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Career Questions tagged Editing

Sy'rai C.’s Avatar
Sy'rai C. Jun 16 85 views

what are some possible career's that involve editing (with adobe after effects)

I've been editing for fun for over 3 years and I wanted to see if there are any side hustles that I can do in the future? college editing adobe ae...


Elise J.’s Avatar
Elise J. Feb 25 177 views

What do I use to edit my videos?/How do I learn to edit better?

I am 11 so I am not the best at video editing and I have no idea what to use. Btw I will be on a laptop/monitor. software programming...


Dalton J.’s Avatar
Dalton J. Feb 11 154 views

How do I pick a major for my future carrer

I'm a sophomore in high school and I enjoy editing and film making I'm not sure what to major in though college-major high-school carrer film...


Ray K.’s Avatar
Ray K. Oct 10, 2020 211 views

Should I self publish my book even though I want to be an editor/publisher?

I started writing (and may illustrate) a children's picture book in my spare time. I spoke to a few different professors at my college about it and they all recommended I self publish it for a few reasons: it's faster, I get more control over what the end result looks like, and I would be...

writing selfpublish publishing editing books childrensbooks

Zeporian C.’s Avatar
Zeporian C. Sep 04, 2020 485 views

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm exploring my career options. What are some career options that align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps I can take in the near future?

At school I'm mostly interested in English while my hobbies include writing, criticizing or praising movies and music, photography, and anything that has to do with design or visual art. Topics that intrigue me are politics, debate, and changing the world for the...

film-acting director writer film-production design arts career editing media-production film english film-editing filmdirector

Amanda C.’s Avatar
Amanda C. Jul 17, 2020 239 views

What professions combine an interest in English and Environmental Studies?

I'm slightly more passionate about English than Environmental Studies because I'm not into STEM-heavy subjects and would prefer to not take STEM classes, so on the ES side I'd prefer something related to Environmental Studies instead of Environmental Science. I enjoy the sustainability part of...

environmentalstudies environmentalscience english sustainability english-grammar editing editor

Arhe V.’s Avatar
Arhe V. Jun 29, 2020 596 views

Where can I develop my writing skills while still making money for college?

I'm fresh out of high school, and I've been writing short, fictional stories for 3+ years now. I've done a bit of research and it seems like all of the quick money is in copywriting, article writing, or editing. I feel like I'm quite skilled at fictional writing, but I have no idea where to...

creative-writing writing writer editing college journalism copywriting author

Lyzzie G.’s Avatar
Lyzzie G. Apr 22, 2020 290 views

Are employers hiring right now?

I am graduating soon and I want to know how likely it is that I will find a job post-grad. I’m looking for a career in publishing, specifically as an editor for fiction books in the young adult genres. career editing writing publishing...


Roger P.’s Avatar
Roger P. Apr 13, 2020 371 views

I want to have a job using computers, but i don't know of any jobs out there that interest me.

I'm not good at coding and editing code definitely ain't happening, I wouldn't even know where to start. I do however love to make videos, even though what I know about editing videos is minimal at the moment I want to do more. I also love making powerpoints that look amazing. computer videos...

obs powerpoint editing

Ray K.’s Avatar
Ray K. Feb 09, 2020 408 views

What personality traits make successful editors and publishers?

I'm a brutally honest person. A lot of people don't like that but I have a feeling it will come in handy in a career in editing or publishing. editing...


Ray K.’s Avatar
Ray K. Feb 09, 2020 429 views

How much do editors and publishers have to travel?

And do you ever get to work from home? editing...


Ray K.’s Avatar
Ray K. Jan 03, 2020 342 views

What is your favorite type of writing to edit?

And why is it your favorite? editing publishing...


Madelyn D.’s Avatar
Madelyn D. Nov 14, 2019 261 views

What career fits with my interests?

Hi, i’m in 11th grade. One of my main interests is computer editing. I enjoy video editing with adobe after effects and making 3D objects with Element 3D. I like using my mind to make up new transitions. I also enjoy math and I like technology overall. technology career...


Damonte B.’s Avatar
Damonte B. Dec 02, 2018 305 views

what type of responsibilities does someone in film editing hold?

How hard are these responsiblities? Do any of these responsibilities hold more importance then another? film movies editing film-editing performing-arts # television...


Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Jan 14, 2019 514 views

Which is better: continuing to work a job you've grown to dislike because it is advantageous for you career-wise, or finding a new job that you genuinely enjoy?

I've always believed that if you pursue a career you love, then you'll never work a day in your life, so I've followed my dreams and have always planned to pursue my passion, even if it might not result in the most high-paying job. This passion is writing. However, throughout the years, I've...

creative-writing career-counseling work-life-balance career-advice following-your-passions career editing student career-planning college help publishing writing-and-editing writing work advice career-help student-advice career-path journalism job technical-writing career-choice

Faith E.’s Avatar
Faith E. Aug 03, 2018 585 views

What are some worthwhile minors to pair with communications?

I would like to go into editing, and I am interested in something technical as a minor, potentially applied math or computer sciences. However, I simply have no idea as to whether either will be useful in my field of choice. minors communications publishing career editor...


Faith E.’s Avatar
Faith E. Aug 03, 2018 396 views

Which universities do major publishing houses recruit from?

Alternately, in what states/regions (besides New York) do publishing houses have a strong presence? In exploring my college options, I either want to set myself up to be at the 'right school' or in a prime location to seek employment as an editor. publishing college recruitment recruit...

editor editing

Madison M.’s Avatar
Madison M. Jan 16, 2018 395 views

Best Way to Become an Editor?

I want to be a novel editor, but my family thinks it's too wild of a career goal and I'll be a "starving artist" simply because I want an English degree. With a major in English and a minor in creative writing, is that a good choice to help me land a job in a publishing company? And does it...

writing-and-editing editing editor

Daleen C.’s Avatar
Daleen C. Feb 13, 2018 514 views

How can I volunteer with writing?

Hey guys, So I love to write, which is why I'm pursuing Professional Writing as my major. However, I also love to volunteer. Is there a way I can combine my two loves and volunteer to write? volunteering professional-writing writing editing nonprofits...


Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Feb 10, 2018 1228 views

Can you be both a copy editor and a content editor?

Rather than being one or the other, I'm wondering if you can be both. I'm aware that each type of editor has a different skill set; however, I love the idea of doing both types of editing and I wouldn't want to limit myself to one type. Plus, wouldn't the flexibility of being able to do either...

writing content-editing novels copy-editing editing editor books novel content-editor book publishing writing-and-editing copy-editor

Mary R.’s Avatar
Mary R. Jan 22, 2018 417 views

What is involved in becoming a freelance editor?

I love writing, and I enjoy helping others make their writing better as well, so when I heard a talk on freelance editing, I thought "This sounds like something I could do!" However, although I feel confident that I could do the actual editing part, I don't know much about how I would get...

writing writing-and-editing editing freelance

Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Jan 21, 2018 595 views

What is a day in the life of an editor like?

My dream career is to be a fiction author, but I know it's not really a financially-stable career, so I've been thinking of being an editor because I really, really love editing writing. I think I have an eye for it since I've always been the one that my peers come to for proofreading and...

creative-writing writer writing novels editing editor books publishing writing-and-editing writers author

Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Jan 21, 2018 550 views

Can you get an internship at a publishing company?

I'm not in college yet, so it might be a little early for me to be asking, but I'd really like to be a copy editor for books and I was wondering if I could get an internship at a publishing company in the future, to scope out the environment and get more experience with the job. Will I have...

publishing-company creative-writing writing novels internships editing editor interns internship copy-editing books novel-writing writing-and-editing publishing

Elizabeth P.’s Avatar
Elizabeth P. Sep 01, 2017 377 views

How much does a editor make?

I was just wondering how much a editor makes a year? thank you editor...


Claire N.’s Avatar
Claire N. Oct 07, 2017 647 views

What is the best way to get into the publishing industry?

I would love to eventually be an editor, but I don't know how to get my foot in the door! editing writing-and-editing...