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Career Questions tagged Tech

Tech involves the process of combining sciences to create a useful tool at a cost-effective price. Popular careers include web developer, mobile application developer, and data scientist. For more information,...

Abhisri D.’s Avatar
Abhisri D. Sep 08 64 views

GWC: Where can I get an instructor for Girls Who Code Club at my school?

HI I am in the process of setting up the GWC Club at my school. Is there anyway we can have an Instructor (Online) who can guide us in coding at the club? That will be more helpful to be productive in the club. Any advice will be helpful. #information-technology #computer-software...

#tech #computer-engineering #technology #computer

Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Jul 01 120 views

What equipment does a graphic designer use?

I currently go to high school and want to become either an architect or graphic designer. I want to know more about the tech requirements. #graphic-design #design #highschool #art...


Spencer T.’s Avatar
Spencer T. May 24 166 views

What field of study is required for tech companies?

What field of study is required for corporate giants such as Intel, Microsoft, AMD, and Sony? #tech...


Xochitl G.’s Avatar
Xochitl G. May 19 109 views

How do you make a good animation portfolio?

I’ve heard it’s one of the many steps on how to become a animator. But I have a problem on where to start #career #tech...


Brandon F.’s Avatar
Brandon F. May 14 110 views

Which colleges have the best classes for Information Technology?

I'm a senior in high school about to graduate. I'm interested in information technology and would like to get some advice to choose wisely. #tech...


Sujal G.’s Avatar
Sujal G. May 08 129 views

i am in class 12 and i have opted commerce and

#tech after that i want to go in line of business management pls suggest what to...

Ethan S.’s Avatar
Ethan S. Apr 22 211 views

what is it like working on computers

i like working on tech an am looking to see what it would be like to work on tech...


Julz L.’s Avatar
Julz L. Apr 16 141 views
Vidhi K.’s Avatar
Vidhi K. Apr 13 364 views

Is Purdue University GLOBAL worth it

Hi, I am 18 years old.I just finished high school in May 2020. I was planning to attend Purdue Global to get my bachelor of cybersecurity. Does anyone know if this school is worth it? Can I get a job with a degree from Purdue Global? #high-school #cybersecurity #job #purdue #indiana...


Kyle H.’s Avatar
Kyle H. Mar 18 198 views

Is being a computer programmer hard

i would like to know...


Nate R.’s Avatar
Nate R. Mar 18 159 views

What classes should I take in college to be a manufacturer?

I am a middle school student. I am taking a Career and Tech class to help me prepare for my future. #student #career #tech...


Quintin C.’s Avatar
Quintin C. Mar 02 155 views

What is it like to be in the Information Technology business

Greetings , my name is Quintin. I am in the 11th grade and i was wondering if some of you can maybe help me by answering a few questions. I want to get into the IT part of the business world. As of the moment I don't have a lot of IT knowledge but I'm very fond of the idea . I do however,...


Mike F.’s Avatar
Mike F. Mar 04 260 views

Is there any particular way that code should be formatted?

I look at my code sometimes and see that I do things pretty messily, and although I leave notes sometimes I look at the lines I have and dislike the way that they're arranged. Is there a specific way that code "should" be made to look like or is it okay just to leave notes if it works...

#tech #programming #computer-science

Brandon A.’s Avatar
Brandon A. Feb 23 184 views

What Engineering field should I consider learning more about?

I'm in the 11th grade at a high school in Massachusetts. I like to create solutions for problems that has to do with infrastructure. I also like problems that has to do with tech and I am open to many other things. #scientist #tech #create #engineering...


Shu Han T.’s Avatar
Shu Han T. Feb 15 155 views

What should I do to be an electronic engineer in future as I am a 2nd Year Electronic Engineering student in university now?

Any skills and knowledge other than the syllabus in my course that I need to pick up by myself?(Like watching tech related videos or news, learn coding, learn arduino, etc.) Thank you! #student #tech #engineering #electronic...


Dakota K.’s Avatar
Dakota K. Jan 21 234 views

Why did you choose nuclear medicine rather than radiology?

I am a 9th grade student researching nuclear medicine technologist. #medicine #tech #nuclear...

Dakota K.’s Avatar
Dakota K. Jan 20 118 views

What do you enjoy most about your job as a nuclear medicine tech?

I am a 9th grade student researching nuclear medicine technologist careers. #tech...


Andrew S.’s Avatar
Andrew S. Jan 20 157 views

How would I start a buisness as a teenager?

I am looking to start a tech support and repair business. How would I go about starting this? #tech #computer...


Viktor C.’s Avatar
Viktor C. Dec 22, 2020 170 views

I'm in a dilemma if it is worthwhile to pursue international studies during this pandemic

I'm an MSc student in a science degree, and was accepted in an international internship last March. I was hoping the observership will lead to further training abroad. But thinking of the uncertainty due to the pandemic, I'm thinking if it is still worthwhile to plan for an international...

#scientist #tech #uncertainty #planning

Taner A.’s Avatar
Taner A. Nov 18, 2020 410 views

Any electrical engineers working in tech, such as software engr, big data, cybersecurity?

Hello, I am a junior studying electrical engineering. I am interested to learn from engineers who went into tech. what was your main reason? was it difficult to get into, and the prep you had to do? Finally, how do you cope with staring at code for a long period of time? #givingiscaring #tech...

#engineer #computer #career #electrical #programming

Mykah S.’s Avatar
Mykah S. Nov 13, 2020 227 views

#GivingisCaring because I want this for my 23 year old son that has 28 high school credit to succeed.

What options does Mykah have? #givingiscaring he wants his #high school diploma and we are building a computer at moment we need help. I need SSI bc limited mobility but I'm getting it done. Whom I ask can assist us in all things diploma and financial assistance and building a computer? For his...

#career-choice #tech