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Kat B. Jan 17, 2018

How do I know what sort of job suits me?

I'm not sure if I'd fit best into a sit down job or one with lots of hustle, I do well in school sitting down all day but I also excel in work that has me up and moving #job-search-strategies #career-advice #career-counseling...


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Samantha B. Jan 17, 2018

How easy is it to find a job in your field?

A lot of people say that it can be hard to find a job in your chosen field and that sometimes you can get a degree and then end up in a completely different area How true is this and what can I do to find a job in my major? #job-search-strategies #job-search #career-counseling...


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Jessica H. Jan 21, 2018

What is the best way to deal with people misunderstanding your field?

I'm studying Linguistics, and I've seen many businesses post openings for a "linguist" when what they actually want is a translator. Since people often misunderstand the relevance of the work that linguists do, what is a good way to counteract that and find jobs relevant to what I'm actually...

#linguistics #job-search-strategies

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Madison P. Jan 18, 2018

What makes a good job candidate?

As someone going into the work field and a little brother who's going to as well I want to know the basic requirements for a good job candidate so that I might be able to help him and myself. #job-search-strategies #career-counseling #career #job-search #resume-writing...


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Madeline G. Jan 16, 2018

What are the best things for your resume?

After college, getting a job can be very competitive. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? What are ways to boost your resume? What are employers, especially in business, looking to see? #business #resume #resume-building #evaluating-resumes #job-search-strategies #job-market...

#job-skills #employment

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Jordyn V. Sep 01, 2017

Is it easy entering in the job market after you graduate college and how can you make the process easier?

I want to be able to be successful after getting my diploma. #job-market...


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Devetra C. Apr 27, 2017
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Gonzalo R. Apr 19, 2017

How important is a degree nowadays?

I wanted to know about how important a degree is since I have seen that every day experience is more important at the time of finding a job and I think that a degree may be falling in a second place #job-search #degree #first-job...


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Mohammad A. Mar 07, 2017

What are some good tips for finding a job without experience?

I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering and I will be graduating very soon. It has been hard for me to find a job by searching and applying for jobs online. I find that my application gets turned down often because I lack engineering work experience. Your tips on this matter will be...

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Mounia M. Feb 21, 2017

When you are on an interview, are there any red flags to look out for from a potential employer?

Should I watch out for certain questions that they ask? Is there anything you have learned in hindsight from an interview that should have paid more attention to? #job-search #interviews...


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Mounia M. Feb 16, 2017

What should I put on LinkedIn when I am an unemployed student looking to transition into the non-profit, human service, or social service sector from financial services?

Should I list that I am a student who is looking for job opportunities and looking to transition into the non-profit, human service, or social service sector from financial services in my headline? Should I mention the career which I aspire to have? In the experience section should I list my...

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Olivea V. Feb 12, 2017

How do I narrow my search focus for jobs?

I'm not sure what kind of job that I'm qualified to do since I have no work experience? Should I apply to any job that interests me? It seems like all the intern jobs are for college students and I am a high school student looking for a summer job. #student #job-search #first-job #summer-jobs...

#job-search-strategies #high-school-students #high-school-jobs

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Emma R. Feb 02, 2017

Are co-op programs helpful in getting a job after graduation?

Does completing a co-op program during undergrad really improve your resume? Is it likely that the company you do your co-op with will hire you after graduation? Is it worth it to take an extra year to complete your bachelor's degree? #job-search #college-jobs #job-search-strategies...


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Georgia B. Feb 02, 2017

What time of year do most graduate job applications close?

Obviously I am aware it varies but is there a certain time slot throughout the year where most graduate job applications are open? When do they typically start to close? #job #graduate #job-search #first-job #graduate-recruitment...


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Georgia B. Feb 01, 2017

Are there any online resources that can aid me in deciding a career, or field or job?

I was wondering if there is any online help in deciding what to do in the future after studying, or to help decide what further studies I want to go into? #career #career-counseling #career-choice #career-path #job-search #career-paths #job-search-strategies...


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Daniella F. Dec 26, 2016

When choosing what you want to do, is a stable income more important than chasing after what you actually want to do?

All my life, I was constantly encouraged to follow the path of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. I never felt queasy at the sight of blood, I find the heart to be the most interesting organ in the body, and I even would watch surgery videos on YouTube from Mayo Clinic. Although this may have...

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Lera K. May 08, 2016

Pratical tips for job interviews?

What can I do in order to demonstrate that I am a good choice for a position that I am interested in? #job-search-strategies...