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Career Questions tagged Volunteering

Rachel M.’s Avatar
Rachel M. May 26 148 views

What are some ways to gain work experience before applying for the medical field?

I enjoy studying science and math in school and I would like to put those skills to use in my career. I also like laboratory experiments and believe I can conduct a valid experiment to solve a problem. What are some available opportunities that focus around these interests for a high schooler?...

internships volunteering medicine work math science

Amanda K.’s Avatar
Amanda K. Jan 23 153 views

What Types of Translating Opportunities are Offered to Teens?

I'd like to take advantage of the fact that I'm bilingual to volunteer virtually during the pandemic, but most of the opportunities I come across are specifically for people over the age of 18. high-school-student translating-opportunities bilingual...


Amanda K.’s Avatar
Amanda K. Dec 31, 2020 261 views

Virtual Volunteering for Teens Interested in Healthcare

I was wondering what types of virtual volunteering opportunities would be available for high school students looking to contribute to, and gain experience in, healthcare? It seems both my age and virtual approach have limited my options, but I really want to help out somehow. healthcare...

virtual-volunteering high-school-students volunteering

Christina L.’s Avatar
Christina L. Dec 01, 2020 621 views

Best extracurriculars for Psychology major?

I am in a community college studying psychology and want to apply to many great schools by the time I transfer! I am interested in getting my masters to become a clinical psychologist or educational counselor after undergrad. However, during the time I am in community college now, I want to...

psychologist guidancecounselor volunteering communitycollege remotevolunteering universityofcalifornia mentor college counselor university academiccounselor psychology clinicalpsychologist psychiatrist

olive P.’s Avatar
olive P. Jul 26, 2020 493 views

What category of volunteer work is best for someone who is interested in studying law?

Volunteering is really important to me, before COVID I was volunteering every week through an organization for children and families facing magical challenges. I am still doing projects and teaching through Zoom with them but I am also really interested in adding another volunteer opportunity...

law volunteering career lawyers student volunteer students covid

Ella W.’s Avatar
Ella W. Jan 26, 2020 394 views

What are some career or leadership experiences that will help me choose my career

I'm currently interested in business and the STEM world, though I still enjoy playing sports and instrumental music. I would really appreciate any opportunities (online or in-person)! careerchoice highschool stem business career opportunities internship...


Elisa C.’s Avatar
Elisa C. Jan 24, 2019 295 views

BCBA Volunteer opportunities for after 5pm on weekdays and anytime weekends

I am a current adult student completing the required academic course work by the BACB; however, to fulfill the 1500 fieldwork hours, I need is a practicum site and a supervisor. I work during the day. That is why I am willing to volunteer after 5 p.m. during the week and anytime on the...

nonprofit volunteering texas volunteer bcba

Andrew C.’s Avatar
Andrew C. May 02, 2018 443 views

How was your experience attending mission humanitaire program in Benin?

Me and my friends are planning to go on a mission humanitaire ( program in Benin. If anyone has any experience with such mission humanitaire program. Please share your experience. missionhumanitaire missionhumanitaireafrique voyagehumanitaire...

humanitarian nonprofit volunteer volunteering

Moiz A.’s Avatar
Moiz A. Aug 11, 2018 422 views

Upon graduating with a decent engineering degree and working just about enough to pay off the debt, how can one give back to the society?

My mother always emphasized on something - "always leave something better than how you found it". I would like to live up to her model. engineering volunteering payback mindfulness satisfaction technology upliftment


Kiara S.’s Avatar
Kiara S. May 28, 2018 509 views

Summer Break what to do?

I'm not quite sure how to spend my summer break and want to get ahead. So what should I do? Read? Study? Online-courses? summer preparing summer-internship volunteering...


Julisa C.’s Avatar
Julisa C. Mar 20, 2018 422 views

What are volunteering opportunities that I can apply to if I am under 16 for the time being?

So right now, I am involved in three programs that I recieve good hours in, but I want to do more hours, as well as having a variety of experience in other fields. volunteering nonprofits...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 20, 2017 524 views

How to find international affairs volunteering?

I don't want to go to abroad just like some international conference in local. volunteering...


Tyler E.’s Avatar
Tyler E. Mar 27, 2018 578 views

What is the best way to give back to you're community whether you make it to college or not?

I am asking this question because most people think you have to have a lot of money to help others out but there are plenty of way's to do so without having a penny. community-outreach volunteering...


Emily T.’s Avatar
Emily T. Mar 15, 2018 445 views

How can I apply my love for volunteering to my college life in the future?

Volunteering has become a significant part of my life, and I can't imagine life without it. I do a lot of work with kids who have special needs and I want to figure out how to incorporate that into a college atmosphere. volunteering...


Daleen C.’s Avatar
Daleen C. Feb 13, 2018 512 views

How can I volunteer with writing?

Hey guys, So I love to write, which is why I'm pursuing Professional Writing as my major. However, I also love to volunteer. Is there a way I can combine my two loves and volunteer to write? volunteering professional-writing writing editing nonprofits...


Leslie L.’s Avatar
Leslie L. Jan 31, 2018 472 views

What are some volunteer/internships in Dallas for high school students who want to study in the medical field?

I have realized that having medical school opportunities will help you stand out and benefit you in the long run. I have heard about the STARS program but I believe it is too late to apply for that program. medicine internships volunteering...


Teleola A.’s Avatar
Teleola A. Jan 26, 2018 575 views

Must your previous volunteer positions be relevant to job application?

Are employers interested in the type of volunteering you? By this I mean, do employers want people that have volunteered in activities that are directly relevant or related to the jobs they are applying for? (specifically jobs in business/management)Or can any volunteer experience help when...

employer business volunteering job-skills job-applications

Joy Z.’s Avatar
Joy Z. Jan 25, 2018 587 views

How does volunteering help you get into college?

At what level would volunteer hours help you get into college? people did a lot of volunteer works, but I don't know how do that would help you get into college. what information do people get from the volunteer works? college volunteerhours collegeadives collegeadministration...

college-advice extracurriculars volunteering college-admissions

lilia W.’s Avatar
lilia W. Jan 23, 2018 1255 views

What is the best way to approach someone for an internship

I have found a few companies that I would like to intern and possibly work at but they are not currently offering internships. I would like to approach them and see if they would be willing to let me intern or volunteer there. interning...


Lundyn R.’s Avatar
Lundyn R. Jan 23, 2018 381 views

Internships or volunteer opportunities in criminal justice?

I am in high school and I want to have a career in criminal justice. I'm wondering what types of internships or volunteer opportunities I should get involved in now. criminaljustice internships...


Hannah S.’s Avatar
Hannah S. Jan 16, 2018 723 views

What is the best type of volunteer work that colleges look for?

Do colleges look for your volunteer hours? If so what kind do they value most? I have been apart of a math internship where I help Algebra 1 kids with their homework and I am apart of the National Honor Society. Would colleges look at that to consider my eligibility? math college...

volunteer-leadership volunteering

Emely L.’s Avatar
Emely L. Jan 03, 2018 517 views

I'm a caring and helpful female who has a desire for a career in a non profit company. What suggestions would you have for me to guide me in my schooling?

I'm asking this question because I want to help homeless people and volunteer for people that are in need. I want to help kids with cancer and help them find a way to smile. When I am older I want to make a difference for people that are in need. volunteering nonprofits...


Inderjeet Singh’s Avatar
Inderjeet S. Dec 19, 2017 611 views

I completed a B.Sc. in nursing. How do I seek volunteer opportunities in a healthcare field?

The main purpose of writing this is to get experience in volunteering to make my resume strong resume career healthcare...


Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 08, 2017 544 views

What are some good ways for high school students to gain experience?

I did not have a lot of experience outside of school and volunteering when I started at university, and my brothers are both looking as they could be in the same boat as I was. I have given them a couple of suggestions from things that I learned, however, is there anything that anyone would...

experience engineering volunteering coaching game-design high-school sports swimming

William H.’s Avatar
William H. Nov 07, 2017 511 views

Is voyage humanitaire trip beneficial?

I came across this site for going on a volunteering trip. Is voyage trip really beneficial? voyagehumanitaire missionhumanitaire volunteering nonprofits humanitarian...


C L.’s Avatar
C L. Oct 15, 2017 691 views

What can you do with you Psychology BA degree?

I know i'm not the only one feeling this way, but as I'm graduating soon (next year), I'm a bit nervous and I wonder what are the options out there for psychology major students? I don't want to jump into grad school right away since I haven't figured out which field I really want to invest...

undergraduate career-path graduate-school volunteering working technology career-choice life-coaching psychology career