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What are some non-surgical jobs that work with animals?

I’m 16 and a senior in high school. I love animals, I want to work with them when I get older but I don’t want to work with blood and needles. animals veterinarian senior

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4 answers

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Erin’s Answer

Hi K.S.,

It's so great that you are only 16 already found one thing you are passionate about! Just a reminder - you may find you have other passions as well so never stop looking for other things that you love! That being said, there are plenty of careers that would allow you to work with animals that do not involve veterinary practices.

A few jobs that do not require a college education are Animal Groomer, Kennel Attendant, Trainer, or Breeder. Another interesting job if you like to make sure animals are treated properly and help to locate abandoned animals, you could look into becoming an Animal Control Worker. Additionally, Laboratory Animal Caretakers monitor, feed, and take care of lab animals - and only a high school diploma is required for this job as well! If you are interested in wildlife, there are conservation and forest technicians which only require a high school diploma, but some colleges also offer Forestry-related majors which could help! If you are thinking about going to college, a Bachelor's degree could help you get a job as a Zoologist or Wildlife Biologist - their job is to study how animals interact with their environment.

I hope this helped give you some more career ideas! Keep an open mind and remember you are not limited in what jobs you can go after!

Erin recommends the following next steps:

Research colleges with majors related to animals
Volunteer at an animal shelter to see how you like it
Offer to walk neighbor's dogs to gain experience working with animals
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Traci’s Answer

Hi K.S.! I love that you know what you are most passionate about and want to do something with animals for your career. There are so many things you can do! If you love horses, you could work at a stable or a horse rehab facility. If you love dogs, you could start your own dog walking business or even a pet sitting business. (The dog walkers/sitters I have hired in the past have told me they love the flexibility their business allows them all while taking care of animals for owners who need the help.) A pet boarding facility is another option. You could even look in to becoming an animal trainer or a pet adoption counselor. Shelters, rescues, wildlife rehab centers, zoos, stables, farms - the list of facilities to check out is endless. I wish you all the best in your future working with animals!
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Pro’s Answer

Zookeeper, conservationist, ecologist, biologist, habitat management and restoration, rehabilitation, behavior observation, nutritionist, study of natural remedies
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Melissa’s Answer

I think this is a good site to check out!

You could look into working in Animal Rescue, at an Animal Shelter, as a Zoologist, Wildlife Biologist, etc.

I love animals too and wish you good luck!