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Career Questions tagged Advice

Melanie S.’s Avatar
Melanie S. Jun 17 43 views

workers in the medical field what made you realize being in the medical field was right for you?

I plan to work in the medical field and I want to know what other people with experience in that field think of it

Angela N.’s Avatar
Angela N. May 24 85 views

Which would you say is better in your personal experience?

I'm a high school senior who's already been accepted into a Community College for Computer Science and I'm curious about other options I've heard of. So my question is, "Is college or coding boot camps better and why?"

Ruben D.’s Avatar
Ruben D. May 23 109 views

What are some helpful tips or advice you can give to someone that wants to learn the trade of being an electrician?

I’m interested in the electrician occupation but am unsure of what to expect and since I don’t know anyone who has worked or is working as an electrician I figured it would be best to ask here.

christopher P.’s Avatar
christopher P. May 12 155 views

What if people want volunteer as well as landscapers?

Will other people might take the chance of being a landscaper there self? First time Landscapers will maybe enjoy of what it takes to be landscaper?

Quincy R.’s Avatar
Quincy R. May 03 150 views

How would I become a professional chef.

I'm fairly new into the culinary world, what are some things that can help me get started.

Yasmine M.’s Avatar
Yasmine M. Apr 29 135 views

How did you get into your current job? what is your story? did you know you wanted to do that? what was your struggle?

I just want to know your story and get a lesson or be inspired.

Darnell B.’s Avatar
Darnell B. Apr 19 161 views

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Culinary?

I would appreciate some tips from experienced cooks that would be useful in the field or good information to know.

Eden M.’s Avatar
Eden M. Mar 31 98 views

What's some advice for an aspiring aerospace engineer?

Just got into UCSD for an aerospace engineering degree, any pointers would be great!

Cheyenne S.’s Avatar
Cheyenne S. Mar 28 123 views

What is some advice for new nurses?

I was wondering what would some advice that experienced RN/CNA/LPN have for new nurses entering the workforce in post covid life.

Cato H.’s Avatar
Cato H. Mar 25 124 views

Does my academic success determine my future?

Recently college admissions came out and I was not admitted to any top universities. Does going to community college determine my future.

Mikayla W.’s Avatar
Mikayla W. Mar 09 148 views

What steps should I start taking as a sophmore in high school to prepare for college?

#highschool #advice

Dominic C.’s Avatar
Dominic C. Mar 01 167 views

What steps should I take to enter the field of Computer and Information Research - particular tools/programs to learn, courses to take, experiences to have, etc.

I am a 21 year old currently attending career training, and just hoping to get some specialist advice from those in the field. I have familiarity with Google Suite - including Gmail, Drive, Classroom, etc - as well as some familiarity with software debugging and computer technology....

Clory W.’s Avatar
Clory W. Feb 17 142 views

Career Choice Advice

I'm almost 28 right now. About 4 years ago, I used to work as sales advisor for a famous fashion brand, but for personal reasons I had to quit the job. My actual personal situation doesn't allow me to stay away for long period from home. So, especially during the pandemic, I started thinking...

Isaac C.’s Avatar
Isaac C. Feb 03 175 views

What I want to do is reach a point in life where I don't have to worry about money, any tips?

#money #advice #career

Theo S.’s Avatar
Theo S. Jan 05 153 views

Who in a Fire Station should I contact about job-shadowing opportunities?

Hello, I'm 14 years old and will be job shadowing soon. I want to do it with EMS, specifically an medical first responder. I figured since I will likely not be able to do it with EMTs that use ambulances as I don't know how old I would have to be for a ride along, I would go for firefighters...

Kimberly B.’s Avatar
Kimberly B. Dec 13, 2021 211 views

Any interesting jobs involving psychology and the environment?

I am a recent graduate with my bachelors in Psychology. I am currently working at a school for a non-profit organization but I just feel like my heart isn't truly in it. I do like psychology I find it very fascinating but I have a huge passion for the environment. To be specific I am always...

Carolina S.’s Avatar
Carolina S. Nov 07, 2021 189 views

what are some things you would've liked to know before pursuing the medical field ?

#medicine #doctor #college #advice

Iryanna B.’s Avatar
Iryanna B. Oct 19, 2021 296 views

For people working in Cyber Security or a related field, what is a piece of advice that you would give someone like myself that is looking to start a career in this field? Like, what are some things we should be wary of, what should we expect, etc.?

#technology #computer #career #information-technology #advice #computer-science #security #cyber-security

ciara L.’s Avatar
ciara L. Oct 10, 2021 209 views

any tips for anyone who wants to get into medicine (i'm interested in being an anesthesiologist)and how do you finance your money while in college and in med school and after that,i'd imagine it being stressful w/ all the debt racking up.

#medicine ,sophmore in #highschool ,#advice, #finance #help,#future #doctor #social butterfly
#higher education #premed

Daniel R.’s Avatar
Daniel R. Oct 06, 2021 180 views

What advice would you give me when I have my first job?

#advice I am a young man who belongs to the job corps school, I am training to be an electrist

Dejah S.’s Avatar
Dejah S. Sep 17, 2021 254 views

If you could time travel and speak to yourself , what would you tell your former self before reaching this point in your career to ensure your experience was easier or more accurate?

#advice #prepare #fashiondesigner # management #businesswoman #college #career

se Z.’s Avatar
se Z. Jul 15, 2021 545 views

Confused if i should choose psychology as my career option!!

Hi, i was wondering if choosing psychology would be a great choice after my 12th. I would like to know from professionals and experienced people working in this field. i would also like to know some of the merits and demerits for choosing this subject. thankyou :) #psychology #career #college...

Jam B.’s Avatar
Jam B. Jul 09, 2021 198 views

What do I need to do to become an Optometrist in the U.S?

I am senior in high school and want to be optometrist. What is the pathway to become one? Any advice?

#healthcare #doctor #medicine #college #advice

Jam B.’s Avatar
Jam B. Jul 09, 2021 328 views

How should I answer the "Why Us?" Essay in college applications?

I find this topic to be the hardest to answer on college apps. Any advice?

#college #college-advice #advice

SAMIYAH C.’s Avatar
SAMIYAH C. Jun 20, 2021 180 views

Starting a youtube channel with little proper supplies.

id have to balance school work and editing, however starting YouTube is something I been wanted to do since I was a little kid and feel as though there's a lot of enjoyment I would receive from it. #youtube #advice #

Anonymous A.’s Avatar
Anonymous A. Jun 11, 2021 395 views

Does anyone have a list of Scholarship that you have applied for?

Here's some things you should know about me that may be helpful: - I'm first generation -I am a rising senior - I'm in AZ -I've taken Honors classes -Play Varsity Sports - I volunteer - I'm in HOSA and serve as a state officer ( - NHS -Advocate for my city's youth (Buckeye Youth...

Dariehl B.’s Avatar
Dariehl B. May 06, 2021 396 views

How to become a computer engineer without going to college?

#advice on how to become a computer engineer and what i need to do to succeed in this field

Kimbriel D.’s Avatar
Kimbriel D. May 05, 2021 279 views

What's a good way to balance everything out?

When I have to much things going on at one time, I can't balance everything out. I'm focused on one thing and forgetting about the other. #life #advice

lucky P.’s Avatar
lucky P. Apr 17, 2021 628 views

How to start to became a chartered accountant in future

I am very confused because i want to be a chartered accountant but i don't know anything about this field.
#advice #charteredaccountant

Monica W.’s Avatar
Monica W. Apr 16, 2021 193 views

What would be your top advice you would give yourself in the years you were on the road to becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon?

#cardiothoracic #surgeons #advice