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Is it a good idea to start your own business or look for a job right out of college when unemployment is high?

When I finish college I would like to know which option is the best. #job-search #job-search-strategies

If you have any experience with business, then you can start a business. When choosing a business look for the most demand in public. If you do not have any experience, then look for a job involving skills related to business Harleen K.

It depends how much capital you have. Businesses have a high risk of failing the first time around. You want a plan to fall back upon if your business fails.Good Luck! Rachel B.

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6 answers

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Randi’s Answer

Before starting your own business, it would be valuable to find a job in your area of interest to learrn more about the demands of the business. The insight to be gained when working for someone is priceless. The time spent working for someone will help you make better decisions once you start your business. There is so much to learn and so much too lose that the more time you spend prepping for your future, the greater your success.

I'm agree with above professionals. I would recommend working in your field of interest before starting a business. You need to make sure the area is the right fit for you first !! Sandra (Sandy) Gilley

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Jill’s Answer

It takes a lot of preparation to own a business. Work experience can help you be successful if it matches the type of business you want to own. If you did not major in, have an emphasis in or take an entrepreneurship course, you may want to consider taking one. You must be able to put up a significant amount of the start up costs and be prepared with a business plan. If you have already considered all of this, then there is no time like the present. When you exit college you have less financial burden than later on in life when you may marry, own a home, have children, etc. If your parents allow you to live at home while you start your new business, this would be great! Finding a job and owning a business are equally hard in a downturned economy, so, consider how what you have to offer will make a difference now. Good luck!

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Andria’s Answer

Before starting a business i would work in the field you are interested in. Once you get your feet wet and learn about what it takes in the field then look at being a manager in the field. You need these experiences to become a happy and successful business owner.

It costs a tremendous amount to start up a business and you really need make sure you are fully aware of what it takes before jumping into something and then learning it is not the right fit.

good luck and be patient.

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Valerie’s Answer

I would suggest finding work right out of college, while you have the support of your college - employers go to college job fairs, colleges have support on resume writing, networking and job hunting. Stay persistent - go online employers post all over the internet on career boards.

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Pranshu’s Answer

If you deem unemployment too high and foresee a tough market place then I suggest take a year or two travelling.

You might never again get that chance once you are ensconced in the work place.

And this year of travelling may broaden your horizons.

At worst, you will get a wealth of experiences and maybe enough motivations to work hard to be able to repeat that experience.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Devetra,

I think that it depends. If you already have a business plan and you're passionate about the business then go for it. However, if you have a job offer it can't hurt to get some experience before starting your business.