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Career Questions tagged Orthodontist

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Dalton D. Oct 08 105 views

What is a day in a life of an orthodontist or an assistant like?

I was born in Georgia. I got to Cane Bay High school. When I grow up, I want to become something like an orthodontist. I want to learn about their life and understand what they have to do. college-major college orthodontist ortho orthodontics...


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Kylie B. Sep 10 115 views

How long do you have to go to school?

I have a general knowledge of what orthodontics is but I'd like to gain more information. Orthodontist...


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Mimi A. Jan 25 273 views
Hala R.’s Avatar
Hala R. Nov 16, 2020 135 views

I want to be an orthodontist, do I have to relate any classes to dentistry during my 4 years of college?

I know I would have to major in a science such as biology or chemistry, but is that it? I guess what I'm trying to say is, I can go from not learning anything about teeth in 4 years, to dental school for another 4 years? dentistry college orthodontist confusedstudent...


Alicia Y.’s Avatar
Alicia Y. Sep 15, 2020 326 views

How many patients do you have a day?

I like to keep myself busy but not too busy where I hate my job now. I have a career I want but I also want to learn about different types of careers. all careers finding career career career-path career-choice orthodontist dental hygienist doctor surgeon job pediatrician eye...

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Alicia Y. Sep 15, 2020 201 views

Do you need to be really good in science to become an orthodontist?

I'm a Junior in high school. I want to know if I have to be really smart in science because I don't want to get to college or university and lose money for something I know I'm not really good at. I want to find the best match for me. college-majors university dental dental-hygienist...

teeth orthodontist college dentistry dentist

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Breanna E. Apr 12, 2018 445 views

What is the best school to attend to pursue orthodontics ?

This is a important question because this is the occupation I want in the orthodontist orthodontics teeth college college-applications...