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A veterinarian is a doctor for animals. Some careers veterinarians may go into are opening up their business and caring for common house pets, working for farms to ensure food...

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Olivia Jussele S. Oct 21 38 views

What classes should I take to be a Veterinarian?

I am a high school student (junior) and I have a passion of helping animals in need. I've been trying to find what jobs suit me best especially somewhere in the medical field. I want to know what classes could help me prepare my path on becoming a Veterinarian. #veterinarian #veterinary...

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Rakel B. Oct 02 34 views
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Leelah S. Oct 02 22 views

What are some good programs that I would have to attend to become a veterinarian?

My name is leelah and I would like to become a veterinarian. I would like to know what are some good schools or programs to help me go done the path of becoming a veterinarian....


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Leelah S. Oct 02 31 views

Where are some good courses for becoming a veterinarian in Memphis Tennessee?

My name is leelah and I love animals and would love to become a veterinarian. I would like to know where are some good schools or programs in Memphis Tennessee that would help me go down this path....


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Leelah S. Sep 18 38 views

In order to become a veterinarian what would i have to major in when i go to college and how long would it take?

I am Leelah and I attend Hillcrest. I’m currently in the 11th grade.I have always known what my career in life would be based on what I am very passionate about which is animals. My first question is in order to become a veterinarian what do I have to major in when i go to college.My second...


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Rakel B. Sep 18 43 views

What do veterinarians do on a daily basis?

I'm a 10th grader that have a future career to become a veterinarian. #future...


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Laila M. Sep 04 96 views

What is the best college to attend if I want to become a veterinary technician?

I'm a senior in high school and I don't know many people who'd like to have a animal profession. I would like to find the best school for my passion. What school would you consider and why? #veterinarian...


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Leelah S. Aug 24 48 views

How is it being a veterinarian?

I love animals and also would love working with them.I have had a love for animals my whole life.I have been wanting to be veterinarian ever since the 2nd grade and nothing has changed....


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Elif K. Jul 18 73 views

How did you know that you wanted to study your current profession?

I think I want to be a veterinarian but I'm not sure because it's a really big decision and I have a broad range of interests so I'm seeking advice on how to know if a profession is for me. I've volunteered at my local shelter but because of the current situation I have not been able to further...

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Carolina V. Jun 30 301 views

When do you come to terms of accepting failure or deciding to quit?

I began college as a Animal Science major and realized it wasn't for me. I'm currently a Psychology major, but I'm hoping to still be eligible of becoming a vet student. I keep holding onto the idea that you don't have to be a traditional vet student to be qualified. I have no direction of what...

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Elliette T. May 16 110 views

In order to go into Pre-Vet should you look into veterinary schools or schools with medical fields?

I’m looking into a career as a veterinarian. UMASS Dartmouth was proposed to me, though I’m not entirely sure what to look for. #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian...


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diety M. May 15 164 views

I really want to be a veterinarian, but I struggle a lot with science and math so can anyone give me advice on how to tackle this on.

I love animals, but I hate science and math. I am bad at both and have not had good teachers to help me with my trouble in it. I don't want this to stop me from pursuing my dream and making me regret not trying so is there anyone who has been in the same boat as me? I am very intimidated...

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Harley Marie C. May 05 154 views

I am stuck between wanting to be a Photographer and being an animal trainer...How do I decide which would benefit me more?

My whole life I have LOVED animals, I've lived with many different species and kinds of animals. Everywhere from a classic house cat or dog, I've had birds, lizards, fish, ferrets, bunnies, guinea pig's, snakes, all the way to weird exotic animals like a capybara, zebra, we had an elephant,...

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Harley Marie C. May 04 147 views

Is it hard to become an animal trainer?

I am an animal lover, and I have always enjoyed teaching my farm animals different tricks. I want my future career to be something along this line of work but I don't know what would suit me best. #animals #veterinarian #career-choice #zooloy...


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Samuel E. Apr 24 123 views

What steps should I take to become a veterinarian? And how has this pandemic effected vet clinics and hospitals.

I'm a sophomore in high school who has a passion for helping animals. I've been deeply passionate about becoming a vet because of an incident that happened with my puppy. When I arrived at the hospital after school I saw the animals and their owners waiting it hurts my heart knowing they need...

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Hannah G. Feb 28 143 views

Does a veterinarian make much more money than a vet tech?

Is there a large discrepancy in pay levels between the two professions? #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian...


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Hannah G. Feb 28 111 views

How much should a veterinarian expect to make in their first few years of work?

I am curious about how much different professions make. There are many different answers on the internet, so I am curious on if there is a more definite number. #veterinary #medicine...


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Noelani G. Feb 21 147 views

What entry -level or internship job is right for an aspiring veterinarian?

I have always loved animals and I want to start to gain experience in working to help them. #job #veterinary #internship #veterinary-medicine...


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Kahri J. Jan 29 114 views

Do I know what career I want or am I not sure

I'm on my last year of highschool, I want to be a veterinarian because animals are super cute but not sure if it's the right thing to spend my time on #veterinarian...


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Jorge R. Jan 16 155 views

Is there any job that I apply for that would help me when I go to college and take courses for veterinarian

Im Jorge a 17 year old a senior in high school I really want to go to college for veterinarian but I also want to make some money, I have horses of my own I have 3 horses I have 2 dogs and 10 cows and I love my lifestyle #veterinarian...