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Career Questions tagged Pediatrician

Pediatricians are Doctors who take care of children 21 years and younger. For more information, please read below.

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Katherine Mar 14 40 views

How much does a pediatric surgeon earn on average?

I live in California

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Jade Mar 13 51 views

Routes In The Medical Field

What different routes can you take to become a plastic surgeon?

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Katherine Mar 07 70 views

How long does it take to become a pediatrician ?

Being in the medical field take a lot of time and I just want to explore my options and know how long it's gonna take to master some of them

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 03 95 views

What courses and activities can students engage in when attending High School that will help prepare them for the medical / health care field?

This question is part of our professionals series

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Katherine Feb 23 153 views

Should I go into the beauty industry or medical field?

Ever since I was a kid i dreamed on becoming a doctor or a pediatrician. I like helping people and being around kids. Lately I've been really interested on becoming a cosmetologist/ esthetician and have my own business giving beauty treatment, doing lashes, all that kind of stuff but i don't...

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Malak Feb 17 164 views

What are the steps to become a pediatrician? And how many years? #CV23

I’ve always wanted to become a pediatrician because, I love helping people and I’m good at working with kids. But, before pursing a career in the medical field I want to know the steps and, how many years will it take from now?

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Aniah Feb 16 185 views

How can i become the best nurse i can be?

i want to be a Tamra Nurse. I plan on after high school to going to nursing school. i want to get my doctorate in nursing. After i achieve that i plan on traveling the world.

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Sadhana Feb 15 106 views

What are some good majors in college if you wanna become a pediatrician?

I'm a sophomore rn and I wanna become a pediatrician.

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Rachenely Jan 30 77 views

What are the pros and cons to becoming a pediatrician?

Does the medical field affect you personally? Is it stressful being in that workplace? What can I do to prepare myself to go into being a pediatrician?

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Kimora Jan 27 106 views

Becoming a pediatrician ?

What’s the hardest part about becoming a pediatrician? And what can I do to prepare myself now to become a pediatrician ?

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Afrah Dec 16, 2022 157 views

what is the environment like for a pediatrician?

what is the environmental work there? how is it like everyday working there with kids? is it stressful, joyful? and what other information would be helpful to answer this question?

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 191 views

What were the steps that you took in order to get a job in pediatrics?


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kendra Dec 09, 2022 333 views

What did you do to prepare for a career as a pediatrician?


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kendra Dec 09, 2022 269 views


Did you have any trouble getting into this career field?

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 160 views

Did you face any barriers to entering the pediatric field?


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kendra Dec 09, 2022 138 views

Medical career questions?

What was your motivation?

What classes would you recommend to take?

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 155 views

Medical career questions

What made you do this this Career?

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Stephanie Dec 05, 2022 150 views

I'm not 100% sure about what I want to pursue yet but I've taken an interest in pediatrics. Do any pediatricians have advice for sophomores in high school?

I'm 15, taking no APs but I plan to next year, my education means so much to me, almost as much as my performance. I'm also a varsity athlete for swimming!

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Zoey Nov 10, 2022 132 views

How do you get started in pediatrics?

How do you get started in pediatrics and what colleges have the best programs to major in pediatrics?

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mary Nov 08, 2022 152 views

what do you least like about being a pediatrician?

what steps and schooling do I have to go through to become a neonatal nurse/ pediatrician?

what are your main responsibilities as a pediatrician?

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mariah Nov 03, 2022 178 views

What should i choose? Travel nurse, pediatric nurse, or a 911 operator?

I can’t pick between a nurse or a 911 operator. Both help people so they’re in the same field. Nurse pays more? Which one is would be better?

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mariah Nov 03, 2022 154 views

911 operator or a pediatric or travel nurse?

I can’t pick between a nurse or a 911 operator. Both help people so they’re in the same field. Nurse pays more? Which one is would be better?

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Diksha Oct 29, 2022 257 views

How can I build a good foundation in high school as someone who wants to pursue a career in the medical field?

As a sophomore in high school, I want to know how I can gain experience and expertise as someone who is interested in taking a career path towards the medical field. #Fall22

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Summer Oct 18, 2022 212 views

i wanna be this when i get out of school but i having trouble.

when i get out of school i wanna be either a doctor or a pediatrician because i like helping people, i just wanna know how long does it take and is it hard to get every thing ready for the job so you know everything.

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Sophia Oct 18, 2022 152 views

What are good career paths for someone who enjoys working with children and wants to make a good amount of money?

I would enjoy doing something that helps children and deals with medical things. I also want to make a lot of money.

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Addie Oct 04, 2022 214 views

How many years of schooling does it take to become a pediatrician?

I want to be a pediatrician but I dont know if all the schooling is worth it.

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Elaina Oct 04, 2022 310 views

What does a typical day in the life of a Pediatrician look like?

I'm interested in learning more about the job of a pediatrician.

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Diyona Sep 16, 2022 151 views

What should I do to stay motivated & focused in the medical field?

What should I do to stay motivated & focused in the medical field?

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Erica Jul 28, 2022 441 views

How worthy is it to take a BS/MD program if you want to be a doctor?

As a pre-health student in high school, I've always wondered if the BS/MD program is worthy because I'm worried about costs and not being able to graduate with my friends. What's your advice on that?

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Keona Jul 14, 2022 254 views

In nursing how do you get the motivation to keep going?

I wanna be a pediatric nurse and i know you have a lot of late nights studying or just working extra hours how do you continue?