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Devin L. Nov 04, 2020 54 views

How do I be funny, but not pandering to the meme culture

Hello, my name is Devin, and I'm trying to make videos for a YouTube channel, which brings up the question, how can I be relevant and at the same time, not pandering #youtube #comedy...


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ibrahima D. Oct 02, 2020 107 views
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Swayam S. Nov 03, 2019 110 views

I want to become a successful Youtuber, what should I do to achieve my goal?

I want to become a gaming YouTuber . I am 11 years old, in 6th grade....


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Brandyn D. Sep 09, 2019 122 views

what additional skills i need?

My Name is Brandyn from Glen Rose HS, i'm a freshman i'm interested in a career in programing my skills include compter, people skills, and hard worker and my spare time i like to do you-tuber, football, band. what additional skills would i need? #youtube # #sports #compter...


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kiuyf D. Aug 20, 2019 189 views

Why does youtube think it needs more developers when it will die in the next 10 years?

like does youtube really think he can win and influence friends using this method, by the way they are losing customer when they do that because it should be simple but not at the same time #youtube #computer-science #developers #streaming #communications #business...


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Tommy T. Feb 22, 2017 19049 views

what college courses should I take if I want to be a YouTuber?

I am 12 and when I grow up I want to be a YouTuber. I promised my mom I would go to collage but you don't need to go to collage to be a YouTuber. So what collage courses can I take? #gaming #youtube...


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Jaedin O. May 09, 2019 144 views

What programs could you join to become a youtuber?

I'd like to go to college and I know you don't need to go to college to become a youtuber but I just want to go for back up just in case it fails...


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nevaeh L. Apr 29, 2019 246 views

What skills do you need to become a youtuber?

I want to be a vlogger,, ranter, dancer, singer, choreographer, in a group youtuber team, a youtuber that does everything. #dance #singer #art...


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Luke G. Mar 05, 2019 111 views

What is the best low-cost camera for a new YouTuber? #tech

I'm becoming a Fitness YouTuber and would like to find the best camera for a low cost. What are my options? #tech #technology...


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goaway B. Feb 09, 2019 1040 views
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Jack A. Dec 23, 2017 425 views

What courses should I do?

I'm 16 and college isn't far away I want to #travel a lot and do #youtube when I'm older but I have no idea which type of college courses would be best for them both? #influencing #study-abroad #working-abroad...


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Fernando R. Dec 20, 2017 431 views

I want to be a youtuber and go to college. What college can I go to?

I want to become a YouTuber (Blogger, Musical Artist, and Actor)and I know you don't need to attend college for that. But I actually want to go to college. What college can I go to? #college #youtube #career #influencing...


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Joseph A. May 18, 2016 587 views
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Diamond B. Feb 07, 2017 622 views

What is the best YouTube camera?

YouTube is a great way that I have seen many people network and get great career opportunities. #blogging #youtube #social-media...


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timothy V. May 04, 2016 588 views

Where should I search for inspiration to make youtube videos?

The reason why I am asking this question is because I want to know what kid's hobby are so that I can make their types of video for entertainment. #youtube #developers #social #social-media #career...


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joseph A. May 04, 2016 703 views
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Ursula G. Apr 09, 2017 727 views

How to manage time?

I currently studying Motion Picture Arts and I barely get to sleep because of my homework, I also daily vlog (it's like a video diary) and I also do weekly videos on youtube, I'm very invested in everything I do, but I don't get much free time. My sister tells me to stop at least daily...

#editing #video-production #youtube #post-production #vlog #time-management #video-editing

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Tommy T. Feb 23, 2017 605 views

How do I know what games are popular on YouTube?

I am 12 and I want to be a YouTuber. There are millions of games out there. How will I know what games to play? #gaming #youtube...


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Grayson R. Feb 22, 2017 643 views

What college would be best to design video games?

I've always wanted to design video games and I want a college that supports me and lets me have fun. We all need a college like that. I get bored in school easily. I need a college that gets me energetic. #technology #tech #video-game-design #youtube...


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Tyler H. Feb 22, 2017 567 views

What would be the best college to go to if you want to design games and play games

I want to design games and play games and I want to know what would the best college to go to. #video-games #youtube #game-development...


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Brandon H. Feb 14, 2017 507 views

What things can I do to help brand my Twitch streams/YouTube videos?

I am more of asking this question for my brother, of whom is starting his own Twitch streams and is looking to gain more subscribers. #graphic-design #social-media #youtube #video-production #personal-branding #online-video-streaming...


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Brandon H. Feb 13, 2017 663 views

What kind of jobs are out there for someone who just wants to live stream and play video games?

My brother and I have thrown around the idea of someday uploading videos onto YouTube and becoming really popular. Although recently I have been really busy with college, and my brother got hurt while working in the Carpentry field. So, he has to take nerve supplements and all he can really do...

#video-production #youtube #college-major #live-stream #gaming #computer-games

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Dion L. Jan 10, 2017 451 views

what software can I use to record what I play on my laptop?

Im looking into becoming a youtuber and I want to record things on my computer but I dont know what recording software to download, any options?...


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Sydney R. Jun 23, 2016 700 views

Which is easier to maintain: a blog or a vlog?

I've been thinking about starting a blog about my endeavors in college as a musical theatre student and to share the knowledge I'm gaining from my experiences in this field. Now I'm considering creating a YouTube channel to express my thoughts. I'm not sure platform which I should commit my...

#networking #youtube #social-media #blogging

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Salvin S. May 22, 2016 966 views

Is there any advice for someone who might want to be a Youtuber?

Ever since I came to America in 2004, I have been fascinated with the American way of life. Here people don't wait for their dream to happen, they make it happen on the spot. There are Youtubers who have been on YouTube since 2005, but these people never gave up. They kept making videos, and...

#editing #youtube #video #technology #film #university #tech #college

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Rachel P. May 22, 2016 916 views

Is journalism a dying breed?

I am a high school freshman and have always loved writing. I am currently involved with a journalism class in my high school where we produce on eight page newspaper every month. Starting in September 2016, I will be the new page editor for our Features page. My lust towards writing and...

#public-relations #writer #youtube #online-journalism #advertising #author #journalism

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Rachel P. May 22, 2016 2577 views

What is your favorite part of your job?

I am currently deciding on whether to major in journalism, advertising, public relations, or media studies and would love to read some input on what your favorite and least favorite parts of your job is. Some of the more important aspects when searching for a career that best suits me is a...

#communications #public-relations #youtube #social-media #advertising #blogging #journalism

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julian B. May 18, 2016 803 views

how hard is it to become a youtuber

hello, im a small youtuber names jdog amvs and nothing is going right, why? #tech...