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Career Questions tagged Advice

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eric yesterday 29 views

how hard is it to join the military not the training but getting accepted into training

i heard a joke if you have adhd or something small lie and i heard it so many times what stops you from joining the military

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Ashton Sep 28 40 views

How can I be more successful in the computer science field as a high schooler?

What can I do during highschool to help me be more successful in the field of computer science?

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Sep 27 49 views

What state of mind should I prepare myself for college in?

Nervous but excited. Don't know yet what college has in store for me.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 27 62 views

How to keep pursuing your dreams when you know they might not work out?

When you are not confident in something how do you keep pushing through

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Casandra Sep 22 57 views

what skills for medical assisting do you have that accomplished you for this capacity?

I can use all the tips and advice

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Kaylynn Sep 20 88 views

Where are good places to go to school for sonography in Oklahoma?

I am leaving my current career and need some advice.

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Samira Aug 27 103 views

Does law or medicine give more freedom?

With my current choosing of what field I’d like to pursue, freedom is quite important for me as I’d also like to pursue acting and modelling. What field will give more freedom of time to do this?

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No Given Name Aug 16 141 views

What does a typical day look like as a Medical Administrative and Secretaries assistant ?

what kind of environment does this field have ? If there is any advice I would appreciate it.

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maddie Aug 09 335 views

What is the career-path to become a veterinarian?

I've always wanted to be a vet, since kindergarten. I really love animals and I think being a veterinarian could be the perfect job for me. I know that it's very competitive and hard to get into. Do you have any tips? When it comes to education, I know that it takes years to become but how many...

Hydeia’s Avatar
Hydeia Jul 14 148 views

School Counselor 101

I am interested in getting advice on how to become a school counselor. I am interested in behavioral health and social emotional learning for students.

Tasneem’s Avatar
Tasneem Jul 04 199 views

Law or Political Science?

I am a junior in high school. I am not sure whether to study law or political science in college, although at first, I was sure of political science. I am interested in both but I don't know how to decide since I have heard multiple things about each.

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Melanie Jun 17 163 views

workers in the medical field what made you realize being in the medical field was right for you?

I plan to work in the medical field and I want to know what other people with experience in that field think of it

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Angela May 24 163 views

Which would you say is better in your personal experience?

I'm a high school senior who's already been accepted into a Community College for Computer Science and I'm curious about other options I've heard of. So my question is, "Is college or coding boot camps better and why?"

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Ruben May 23 198 views

What are some helpful tips or advice you can give to someone that wants to learn the trade of being an electrician?

I’m interested in the electrician occupation but am unsure of what to expect and since I don’t know anyone who has worked or is working as an electrician I figured it would be best to ask here.

christopher’s Avatar
christopher May 12 226 views

What if people want volunteer as well as landscapers?

Will other people might take the chance of being a landscaper there self? First time Landscapers will maybe enjoy of what it takes to be landscaper?

Quincy’s Avatar
Quincy May 03 226 views

How would I become a professional chef.

I'm fairly new into the culinary world, what are some things that can help me get started.

Yasmine’s Avatar
Yasmine Apr 29 217 views

How did you get into your current job? what is your story? did you know you wanted to do that? what was your struggle?

I just want to know your story and get a lesson or be inspired.

Darnell’s Avatar
Darnell Apr 19 205 views

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Culinary?

I would appreciate some tips from experienced cooks that would be useful in the field or good information to know.

Eden’s Avatar
Eden Mar 31 142 views

What's some advice for an aspiring aerospace engineer?

Just got into UCSD for an aerospace engineering degree, any pointers would be great!

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Cheyenne Mar 28 176 views

What is some advice for new nurses?

I was wondering what would some advice that experienced RN/CNA/LPN have for new nurses entering the workforce in post covid life.

Cato’s Avatar
Cato Mar 25 153 views

Does my academic success determine my future?

Recently college admissions came out and I was not admitted to any top universities. Does going to community college determine my future.

Mikayla’s Avatar
Mikayla Mar 09 195 views

What steps should I start taking as a sophmore in high school to prepare for college?

#highschool #advice

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Dominic Mar 01 195 views

What steps should I take to enter the field of Computer and Information Research - particular tools/programs to learn, courses to take, experiences to have, etc.

I am a 21 year old currently attending career training, and just hoping to get some specialist advice from those in the field. I have familiarity with Google Suite - including Gmail, Drive, Classroom, etc - as well as some familiarity with software debugging and computer technology....

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Clory Feb 17 178 views

Career Choice Advice

I'm almost 28 right now. About 4 years ago, I used to work as sales advisor for a famous fashion brand, but for personal reasons I had to quit the job. My actual personal situation doesn't allow me to stay away for long period from home. So, especially during the pandemic, I started thinking...

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Feb 03 207 views

What I want to do is reach a point in life where I don't have to worry about money, any tips?

#money #advice #career

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Theo Jan 05 213 views

Who in a Fire Station should I contact about job-shadowing opportunities?

Hello, I'm 14 years old and will be job shadowing soon. I want to do it with EMS, specifically an medical first responder. I figured since I will likely not be able to do it with EMTs that use ambulances as I don't know how old I would have to be for a ride along, I would go for firefighters...

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Dec 13, 2021 259 views

Any interesting jobs involving psychology and the environment?

I am a recent graduate with my bachelors in Psychology. I am currently working at a school for a non-profit organization but I just feel like my heart isn't truly in it. I do like psychology I find it very fascinating but I have a huge passion for the environment. To be specific I am always...

Carolina’s Avatar
Carolina Nov 07, 2021 219 views

what are some things you would've liked to know before pursuing the medical field ?

#medicine #doctor #college #advice

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Iryanna Oct 19, 2021 360 views

For people working in Cyber Security or a related field, what is a piece of advice that you would give someone like myself that is looking to start a career in this field? Like, what are some things we should be wary of, what should we expect, etc.?

#technology #computer #career #information-technology #advice #computer-science #security #cyber-security

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ciara Oct 10, 2021 256 views

any tips for anyone who wants to get into medicine (i'm interested in being an anesthesiologist)and how do you finance your money while in college and in med school and after that,i'd imagine it being stressful w/ all the debt racking up.

#medicine ,sophmore in #highschool ,#advice, #finance #help,#future #doctor #social butterfly
#higher education #premed