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Career Questions tagged Studentloans

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Landry Oct 24, 2018 521 views

How much money should I borrow to become a teacher?

#teacher #moneyprobs #scholarships #studentloans

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Sierra Aug 11, 2018 598 views

Will I have to take out student loans?

I am really stressing about the thought of taking out student loans. I will not be living in campus dorms (I have to live at home to take care of my mom) , so I won't have to worry about dorm fees. I am a fairly smart person, I'm first in my class and I am planning on being valedictorian, but...

Richel’s Avatar
Richel Aug 03, 2018 2425 views

How long will it take to pay for student loans with the salary of a dental hygienist?

Long story short, I am currently pursuing dental hygiene in a very expensive private university because the state I live in does not offer many options for me to pursue this degree. One school has a lot of pre-requisites that I did not take when I first went to college and the other has a...

Mikala’s Avatar
Mikala Jul 10, 2018 506 views

How do student loans work and how do I choose the best one?

This never seems to come up in college discussions and I'm a bit lost in the process.

#student #studentloans #money #loans #finance #financial-aid #student-loans #college

Zurie’s Avatar
Zurie May 31, 2018 559 views

How can I properly be financially literate after my post-secondary education?

I'm going to be a student aiming to achieve a medical degree, but to do that I'll have to take out a couple of loans down the road. I'm not sure as to how I can handle money the right way with the burden of student loans after college because I have not bee taught as to how to do it while...

Laura’s Avatar
Laura May 23, 2018 695 views

How do I get portions/all of my student loans forgiven?

Are there companies that offer to forgive student loans for hired professional? #studentloans #student #loanforgiveness #loans #debt #student-loans #finance #financial-advising

Rabekka’s Avatar
Rabekka May 22, 2018 553 views

Does it help or hurt to take out student loans?

I am afraid that I will not have enough to pay for college and may have to take out student loans, but i often hear adults talk about the stress of student loans and how long they take to pay off. Should I take as many student loans as i need and worry about paying them off later, or be...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 27, 2018 575 views

Are doctorate degrees worth it?

We've all heard doctors make a lot of money. In a lot of cases, they really don't, especially if you take into consideration the fees they pay like insurances, and student loans. In addition, having a doctorate doesn't save you from being on call or working awful shifts. Are the student...

Kierra’s Avatar
Kierra Apr 25, 2018 705 views

College expenses are outrageous. Should I be concerned about the amount of student debt I will be in?

Debt sounds scary. Will I be able to even pay it off? #studentloans #debt #loans #finance #financial-aid #college #money

Larissa’s Avatar
Larissa Apr 24, 2018 440 views

What is the best way to pay off student loans?

I have a lot of student loans and am trying to figure out how to best pay them off while not living paycheck-to-paycheck. #studentloans

Valeria’s Avatar
Valeria Apr 19, 2018 426 views

Why can’t college students learn what is only necessary for their career?

What if someone wants to be an English teacher, why is it requiered to take a math class? Why can’t we start learning right away what we need to for our career, we are just getting ourselves into more money debt taking classes that are not necessary #studentloans

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Apr 17, 2018 474 views

Will I be able to pay off my student loans after graduation and still have money to live on?


Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica Apr 11, 2018 630 views

What's the best way to approach student loan payments after graduation?

#finances #financial #loans #studentloans #postgrad

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Kathryn Apr 05, 2018 574 views

How do you pay off student debt quickly?

I think that this is the question we all are asking. xD #studentdebt #studentloans

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Mar 20, 2018 465 views

Why is it so confusing getting student loan information?

I find a lot of information about why private student loans are the worst way to go to pay for school, but as the last of 8 kids in my family I need to pay my way through college. I received a good package from my school, but there is still a gap and it seems like no one from my financial aid...

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Megan Jan 22, 2018 825 views

What is the easiest and most efficient way to pay back student loans?

I want to eventually earn my PhD in neuroscience. While this is a very prestigious goal, it comes with a heavy price tag. Knowing how to get out of student loan debt before I even have it will greatly benefit me.
#neuroscience #studentloans

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 22, 2018 428 views

Is it better to have more student loans from an amazing quality college or less student loans from an average college?

I am just wondering which would be smarter? Do I invest my money in a good college or do I try to stay away from debt? ##studentloans

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Jan 16, 2018 534 views

How would you recommend going about getting a Pre-Med degree? Should I get my undergraduate from a lesser known school and then apply to a Duke or Johns Hopkins for medical school? I'm just nervous about how much I will be racking in up in student loans

I want to become a pediatric endocrinologist as I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 12 and want to help other children accept and deal with this disease. #medicine #studentloans #typeonediabetes #wanttohelpothers

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Isaac Jan 16, 2018 711 views

Is it worth it to take out a student loan?

I want to make sure that taking out a loan is a good idea. If I don't get a job right out of college, it will be hard to pay back any student loans, and I'm not guaranteed a job out of college. Is it a good idea to take out a student loan, or should I try to find a less costly option of getting...