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What is your favorite project you have completed while being a film and video editor.

I am researching this career.

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1 answer

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Haolong’s Answer

My favorite project is Food Documentary. That is also related my interest. I always like watch some food documentary. Like, the local snack, the traditional food and the food from all over the world.

Doing the food project also can eat all kinds of food. I did a personal Vlog about local food. it located Changsha, China. The food include Tofu, Fried chicken, Chinese BBQ and mike tea. I like to record these food and give some commons, and post them to the social media. So, people can watch my video and get some advise.

When I edit these video about the food. I enjoy set the color. Making the food looks more delicious. Also, I will add some background music to in prove my video.

Hope these experience can help you. Good luck.