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Career Questions tagged Senior

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ISAIAH Mar 21 122 views

What classes to choose in college?

I am a senior in high school

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Dennis Mar 09 166 views

what is the best state/city to have a business in?

senior in high school

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Eboni Dec 08, 2022 302 views

How often should I reach out to my Academic Advisor ?

I think it is a great idea for me to establish great communication with my Academic Advisor so I can keep on taking the necessary course for my degree. Not only that but I have been given great personal and professional advice and resources. I don't want to overstep my boundaries by asking a...

Keziah’s Avatar
Keziah Nov 12, 2022 408 views

What jobs or internships should I look for in my last year of my bachelor’s degree in sociology?

I have a little over a year until I get my bachelor’s degree in sociology. I think I will take a year or two off to work then go back to school to get a masters. Until then, what kind of job or internship can I look for that studies social science? I would love to do research that helps impact...

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Rondell May 03, 2022 324 views

How do I stay focus in terms of carrying my student athlete career?

I'm A senior in high school who's on honor roll and multiple different basketball teams.

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Winona Nov 02, 2021 400 views

If I were to major in Business management would I be able to get aid with creating my own business?

I recently started my own sticker business, and I heard from a student that they were majoring in business management and starting their own business.. I wanted a little more background information on this subject, and if this field is for me.. #business #entrepreneur #management...

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Jillian Nov 01, 2021 358 views

How should I pick a career path when so many careers interest me?

I’m a senior in high school at a small christian school. I am a CNA and have been interested in healthcare in the past. There are so many options in healthcare and it gets overwhelming trying to decide a definite career for my future. #healthcare #career-path #senior

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Autumn Aug 01, 2021 392 views

Should my major still be business-esque or something like writing/editing?

I don't know much about the specifics of majors and minors in college. But for a while I thought it was something about business. Now I'm thinking. I like to read so much and write. When I do read (some amazing books btw), my mind goes over and over, unconsciously editing and analyzing, it's...

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Gloria Jul 25, 2021 930 views

What skills are MUST for a career in engineering?

What are the most important skills a student interested in going into engineering should have since now? And what about the ones we might have to develop during college?

#career #student #civil-engineering #engineering #engineer #math #senior #college

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K Jul 12, 2021 451 views

What should I major in/should I even go to college?

I’m 16 and a senior in high school. I want to do something with animals but not necessarily become a vet. I could volunteer at shelters but I’m not sure what I want my main career to be. I was thinking maybe real estate or architecture or maybe even run my own animal sanctuary but I’m not sure...

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K Jul 12, 2021 318 views

What are some non-surgical jobs that work with animals?

I’m 16 and a senior in high school. I love animals, I want to work with them when I get older but I don’t want to work with blood and needles. #animals #veterinarian #senior

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Anonymous Jun 11, 2021 601 views

Does anyone have a list of Scholarship that you have applied for?

Here's some things you should know about me that may be helpful: - I'm first generation -I am a rising senior - I'm in AZ -I've taken Honors classes -Play Varsity Sports - I volunteer - I'm in HOSA and serve as a state officer ( - NHS -Advocate for my city's youth (Buckeye Youth...

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Mar 01, 2021 538 views

What college has the best program that will prepare you to major in physical therapy

I want to be a physical therapist #senior #college-major #physical-therapist

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Lailaa Sep 10, 2019 426 views

If you work in the substance abuse world, what does a typical day to day look like?

I'm a senior in highschool and I'm looking into the best options for what I've wanted to be for a long time, and I want to insure myself I'm getting into the career(s) I want. #senior #classof2020 #advice #career #psychology

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Madison Sep 06, 2019 469 views

How did you get your job?

#professional #medicine #healthcare #senior #SA

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Madison Sep 06, 2019 440 views

Why do people leave this field or company?

#professional #medicine #healthcare #senior #SA

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Madison Sep 06, 2019 413 views

What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?

#professional #medicine #healthcare #senior #SA

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Madison Sep 06, 2019 456 views

Which season of the year are toughest at your job?

#professional #medicine #healthcare #senior #SA

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Madison Sep 06, 2019 347 views

Can you recommend any classes I should take before proceeding further with my job search?

#professional #medicine #healthcare #senior #SA

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Madison Sep 06, 2019 552 views

Are too many or too few entering this profession?

#professional #medicine #healthcare #senior #SA

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Madison Sep 06, 2019 526 views

Can you describe one of your typical work days?

#career #business #doctor #kids #pediatrician #senior #SA

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Alyssa Aug 23, 2018 497 views

I am a senior in highschool,and im trying to prepare myself for college. Can anyone give me some tips on how to be mentally prepared for colege?

#college #senior #UNT #UH

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Luisa Aug 19, 2018 493 views

what major would help me become a park ranger?

I would really like to become a park ranger for Yellowstone one day. #college-majors #majors #parkranger #nationalparkservice #senior #help

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Abigail Aug 14, 2018 561 views

Best tips for college applications?

#senior #overwhelmed #collegeapps

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Maddison Jul 31, 2018 510 views

Sectioning HW for efficient studying?????

Idk how to do a bunch of homework without listing it out first and attacking the priorities?!

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Jennifer Jul 12, 2018 762 views

How likely is it that I will want to switch my major?

I'm interested in Early Childhood Education mostly. I'm also interested in Creative Writing and Psychology. #senior #senioritis #nervous #major #double-major #psychology #creative-writing

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Luis Feb 01, 2018 511 views

Should I only focus on the cost of schools or look at what they can provide me?

I've been accepted to some colleges and I am stuck in deciding where to go. Some are kinda pricey and I don't know whether to keep it safe and go to a low cost school or take the risk and go to the more risky schools.
#senior #college #stuck

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Shelana Jan 16, 2018 622 views

I transferred to my current school and I am almost finished with my classes. Great! Yay ...except I don't really have a relationship with the professors since i have only taken one class with them. How do I get recommendation letters from professors?

I am a senior graduating in Spring and i need recommendation letters from professors for application to med school and/or scholarships. Don't really know how to go about it when my classes are 400+ size. #senior #pre-med #college

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Liberty Sep 01, 2017 646 views

Whens the best time to start applying to colleges?

I am not sure when I should start applying. #senior #college

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Lindsay May 24, 2016 7252 views

Can you apply to the same college twice

For example, applying for early and regular admission?

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