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Career Questions tagged Co Op

Sneha’s Avatar
Sneha May 11, 2020 1736 views

Are internships or coops really important to get a job in software field?

Due to covid-19, I haven't secured a #co-op or #internship yet. I am a college student and I do not have any previous experience. Will this affect my #job-search after I graduate? If yes, do you have any #suggestions on what I can do to improve the chance of getting a #job? #software...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 16, 2018 829 views

As a Dance Major, would it be better to Study Abroad or to do a paid CO-OP.

In the University I plan on attending a CO-OP is recommended as well as studying abroad. If I had to pick only one as a Dance Major that would help me in being successful in joining a dance company after graduation-what would you suggest? #dance #co-op #studyabroad

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 02, 2017 1042 views

Are co-op programs helpful in getting a job after graduation?

Does completing a co-op program during undergrad really improve your resume? Is it likely that the company you do your co-op with will hire you after graduation? Is it worth it to take an extra year to complete your bachelor's degree? #job-search #college-jobs #job-search-strategies #co-op

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Oct 30, 2016 640 views

Is it worth the extra year to find a Co-op?

Every college I have visited has talked about the amazing Co-op program they offer for engineering students. Co-op programs seem to have greater success for the student as opposed to internships that only last the summer. If I decide to do a Co-op, will that affect my cost to attend that...