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What would the best fit for an Industrial Designer + MBA be?

Asked Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Rod’s Answer

Updated United Kingdom

Qualifications in your chosen areas do give you a wide choice and so I understand why you are thinking about where to focus. First thing is to remember: where you start will not necessarily be where you end up. I started designing chemical plants and ended up as a CEO of a marketing and communications group, via teaching and computer games development.

MBA graduates usually end up in large organisations: multi-nationals, government and consultancies. I think I benefited from starting my career in a large organisation as there were many opportunities to learn.

So what is the "best fit"? It is difficult to say without knowing more about you. However, as a start, I think it is worth asking yourself why you chose Industrial Design in the first place. Is it still your passion? What kind of design problem interests you? Do some research and see which sectors and companies will allow you to fulfil your passion. If you cannot identify anything then I think focus on the MBA makes sense.

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