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Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Apr 18, 2017 8999 views

Whats the difference between computer science and computer engineering?

Those that are looking to go into one of these fields should know the difference. I went to UIUC for an event called SAIL for computer science and wondered if computer engineering was the same. #computer-science #computer-software

Uma Raju’s Avatar
Uma Apr 19, 2017 1994 views

career advice request

Age:52, worked in IT Network/Security field for the last 12+ years. have no #degree; completed Cisco Certification when I was new to this field. do not have desire to work continue working as tech support. last few years, I have been debating with myself if I should finish my 3year...

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Apr 27, 2017 1235 views

Is it a good idea to start your own business or look for a job right out of college when unemployment is high?

When I finish college I would like to know which option is the best. #job-search #job-search-strategies

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget Apr 29, 2017 1754 views

When getting into an MBA program, which is more important: College GPA, GMAT score, Experience?

Which holds more weight in the MBA admissions process #business #graduate-school #mba

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Apr 30, 2017 1702 views

Is there a cut-off for relevant information on resumes on Linked In, or should you include everything?

**For everyone who doesn’t have a LinkedIn and is reading this, I’d advise you to make one right now! It helps a lot, and even just making one and adding new things to it helps so much! LinkedIn is getting increasingly more popular with both employers and job-seekers. My university highly...

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 02, 2017 18368 views

Does it matter to employers that you graduate college with honors?

Still in school and want to know whether or not I should make straight A's on everything. #career #career-development

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 10, 2017 1246 views

When you have an idea how should you protect it if you need a drawing of your idea?

Have an idea but cannot draw #patent-prosecution #patents #patient-education

Tamiya’s Avatar
Tamiya Dec 30, 2016 1716 views

When you have an video interview, what is the appropriate dress attire?

I had a video interview before, and I was dressed extremely business professional. The interviewer only told me I didn't have to dress professionally since it was a video chat. I would like to know the appropriate dress attire you all would recommend?