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CV Office Hours . Apr 19, 2021 392 views

How much time does it really take to pay off student debt?

Office Hours #4: AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Mark Eagle This question was posed by a question during one of our most recent "CareerVillage Office Hours" sessions. During Office Hours sessions, we invite students to pose questions related to a specific topic. In this case, the topic was...

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princess A. Jul 17, 2020 307 views

Can international students get loan in the UK and the USA?

# #student-loans #loans #student-loans #internationalstudents #tuition #grants #student-loans #July20 #college

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Vernon J. Sep 27, 2019 257 views

I Have a 560 Credit Score, Why Do I Keep Getting Denied Loan Applications

I Really Need a Personal Loan To Get My Life Plans On Track #loans #money #GoodDebt #UnsecuredPersonalLoans

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Joyce C. Oct 30, 2018 585 views

What is the typical breakdown of loans versus grants?

I was thinking about applying for a loan but I am not sure I will be eligible for one, how do I go about figuring this out? #student-loans #college #loans #finance #money

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Gabriela M. Sep 18, 2018 459 views

What are the best loans to take out?

The scholarships I have are extremely helpful but they won't pay for the full tuition cost. I'm an extremely low-income student so I already know I'm eligible for many student loans. Which loans have the best qualities and which loans should be my absolutely last option? #student-loans #college...

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Keely L. Aug 29, 2018 465 views

Is a Parent Plus Loan the best option?

I am overwhelmed by loans and I can't tell which one is the best for me! #college #loans #stress

Mar'Shauna J.’s Avatar
Mar'Shauna J. Aug 29, 2018 336 views

What is the best way to take out student loans without going in debt ?

how do I avoid going in to debt when taking out loans ? #loans

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Isabelle H. Aug 28, 2018 411 views

What's the most important thing when it comes to preparing to get a student loan?

Is there a certain loan I should ask for? Is there any reason that I wouldn't be able to get a loan from a bank? #student-loans #loans

Aubrey A.’s Avatar
Aubrey A. Aug 22, 2018 410 views

Has anyone done their loan forgiveness through the Peace Corps?

I want to focus on water conservation and preservation while I am in school. After I graduate, I have been thinking about joining the peace corps for loan forgiveness program. Has anyone taken this route for forgiveness, and if so how was your experience? Do you have any pointers?...

Hannah B.’s Avatar
Hannah B. Aug 21, 2018 489 views

What is the interest rate for federal loans?

Is there an interest rate for federal loans and is it applied immediately or only after a certain amount of time after student status has ended? #college #student #loans

Jahlil A.’s Avatar
Jahlil A. Aug 15, 2018 309 views

How fast should I pay off my student loans?

If my loans are on a fixed rate is their anyway I could pay it all at once or will I have to stay with the monthly rate?

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Camilo Z. Aug 12, 2018 366 views

Are student loans as scary as some make it seem?

I’m worried I won’t be able to get a good job after college to be able to pay back the loans. I’ve heard horror stories of people paying $900 just on interest rates. #college #loans # #job-search

Sierra G.’s Avatar
Sierra G. Aug 11, 2018 476 views

Will I have to take out student loans?

I am really stressing about the thought of taking out student loans. I will not be living in campus dorms (I have to live at home to take care of my mom) , so I won't have to worry about dorm fees. I am a fairly smart person, I'm first in my class and I am planning on being valedictorian, but...

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Dylan L. Jul 25, 2018 388 views

What is the easiest way to alleviate student loans?

I am wondering what tips would be useful to know before I enter collage so I can pay off the loan before interest starts building. #financial-planning #loans #finance #student-loans

Mikala H.’s Avatar
Mikala H. Jul 10, 2018 399 views

How do student loans work and how do I choose the best one?

This never seems to come up in college discussions and I'm a bit lost in the process.

#student #studentloans #money #loans #finance #financial-aid #student-loans #college

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Monserrat C. Jul 10, 2018 520 views
Isaiah C.’s Avatar
Isaiah C. May 31, 2018 440 views

Finding loans

Where should I look to get loans for college? It's unlikely that I'll be able to get enough scholarships to pay entirely for college, and I'm not sure where to find reasonable loans

#loans #college #financial-aid #student-loans

Jillian R.’s Avatar
Jillian R. May 30, 2018 419 views

What are the best student loans to apply for?

I'm starting to apply for loans and want to find out which ones will have good interest rates and come from trusted places.
#loans #student-loans #student

Jason G.’s Avatar
Jason G. May 25, 2018 506 views

Does it make sense to borrow money without getting a student loan?

The financial aid package for my graduate program includes only direct unsubsidized graduate loans. These loans have high interest rates and bad conditions. My tuition is very expensive and I am not receiving enough scholarship money to cover tuition, even if I get a high-paying part-time...

Laura W.’s Avatar
Laura W. May 23, 2018 579 views

How do I get portions/all of my student loans forgiven?

Are there companies that offer to forgive student loans for hired professional? #studentloans #student #loanforgiveness #loans #debt #student-loans #finance #financial-advising

Rabekka T.’s Avatar
Rabekka T. May 22, 2018 398 views

Does it help or hurt to take out student loans?

I am afraid that I will not have enough to pay for college and may have to take out student loans, but i often hear adults talk about the stress of student loans and how long they take to pay off. Should I take as many student loans as i need and worry about paying them off later, or be...