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Career Questions tagged Editor

Autumn J.’s Avatar
Autumn J. Aug 01, 2021 188 views

Should my major still be business-esque or something like writing/editing?

I don't know much about the specifics of majors and minors in college. But for a while I thought it was something about business. Now I'm thinking. I like to read so much and write. When I do read (some amazing books btw), my mind goes over and over, unconsciously editing and analyzing, it's...

writing senior business entrepreneur help editor

Sarah Y.’s Avatar
Sarah Y. Apr 16, 2021 139 views

Where should I start? What can I use to help myself more?

I don't know how to start my career and how to start in this field. I want to be a graphic designer or an editor because I do both of those in my past times, I'm not sure how to move into a professional setting with it. graphicdesigner...


Nicolas J.’s Avatar
Nicolas J. Apr 05, 2021 114 views

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I like eat waffles for breakfast....


Emmanuel M.’s Avatar
Emmanuel M. Jul 30, 2020 349 views

How can a beginner improve their editorial skills?

Would you please tell me who is, if there is such an individual, the world's most renown editor in the world. One that deals with literature, and most preferable blogs and articles in the topics of finance and education. If there's no such thing, would you be kind enough to point me to some...

worldclass ceo editorial-writing july2020 editor

Amanda C.’s Avatar
Amanda C. Jul 17, 2020 279 views

What professions combine an interest in English and Environmental Studies?

I'm slightly more passionate about English than Environmental Studies because I'm not into STEM-heavy subjects and would prefer to not take STEM classes, so on the ES side I'd prefer something related to Environmental Studies instead of Environmental Science. I enjoy the sustainability part of...

environmentalstudies editing english environmentalscience sustainability english-grammar editor

Sumaiya A.’s Avatar
Sumaiya A. Jan 27, 2020 315 views
Ray K.’s Avatar
Ray K. Oct 14, 2019 324 views

Editors and publishers- what was your major?

I've heard that English is too broad and journalism is dying. Are these true? What did you major in to become an editor or publisher? I intend to major in psychology, but I am looking to dual major or minor in some kind of English. Can I still get a career as a publisher or editor if I just...

major english publisher college-major editor

Emmalee B.’s Avatar
Emmalee B. Aug 28, 2018 536 views

How can I know if becoming an editor is right for me?

As a kid, I always wanted to become an author. Now that I'm older, I'm more interested in editing at a publishing company. When friends have given me their writing to look over, I enjoy cleaning up the grammar as well as improving the flow and phrasing. However, since this has been my dream for...

writing career publishing english editor

Emmalee B.’s Avatar
Emmalee B. Aug 28, 2018 365 views

What steps should I take to become an editor?

Eventually I want to edit books for a living. Right now I'm a senior in high school. I plan on majoring in English once in college. Where do I go from there? editor writing english...


Faith E.’s Avatar
Faith E. Aug 03, 2018 637 views

What are some worthwhile minors to pair with communications?

I would like to go into editing, and I am interested in something technical as a minor, potentially applied math or computer sciences. However, I simply have no idea as to whether either will be useful in my field of choice. minors communications publishing career editor...


Faith E.’s Avatar
Faith E. Aug 03, 2018 443 views

Which universities do major publishing houses recruit from?

Alternately, in what states/regions (besides New York) do publishing houses have a strong presence? In exploring my college options, I either want to set myself up to be at the 'right school' or in a prime location to seek employment as an editor. publishing college recruitment recruit...

editor editing

Madison M.’s Avatar
Madison M. Jan 16, 2018 430 views

Best Way to Become an Editor?

I want to be a novel editor, but my family thinks it's too wild of a career goal and I'll be a "starving artist" simply because I want an English degree. With a major in English and a minor in creative writing, is that a good choice to help me land a job in a publishing company? And does it...

editing writing-and-editing editor

Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Feb 10, 2018 1289 views

Can you be both a copy editor and a content editor?

Rather than being one or the other, I'm wondering if you can be both. I'm aware that each type of editor has a different skill set; however, I love the idea of doing both types of editing and I wouldn't want to limit myself to one type. Plus, wouldn't the flexibility of being able to do either...

writing content-editor book books novel copy-editing copy-editor publishing writing-and-editing editing novels content-editing editor

Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Jan 21, 2018 638 views

What is a day in the life of an editor like?

My dream career is to be a fiction author, but I know it's not really a financially-stable career, so I've been thinking of being an editor because I really, really love editing writing. I think I have an eye for it since I've always been the one that my peers come to for proofreading and...

writing author books writer writers publishing writing-and-editing editing novels creative-writing editor

Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Jan 21, 2018 611 views

Can you get an internship at a publishing company?

I'm not in college yet, so it might be a little early for me to be asking, but I'd really like to be a copy editor for books and I was wondering if I could get an internship at a publishing company in the future, to scope out the environment and get more experience with the job. Will I have...

writing books interns creative-writing novel-writing publishing internships writing-and-editing editing novels publishing-company copy-editing internship editor

Jada H.’s Avatar
Jada H. Jan 17, 2018 628 views

Is there a profession out there that's an equal balance between creative writing/publishing and biomedical science?

I am torn between majoring in English and Biomedical Science/Engineering. I love to write stories and strive to become an editor for a publishing company/fiction author or screenwriter, but I also love genetics and would love to be a genetic engineer and researcher (see the details from my...

writing dual-career career-decisions creative-non-fiction double-major biomedical-engineering genetics communications screenwriting writing-and-editing creative-writing career-choice news-writing copy-editing biomedical-science science-fiction career-path grant-writing author multiple-interests proposal-writing publishing fiction-writing fiction english technical-writing editor

Julia C.’s Avatar
Julia C. Jan 16, 2018 372 views

What is the best route to becoming an editor for a publishing house?

What classes should I take in college? Where should I apply? How do I apply and is there a healthy demand for editorial jobs? editor jobs publishing careers...


Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 08, 2017 564 views

How does one become a book editor?

I love to read, and I have always thought it would be interesting to be a book editor. What sort of background would one need to become one? How does one become an editor for things like scientific journals? Thank you! editor college...


Elizabeth P.’s Avatar
Elizabeth P. Sep 01, 2017 395 views

How much does a editor make?

I was just wondering how much a editor makes a year? Thank you editor...