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Pediatricians are Doctors who take care of children 21 years and younger. For more information, please read below.

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Alla L. yesterday 1 views

What bad experience have you had working as a pediatrician?

I want to know if this career is really the right one for me to choose or if it is to difficult for me. I am a junior and I am pretty sure I want to be a pediatrician because I would love to be able to work with kids. #pediatrician...


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How hard is it to become a pediatrician?

My name is Chastity Vincent and my goal in life is to become a pediatrician. I am doing research about pediatricians and have a lot of unanswered questions. I hope this website will help me. #pediatrician #medicine #pediatrics #doctor...


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Can you describe a good experience you have had at work?

I am planning to become a pediatrician or just working in the medical field and I need some more information about this career. Like some personal stories would help:) #pediatrician...


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I want to Become a pediatrician Doctor

Well I am still in high school & I have 2 more year’s in high school When I’m done with high school I want to become a Doctor but I don’t know if they have school in Jacksonville Fl that help kids with no money for College... #college...


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how many year do a pediatrician have to go to school.

I am out going , nice, love kids, smart and more. I will like to be a pediatrician because i #pediatrician love kids and helping other but my...

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Diana B. Sep 10 19 views

Does anybody knows a good internship for pediatrician?

I'm a senior in High School and I' #pediatrician #internship m currently interested in becoming a pediatrician. I would like to know if someone knows a good internship in Houston for a future...

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What are the necessary steps I need to take to become a pediatrician?

I'm asking this question because I want to help kids with their health field #kids #medicine #pediatrics #pediatrician #healthcare...


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