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Career Questions tagged Studyabroad

MJ’s Avatar
MJ Nov 10, 2020 295 views

What do I need to know if I want to study fashion design abroad in Paris?

I currently am drafting designs and learning to sew. I also have been learning French on Duolingo for about a year. I have a huge love for Paris and want to live in such a beautiful city. #interior #fashion-design #fashion #studyabroad #Paris

Yamileth’s Avatar
Yamileth Oct 29, 2020 625 views

What veterinary and vet tech careers have the best salary (approximately)? Can I be able to travel and still be involved in this career path?

I'm currently a high school (junior) and passionate about pursuing a career in the animal medical field. I enjoy helping others especially animals and still deciding on my future goals. #career-path #career #studyabroad #veterinary #vettech #career-choice #career-paths #animals #travel

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Oct 17, 2018 663 views

What is the best way to prepare for studying abroad in Spain for a full semester?

My desire to study abroad stems from wanting to learn the language of Spanish, to travel and see the sights, to re-model myself to see new approaches of lifestyles and to develop and make personal growth with lifetime memories. I might be intimidated to let go of my normal day to day routine as...

Akira’s Avatar
Akira Sep 06, 2018 723 views

Would it be good to study web design in London?

I want to be a web and graphic designer. I’m an American student. Is it a good idea? Or is programming overseas difficult. Also is it difficult for an American student to study in London?#webdesign #london #graphicdesign #international #studyabroad #webdesigner #britain #graphic-design...

Ayen’s Avatar
Ayen Aug 24, 2018 508 views

Having the opportunity to study abroad would be an amazing experience! When is a good time to travel and what are some financial tips prior to going?

#travel #financial-services #studyabroad

jeami’s Avatar
jeami Aug 23, 2018 493 views

Should one take advantage of Study Abroad programs?

Many claim it's a nice experience to have, however ​is it worth the expenses and traveling a far distance for a long period of time? #StudyAbroad

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Aug 21, 2018 475 views

What archeology program has the best job placement rate?

#archeology #jobs #career #college #studyabroad

Nisha’s Avatar
Nisha Aug 18, 2018 457 views

Do medical schools look favorably upon students who do study abroad?

Does it add something to medical school applications if you've studied abroad? I was considering doing a faculty-led trip, but it wouldn't be necessarily science related, so I'm not sure I could tie it into my application directly, but does it at least show well-roundedness? #studyabroad #premed

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Aug 06, 2018 676 views

Is it worth it to study abroad if you are going to have tough classes that semester?

I want to study abroad but I don't know if I would get a lot out of the experience if I was taking a heavy course load. I know a lot of people take a light course load the semester they are studying abroad. #StudyAbroad

Darin’s Avatar
Darin Aug 06, 2018 603 views

What does studying abroad offer that studying on campus doesn't?

any important information you know on this topic in general?
#studyabroad #overseas #study

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jul 15, 2018 544 views

What do I have to do and know to study abroad in college next year?

The studying at sea and going to multiple places sounded nice but I would also like to do studying in Australia or Europe. Who do I go to for information at my school? What needs to be done to make it possible? I am going to be a freshmen in college in September and I was thinking of doing...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 21, 2018 477 views

How realistic is it to study abroad when pursuing a degree in nursing?

I want to travel the world while studying in college but don't know how the credits transfer. #studyabroad

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Mar 08, 2018 366 views

What is best place to Study Abroad for a Physical Therapy major?

I am interested in studying exercise science and physical therapy so I can help people get back to their normal selves but I also want to travel. #studyabroad

James’s Avatar
James Jan 18, 2018 491 views

What is the best way to display my study abroad experience on a resume to make myself more marketable?

I just returned from studying abroad in Sweden and I want to add this to my resume but I'm not exactly sure what a future employer may want to know about my time abroad? For example, should I discuss my different traveling experiences or maybe the different nationalities I had the opportunity...

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jan 17, 2018 586 views

Is studying abroad worth it?

I've heard great things about study abroad programs, but I'm not sure if doing it is worth the expense and the time. #studyabroad

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 16, 2018 514 views

How did you deal with homesickness while you were living abroad?

The program I've been accepted to for grad school is in a different county from the one I'm living in. I've lived abroad before, but only for a short amount of time. What's it like to live in a new country for over a year? #studyabroad #study-abroad

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 16, 2018 711 views

As a Dance Major, would it be better to Study Abroad or to do a paid CO-OP.

In the University I plan on attending a CO-OP is recommended as well as studying abroad. If I had to pick only one as a Dance Major that would help me in being successful in joining a dance company after graduation-what would you suggest? #dance #co-op #studyabroad

Kristi’s Avatar
Kristi Oct 12, 2017 517 views

Where are the best places to look for post grad bursaries?

I live in South Africa and am about to graduate with a Bachelor of Design. I want to study a Masters in Service Design abroad because there are no universities in South Africa that offer this. I am desperate to study further but my family just does not have the means to support me for another...