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Career Questions tagged Tech

Tech involves the process of combining sciences to create a useful tool at a cost-effective price. Popular careers include web developer, mobile application developer, and data scientist. For more information,...

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Jiaming Sep 27 44 views

Do a lot of jobs require coding skills?

I have no ideas about my future job. I want some suggestion from other people.

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Jennifer Sep 27 61 views

College Major?

What majors are best for tech?

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Sep 05 121 views

How to uptain work experience

I am finishing up my degree in information technology soon. But have no work experience in the field. What can I do to get some relevant experiences?

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Dillin Aug 26 142 views

What would i have to learn to get a tech repairing job?

What would i have to learn to get a tech repairing job? is there anything i can do in high school to help me get experience?

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Rose Jul 11 181 views

How do I gain the skillset to work as a cloud and digital consultant for organizations today?

How do I gain just enough experience through exposure to a wide range of cloud and technological services and skills, without being too shallow in my understanding of or competence in all the respective fields of expertise to keep up with market trends. Do you recommend depth over breadth or...

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Esther Jun 29 434 views

I am a marketing major interested in the tech industry what roles could there possibly be for me in that field?

I am looking for more creative work in group settings

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Kang Jun 21 288 views

As an incoming college freshman planning to work in tech industry, what should I do over the next few years to prepare?

Ex: types of skills to learn, types of internships to get, people to reach out and connect

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Anel Jun 12 169 views

How to choose right company to job shadow

I want to use my Gap year to volunteer/job shadow at a tech business before going to college. How do I know I chose the right one to shadow.

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Alessia Jun 09 141 views

legal hacking

whats the best and worst part about being a legal hacker?

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Corvon May 31 263 views

How did you go about begin a technology

Im very intersting in technology i would like to know more about it

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Nana Ama May 30 279 views

Is there a point where medicine and coding meet?

What jobs combine medicine and computer-science?

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Leviticus May 26 243 views

One career goal of mine is to work for a famous tech company like apple or samsung.

I think I could reach this goal within the next few years.

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Leviticus May 26 170 views

One career goal of mine is to run my own tech repair shop.

I think i could achieve this goal within the next few years.

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timothy May 10 155 views

1. If my strengths are problem solving and leadership and my hobbies are playing basketball and videos games, what types of careers or industries might best fit for me? 2. What other strengths or experiences might I need for the suggested careers?

I need some help finding out what to do after high school

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Jervoris Apr 26 199 views

Is coding a hard focus area for a Computer Engineer?

Hi, I am a senior Computer Engineering major. I have no experience in the field and I would like to be able to get into the field without being completely lost.

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Scarlett Apr 26 200 views

I'm looking at a career in the Army that involves coding/computer skills and I have a few questions.

a. How do cyber jobs interact with the military?
b. What are ways to stand out in cyber jobs?
c. Will cybersecurity be overinflated in the next 5 years because of how popular it is now?
d. What are little known ways to perfect your coding?
e. What are the biggest mistakes you can make when coding?

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Melanie Apr 11 385 views

As a woman have you ever felt discouraged going into a male dominated field?

As a woman wanting to go into a male dominated field I often find it scary thinking there won't be much women around me. Have you ever been discouraged from it? How did you deal with it?

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Apr 05 167 views

Is AP Physic really necessary for a job in the tech field?

Is AP physic important to take for a job inside the tech field?

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Shaina Apr 04 249 views

How can I have experience in the Project Management field?

I am going to be a project manager in the future and I'm currently working on my passion project. Should I make a project management proposal with documentation to display the efforts of the "passion project" I've done? If so, Can you suggest sites or resources on how to make a project proposal?

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Kiley Feb 07 271 views

What kind of classes should I take to become an Technology Engineer? How many hours do technology engineers work a week? What can be a good goal to go into the technology industry?

I love tech and like building things. I have many interests that involve technology and engineering. But I don't know that much about what technology engineers do and how much they have to be in school. #engineer #engineering #technology #tech #computer-engineer

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Shaina Jan 30 230 views

Which is better Management Information systems or Computer Information Systems?

I am pursuing IS but I realize there are two types. I am more likely to pursue MIS but still debating on the demand and circumstances of each course. #computer #tech #business # #information-technology #informationsystems

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Jan 27 154 views

Do you have tips for me in studying Information Systems?

I decided to go with Information Systems but what should I start first? Take a course about digital marketing? do coding python? What should be the first step in diving into IS? I want to be more on the business side rather than the tech side. #business #tech #informationsystems #IS #step

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Jayden Jan 24 274 views

What is the best way to apply and earn internships for the tech industry?

I have been doing my research and through that, I have learned tech internships in big and upcoming/ startup companies is a great way entry to the industry and gain experience. #internship #technology #tech

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 13 613 views

What is it like to work as a Network Systems Administrator?

I'm already enrolled into Job Corps and am going to work on completing my programs in customer service, computer technician and network administrator advanced program while earning my COMPTIA A+ and CCNA certification within three years. I am an aspiring network systems administrator for a...

an’s Avatar
an Jan 05 407 views

Biologists, what does a typical work day look like for you?

I'm curious about this job because I'm interested in pursuing it after post secondary. Do you guys have to travel a lot? Work in unusual climates? See alot of insects?

#earthscience #stem #biology #science #education #tech #marine-biology #computer-science

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humberto Dec 09, 2021 339 views

how much training does an electrician need?

high school graduate working towards a career #career #business #tech #Electrician #electricians

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humberto Dec 09, 2021 240 views

what steps should i take on becoming an electrician?

im a high school graduate and working to get a career. #graduate-school #career #tech

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Ever Nov 07, 2021 283 views

what's a good route to take to in order to one day be able to work for a big tech company?

I am 18 y/o, im currently trying to figure out what I want to do for a living one day. Ive always been relatively good with tech and so I feel being some type of tech engineer is a good route for me to take. #technology #tech #engineering

Bryson’s Avatar
Bryson Oct 19, 2021 319 views

What are some drawback of being a computer programmer?

I am a sophomore in high school, who is taking college courses for programming right now from a local college. I have been interested in coding since 8th grade and now I feel like that is what my future will be. #computer #programming #computer-programming #computer-software #computer-science...

Bryson’s Avatar
Bryson Oct 19, 2021 223 views

What are some option I may have for going to college for programming? What options do I have for degrees and different colleges I can go to?

I am a sophomore in high school, who is taking college courses for programming right now from a local college. I have been interested in coding since 8th grade and now I feel like that is what my future will be. #college-major #major #computer-science #college #programming #coding #program...