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Pre-Med is a term used for undergraduate college students who are on track to go to medical school. Popular medical doctor careers include a pediatrician, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. Please read...

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Maya M. 2 days ago 31 views

AP Chem or Ap Bio? Elective?

It is around the time of the year again where I have to pick my courses for next year and I am stumped. I want to be a doctor, so I have been focusing on classes to take to help me in the future. I love both biology and chemistry (I got A's for Bio freshman year and an A so far for Chemistry)....

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Brooke M. Feb 12 96 views

What kind of volunteer work should I do for anesthesiology?

I have worked with the Florida Department of Health in research, I have made blankets for the homeless and have helped develop a social media platform for pancreatic cancer awareness. I am going to school for my BS in pre med and ecology. I don't know if it is frowned upon to not get any...

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Kae E. Jan 15 58 views

Can I become an NP and then become an Paediatrician? And how would I do that

I want to become a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner but I’ve been thinking for the idea of becoming an Paediatrician can I become a nurse get my degree and license then go to med school? How long would it take me? How would I go about doing that? #nurse #pre-med...


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Alan S. Jan 04 71 views

Does publishing research on healthcare systems and reforms to the American healthcare system look good for potential pre-med students?

I am a sophomore in high school, but I will be writing a research article on the economics of the American healthcare system and I would also provide some reforms we could make. This piece will likely be published on Google Scholar and other political/STEM research journals. I want to major in...

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Hannah S. Dec 10, 2020 118 views

What is a good second major to complete with Forensic Anthropology?

I plan on completing a BS in Anthropology, MS in Forensic Anthropology, and continuing on to complete a PhD in Anthropology at BU. What would be a good complementary second major for my undergrad degree to broaden my career choices? I would like to keep my options open in case I decide to...

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Maria E. Dec 01, 2020 101 views

Fastest way to become a NP(Psych)

I want to become a Psych NP. I know there are many different programs and degrees to get that position. There's ADN,BSN,MSN,DNP. I want to get my DNP. What is the fastest way. #everyone #medical #medical-school...


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Alins A. Nov 29, 2020 95 views

How can I become a Physician Assitant?

I am a senior in high school and I am doing undergraduate in nursing #pre-med #physician . How can I take classes that will benefit...

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Maria E. Nov 23, 2020 64 views

How are people in the medical field treated in the military?

I was thinking to be a military physical therapist because they help pay off your student debt and I know that's is something all PTs hate about their job. #pre-med #graduate #savings...


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Hanan M. Nov 19, 2020 78 views

Is anxiety during medical processes normal?

Doctors often have to do invasive procedures such as surgery, which can be bloody and unsettling. how do pre-medical students/residents get used to the feeling of doing these types of invasive procedures? #givingiscaring #medicine #college...


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Hanan M. Nov 19, 2020 105 views

What should a pre-med student living in the pandemic do right now?

With the pandemic going on, all of my plans to build my pre-medical portfoli have been put on hold. What can I do to ensure I am still maximizing my time as an undergrad on the pre-med track (volunteer, job, internship, etc)? #givingiscaring #student #college...


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Hanan M. Nov 19, 2020 121 views

Is the new COVID college grading policy beneficial or harmful?

As a pre med student, I was wondering if the new grading policy (pass/fail versus A,B,C) would be beneficial for me or harmful? #pre-med #college-admissions #undergraduate...


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Jox I. Nov 02, 2020 52 views

A Question for Optometrists

What type of minor surgeries do optometrist do in some states. #medical #health #healthcare...


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grace M. Oct 30, 2020 55 views

what classes do i need to take in order to do my futrue career

i am outgoing and kind, i also love to help people whenever i can, i also always w wanted to be in the medical field #pre-med...


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Tatiana A. Oct 29, 2020 50 views
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What can I do to prepare to be an Occupational Therapist while still in high school?

I am a junior in high school and I have been wanting to become an occupational therapist for about 5 years. I want to ensure my academic success in any and every way possible #high-school-classes #pre-med #medicine...


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Riley K. Oct 23, 2020 51 views

What are the work conditions like being an anesthesiologist?

I am a senior looking into the medical field. It has always interested me. I initially wanted to be a surgeon, but now I have been really focused and set on becoming n anesthesiologist. #anesthesiologist, #doctor...


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Jess R. Sep 11, 2020 102 views

What is the 3+3 Family medicine program like?

I was wondering about the accelerated family medicine program for md/do. I'm considering applying but want to know more. What's the residency like? #medicine #doctor #pre-med #family-medicine...


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Brooke R. Aug 10, 2020 107 views

What extra-curricular activities look good on medical school application?

hello! I am currently going into my sophomore year of college and I want to know what are good extracurricular activities to get into that look good on medical school applications..... I know medical school is very competitive so what would help make my application stand out #medschool #pre-med...

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Sophia A. Jul 22, 2020 122 views

Is a B.A/M.D combined program worth it, or is the traditional 4 year pre med then med school route better?

I am a honors/straight A student, and I do well in high stress environments and do well in science classes. Also I want to do surgery for reference, so I’m thinking a ba/md program would help save time. #pre-med #college...


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Nishk S. Jul 17, 2020 64 views
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Aradhana K. Jul 17, 2020 103 views

Med School App Recommendations?

I am currently in an undergraduate degree program, and want to know if anyone has any ideas on what I can do to help boost my med school app when I apply to med school. #college #undergraduate #school #medical-school #pre-med #medicine...