb 07 173 views

What are some good tips for starting your own business?

#finance #business

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Jesse S. Feb 07 208 views

How do you get a good investment into the stock market?

#entrepreneur #finance

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Daniel G. Feb 07 202 views

How much does your degree affect how easy it is to get a job?

I want to go to college and get a degree that is best for me. I am considering financing and computer science right now. I am thinking of getting a bachelor's degree on one of these majors. I don't know how much better it would be for me to get a master's degree, and I don't know if it would be...

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Daniel G. Feb 07 152 views

Is there a good way for a teenager to learn about financing?

I am a high school student trying to get good advice for my future career. I am mostly debating between computer science and financing. It seems that computer science is something that is easier for me to get into at a young age. I want to know about some ways I can prepare for that career...

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Andy C. Feb 04 201 views

Should I invent in stocks?

Interest in the stock market. #business #finance #college-major #event-planning #small-business #accounting

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Kelvin L. Feb 03 143 views

Are MBAs still worth it?

#college #finance #business #economic