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Career Questions tagged Youtube

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Hope A. Nov 03 40 views

how do you be a youtuber

youtube I want to inspire people with basketball game...

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Frances F. Sep 16 56 views
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Sona A. Sep 09 84 views

Is it a good idea to start small and post animations on YouTube?

I see a lot of animators start off small on YouTube or other social medias, but those situations are quick to follow with some drama of someone stealing their art or people being harshly critiqued over their work. Does social media discourage young artists, or is it a good opportunity to start...

animator animation youtube socialmedia

SAMIYAH C.’s Avatar
SAMIYAH C. Jun 20 103 views

Starting a youtube channel with little proper supplies.

id have to balance school work and editing, however starting YouTube is something I been wanted to do since I was a little kid and feel as though there's a lot of enjoyment I would receive from it. youtube advice...

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Elise J. Feb 26 188 views

Can I be a gymnast and a YouTuber at the same time?

My hobbies are crafting and gymnastics and I know that I can craft while I have a YouTube account but I am not so sure about gymnastics. confused career youtube gymnast...


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Elise J. Feb 25 233 views

How do I start my first video on youtube so that I can become big.

I am 11 and I am hoping to start a youtube channel soon but I don't know how to start my first vid. Can yall help me? computer youtube video-production...


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Elise J. Feb 25 613 views

How do I become a successful vlogger?

I am 11 and I hope to start a channel where I vlog. entertainment fun...


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Elise J. Feb 25 160 views

So if I wanted to have a gaming youtube channel would Roblox be a good game to video?

I love Roblox and I love youtube. I was wondering if Roblox would be content people would like? Do yall think so? Please help me. games roblox...


An Awesome Student Q.’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 123 views

How do you know if your career is going to take off, especially if you want to be a gamer or a YouTuber?

Well hello! I'm Ms. Spatzer at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks so much! gamer YouTube...


An Awesome Student Q.’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 112 views

To all YouTubers, what did you think about to start your YouTube channel? If there is some advice, please tell me.

Well hello! I'm Ms. Spatzer at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks so much! YouTube...


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Devin L. Nov 04, 2020 183 views

How do I be funny, but not pandering to the meme culture

Hello, my name is Devin, and I'm trying to make videos for a YouTube channel, which brings up the question, how can I be relevant and at the same time, not pandering youtube comedy...


Swayam S.’s Avatar
Swayam S. Nov 03, 2019 237 views

I want to become a successful Youtuber, what should I do to achieve my goal?

I want to become a gaming YouTuber . I am 11 years old, in 6th grade....


Brandyn D.’s Avatar
Brandyn D. Sep 09, 2019 209 views

what additional skills i need?

My Name is Brandyn from Glen Rose HS, i'm a freshman i'm interested in a career in programing my skills include compter, people skills, and hard worker and my spare time i like to do you-tuber, football, band. what additional skills would i need? youtube # sports compter...


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kiuyf D. Aug 20, 2019 308 views

Why does youtube think it needs more developers when it will die in the next 10 years?

like does youtube really think he can win and influence friends using this method, by the way they are losing customer when they do that because it should be simple but not at the same time youtube computer-science developers streaming communications business...


Tommy T.’s Avatar
Tommy T. Feb 22, 2017 22158 views

what college courses should I take if I want to be a YouTuber?

I am 12 and when I grow up I want to be a YouTuber. I promised my mom I would go to collage but you don't need to go to collage to be a YouTuber. So what collage courses can I take? gaming youtube...


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Jaedin O. May 09, 2019 244 views

What programs could you join to become a youtuber?

I'd like to go to college and I know you don't need to go to college to become a youtuber but I just want to go for back up just in case it fails...


nevaeh L.’s Avatar
nevaeh L. Apr 29, 2019 410 views

What skills do you need to become a youtuber?

I want to be a vlogger,, ranter, dancer, singer, choreographer, in a group youtuber team, a youtuber that does everything. dance singer art...


Luke G.’s Avatar
Luke G. Mar 05, 2019 199 views

What is the best low-cost camera for a new YouTuber? #tech

I'm becoming a Fitness YouTuber and would like to find the best camera for a low cost. What are my options? tech technology...


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goaway B. Feb 09, 2019 1914 views
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Jack A. Dec 23, 2017 531 views

What courses should I do?

I'm 16 and college isn't far away I want to travel a lot and do YouTube when I'm older but I have no idea which type of college courses would be best for them both? influencing study-abroad working-abroad...


Fernando R.’s Avatar
Fernando R. Dec 20, 2017 531 views

I want to be a youtuber and go to college. What college can I go to?

I want to become a YouTuber (Blogger, Musical Artist, and Actor)and I know you don't need to attend college for that. But I actually want to go to college. What college can I go to? college youtube career influencing...