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Career Questions tagged Mba

Anthony S.’s Avatar
Anthony S. Jan 15 372 views

Getting into Biotech without Biotech related degree

I am a Psychology major graduating in Spring of 2022 and heavily considering getting my MBA after graduation. I discovered recently that I would like to work in business for a medical research/ biotech company in hopes of starting my own one day. But I am not sure if getting in this industry is...

medical-research research mba career-choice biotech molecular-biology nanotechnology medicine business college masters medical career

muskan M.’s Avatar
muskan M. Dec 28, 2020 302 views

BCA gradute ! what to do next?

i don't want to go for MCA . i am planning for mba from top colleges. but still i want to explore new things. different career options rather than mba to boost up my career. and yah i am planning for digital marketing so is it good ? plz tell me diff options for career path. career...

technology career-paths mba

Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 15, 2020 527 views

Is an MBA more useful than a PhD if I want to keep my options open?

I'm a 3rd year physics major at RIT and still have no idea what I want to do for a living once I graduate. I've heard that our MBA program is great, and I've been enjoying business-related work in my current job. Though I'm not sure what physics and business could combine to make me uniquely...

mba physics-major physics business college phd science stem

Mallory D.’s Avatar
Mallory D. Oct 23, 2020 284 views

What does a masters in business help with?

Is pursuing getting a Masters in business worth it or should I focus on a Bachelors degree? Would a Masters open any extra doors for future career options? help business...


Isabella B.’s Avatar
Isabella B. Mar 31, 2020 413 views

Do you need to get a philanthropic-focused MBA to get a CSR job?

I am very interested in pursuing CSR, non-profit work, social entrepreneurship, etc. as a career after college. My university offers a 5-year Bachelors + MBA program which would mean less time and money but they only offer focuses in the big business areas (EX: marketing, management, finance,...

mba business nonprofit csr philanthropy

Amanda L.’s Avatar
Amanda L. Oct 01, 2018 430 views

What are some sponsoring organizations for female MBA candidates who are U.S. citizens?

I am looking to partner with a company or companies who are willing to provide full or partial sponsorship for my MBA program. MBA sponsorship women...


Amanda L.’s Avatar
Amanda L. Oct 01, 2018 365 views

What are some scholarship opportunities for female MBA students who are U.S. citizens?

I will be starting my MBA program in February of 2019 and am beginning my research on scholarships for my program. MBA Scholarship...


Tinni M.’s Avatar
Tinni M. May 14, 2018 436 views

What are the best undergraduate business programs?

I know of NYU’s Stern and UPenn’s Wharton but how many more are there? I’m planning on getting an undergraduate degree in business because that’s what I’m genuinely interested in and the activities that I’m pursuing line up with that but I don’t know whether I should pursue something else for...

mba business

Daniel Y.’s Avatar
Daniel Y. May 09, 2018 451 views

What are the steps needed to break into private equity without a finance background?

Investing has always been a part of my life whether it be real-estate-investing or stocks-investing . I went to college for engineering but will soon be attending a top ranked MBA program. I was hoping to learn a little bit more of how people break into the PE...

Zoya H.’s Avatar
Zoya H. Apr 25, 2018 799 views

How long does it take for one to complete their Bachelor's?

I was counted the amount of time I will spend in school after High school. I was considering going into Information Technology Management. How long is the schoolimg in terms of getting your bachelors and masters degree? information-technology-and-services project-management help BS...


Zoya H.’s Avatar
Zoya H. Apr 25, 2018 1551 views

Can you get your Masters and Bachelors degree at the same time?

I am considering going into information technologies. I was wondering whether or not I can get my Bachelpr's and Master's degree at the same time in undergrad and/or grad school. degrees BS MBA help...


Charles C.’s Avatar
Charles C. Mar 15, 2018 755 views

What doors can an MBA open for someone?

I've been heavily encouraged by my family, peers, and some advisors to eventually seek out an MBA after attaining a degree in Finance or Economics and i'd just like to know what opportunities having an MBA can lead to. mba mbaisworthit...


Sonia R.’s Avatar
Sonia R. Jan 19, 2018 609 views

After getting a MBA, how do you choose a career that fits both your qualifications and your personal interests?

I am a sophomore in high school and I have known ever since I was little that I wanted to go into business. With an MBA, I know it would be possible for me to work in any field that I may desire in a leadership position. With so many options, it leaves me unsure of how I'll find a job that is...

Thomas W.’s Avatar
Thomas W. Jan 18, 2018 521 views

Is obtaining an MBA through a 5 year accelerated program and then going into the workforce a better option compared to just getting a bachelor's in 4 years then working?

I am trying to decide between getting my MBA in 5 years in an accelerated program or waiting until my company or myself can pay for online courses for an MBA while I am working a year or two after obtaining my bachelor's degree. I am interested in hearing feedback from business professionals...

mba business

Chandni D.’s Avatar
Chandni D. Oct 06, 2017 580 views

How is/was your experience of doing an MBA ?

I would like to know from professionals who have or are currently doing an MBA in Canada and the US. How was your experience ? Would you recommend doing it from Canada or the US if we look at the ROI ? mba masters-degree masters college college-advice higher-education...


Nazy N.’s Avatar
Nazy N. Oct 27, 2017 696 views

MBA vs IE vs data analyst

I am currently a graduate MSc student in Chemical engineering. I have relatively low interest in Chem. Eng. (living is US). I am thinking about changing fields. My current options are MBA, Industrial engineering and Statistics. I have a wide range of interests, very adaptive, good at math,...

industrial-engineer mba statistics career-path career-counseling data-analysis

ad K.’s Avatar
ad K. Sep 25, 2017 735 views

What is the best college major for non traditional student willing to do an mba in future?

I am 27 yrs old and dropped out of college after sophomore year due to financial trouble, since I have been working and now I am Financially secure I want to restart my career, I plan on returning to my state school Oklahoma, which would be a suitable major for me as,(I could not do a hard...

college-major career-counseling mba

cristian F.’s Avatar
cristian F. Sep 01, 2017 735 views

can one person change the world?

The nation is dividing, the poor doesn't have a chance to rehabilitate and start a new life, and the rich are getting greedier and only worry about themselves. Families are losing homes and more because our economy is so bad many people argue about the taxes and how much we pay, but that's...

economy everyone mba gamily friends history politics help question

Bridget S.’s Avatar
Bridget S. May 30, 2017 668 views

If undergraduate university does not matter, why am I being disregarded and overlooked in the job field and MBA admissions process?

I attend a fairly new, medium size, public state university. I have a 3.94 GPA and a list of involvement and service hours. I want to apply to MBA programs in about a year (after graduation,{grad. Fall 2018}), but I am wondering if the admissions officers will overlook my profile because I...

mba business college graduate-school college-admissions

Bridget S.’s Avatar
Bridget S. Apr 29, 2017 1082 views
Bridget S.’s Avatar
Bridget S. Apr 11, 2017 733 views

Which ivy league school is most accepting of high achieving transfers?

Ending my second year with very competitive near perfect college GPA, looking to transfer to more academically focus school. Either a small liberal arts college or ivy. Open to other choices also with suggestions college higher-education college-applications academic-advising ivy-league...

college-transfer liberal-arts mba

Bridget S.’s Avatar
Bridget S. Feb 25, 2017 755 views

What are some grad schools that offer a Master of Finance degree?

Looking into graduate school and starting a list of possible graduate schools that offer a Master of Finance degree. finance higher-education colleges masters-degree mba corporate-finance...


Bridget S.’s Avatar
Bridget S. Feb 24, 2017 713 views

What type of things are the on GMAT test?

Give some examples? What are the best ways to study the topics? Break down the test into segments and explain each using own experiences. business management graduate-school testing mba executive-office...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Feb 19, 2017 684 views

What difference between MBA and master?

In China, more and more people want to continue studying directly after 4-year university life. But in Canada, I think local people are more likely to choose MBA after more than 3-year experience. mba...