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Career Questions tagged Advice

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Patrick Mar 22 131 views

What is some good advice before going to college?

I am a Senior in high school

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dikshita Mar 22 30 views

question regarding JEE Mains?

I have my Jee mains in about 10 days and i haven't prepared for it and i don't know where to start I'm genuinely terrified what i'm going to do!! At this point my life is on stacks for that exam and i need really need to clear jee mains!!

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Mar 22 76 views

If the ideal job I want does not have an ideal career path, then what do I do? Do I make it myself or should I give up and switch and niche up?

I've always wanted to be a fiction writer but when looking at professional jobs/career paths, writing is never there. I would love to make short stories more than anything but it doesn't seem like it's a job I could make a comfortable living off of.

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Mar 13 35 views

What are your tips to excel an interview and a simulation as part of the admission to a PhD program in clinical psychology? #CV23

I currently study in a master's degree program in psychology and have applied to multiple PhD programs in clinical psychology/neuropsychology.

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Adan Mar 09 93 views

When do small businesses get rich?

Starting a business is good so you can be your own boss and not listen to anyone and do whatever you want but how long does it take to profit without putting in any work and is it worth it

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Kashish Mar 06 95 views

What skills do businessmen require ?

I’m a junior in high school and I want to go into business. What skills do I need to build or have in order to succeed in a field like business management?

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Isabella Mar 03 77 views

What is the bestthing to do when applying to college?

As a student that is graduating a year early and also doing dual enrollment I just want to be as prepared as I can be going off and applying to different schools

A'zaaria’s Avatar
A'zaaria Mar 03 74 views

What classes should I take when I do Dual Enrollment?

For my next school year, I plan on pursuing Dual enrollment and was wondering what classes I should take. The courses that I thought would be good for my future career (Cardiologist) Health Care providers/assistance, Health information management, Health Leisure physical education, Health...

SAI HAMSINI Feb 12 123 views


How do i start making blogs and how to know what content to write and which makes and impact?

William’s Avatar
William Feb 08 137 views

what are... some pros and cons of working IT versus Nursing Is there, Any tips to get a boost in pay?

I'd like to work for mayo clinic. If you have any tips about making friends in the work space... I'm open to advice. What are the requirements for each job?

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Sarah Jan 31 135 views

What type of certification do I need to become an advanced welder??

What steps do you recommend I take to prepare for this field?

Sylvia’s Avatar
Sylvia Jan 27 130 views


When someone asks you to tell me about yourself, how should i answer?

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Akaash Jan 27 99 views

People from India that travelled to UK for their post graduation/masters - what advice would you give to those that are now planning on doing the same?

Any/all advice in any/all field(s) is welcome and greatly appreciated! If you could go back in time and give advice to your past self on what to expect, what to prepare for, how best to prepare yourself, do's and don'ts - and anything else you would like your past self to know - what would you...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 09 138 views

What advice could you give to students who are writing essays and applications for competitive summer programs?

How should a student approach an essay question? How do we decide on content and structure? When should we be satisfied with our essay? What makes an essay impressive?

alexis’s Avatar
alexis Dec 29, 2022 245 views

What is some advice for someone taking a gap year and then going to school for their master's?

been in college for 5 years and I want to take a break to go into a masters program.

Kamaria’s Avatar
Kamaria Dec 17, 2022 224 views

How can I do research projects for fun ?

Kind of a silly question, but I really want to start doing research/passion projects for fun (outside of a classroom setting) and I'm not sure how to start/ get motivated.

Yuridia’s Avatar
Yuridia Dec 10, 2022 309 views

How is communication with co-workers important?

What would happen if you don't have good communication with co-workers?

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Kamaria Dec 09, 2022 197 views

How do you keep yourself from losing motivation?

I've noticed that every time I go on break I lose motivation. Despite having a lot of time to get things done I still procrastinate. How can I stop this?

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Briannah Nov 17, 2022 377 views

What is the best way to manage my time in high school??

Any advice or tips?

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Francisco Nov 17, 2022 239 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to become a Computer & Information Systems Manager?

I'm just starting out and I'm not sure what my first step should be if anyone has any advice they wish they knew when starting out

Beth’s Avatar
Beth Nov 16, 2022 325 views

What advice can you give?

What advice do you have for someone seeking a career change?

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Leire Nov 12, 2022 243 views

What steps should I take in high school in order to study journalism at a strong university?

I am a sophomore in high school, and English has always been my favorite subject. I love to write, especially when I am able to represent stories of those who cannot or struggle to. The field of journalism is one that fascinates me, and I intend on pursuing it in college!

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Kamaria Nov 11, 2022 617 views

What skills should I know to be a virtual assistant?

I'm looking for a part-time that will allow some flexibility with my schedule and I have recently become interested in virtual assistance.

Braylon’s Avatar
Braylon Oct 18, 2022 417 views

how to become most successful with welding?

what do you recommend for a new welder? like I know it isn't easy but is it that hard? what kind of welding is the easiest and which one is the hardest one?

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Oct 18, 2022 151 views

What are some good career paths that would be interesting for someone who enjoys English?

I would enjoy doing something with journalism or being able to do something with law. I've always liked sticking up for people that aren't getting the respect that they deserve. I want to make a lot of money to be able to support my family if I ever have one.

Za'Mare’s Avatar
Za'Mare Oct 18, 2022 163 views

What advice would you give to someone considering a job in the Director/Producer industry?

What advice would you give to someone considering a job in the Director/Producer industry?

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eric Sep 30, 2022 164 views

how hard is it to join the military not the training but getting accepted into training

i heard a joke if you have adhd or something small lie and i heard it so many times what stops you from joining the military

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton Sep 28, 2022 185 views

How can I be more successful in the computer science field as a high schooler?

What can I do during highschool to help me be more successful in the field of computer science?

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Sep 27, 2022 179 views

What state of mind should I prepare myself for college in?

Nervous but excited. Don't know yet what college has in store for me.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 27, 2022 192 views

How to keep pursuing your dreams when you know they might not work out?

When you are not confident in something how do you keep pushing through