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Blake M. May 09

Technology, International, French language, where does it all fit together?

I have only ever worked in the IT field since I was in High school. I am getting an international degree with a focus in MIS Global IT leadership and Management. I learned intermediate level French in France and Canada. I can finish my degree in December; or I can postpone it a semester and go...

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Alexa R. Mar 25, 2018

What's the most financially smart way to move out of town after graduation?

I'll be finishing my undergrad in about a year and have always had a passion for travel, immersing myself in different cultures, new people, and foreign places. I have had this goal to move out of my college town after I finish my degree as a challenge to myself to build new community, meet...

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Leonilo L. Jan 24, 2018

How much harder is it for a minority to get a job after college graduation?

I understand, in today's society, we are much more open and accepting to race. However, this question comes from experience. When I was in middle school, I was walking home once and was stopped, handcuffed and searched by a police officer because I looked "suspicious." That wasn't even my...

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Paige W. Jan 19, 2018

Whats the best way to get your foot in a new career?

After I just finish my degree, what would be the best way to get my foot in the door to a new career? #newcareer...


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Kristi K. Oct 12, 2017

Where are the best places to look for post grad bursaries?

I live in South Africa and am about to graduate with a Bachelor of Design. I want to study a Masters in Service Design abroad because there are no universities in South Africa that offer this. I am desperate to study further but my family just does not have the means to support me for another...

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