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Career Questions tagged Pre Med

Pre-Med is a term used for undergraduate college students who are on track to go to medical school. Popular medical doctor careers include a pediatrician, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. Please read...

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Mar 25 49 views

For the people in pre-med... what is the best schools to apply to?

I want to go into neurosurgery so I want a good pre med program but also not have to pay a million dollars for it.

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Mar 06 75 views

Hey there! I am currently at a crossroads regarding what classes to take next year as a junior. I'm stuck between regular physics and AP Environmental Science. I took honors chemistry and honors Algebra 2 this year but was not the best at them. I plan on going onto the pre-med field, and I would like to take AP Biology my senior year. Any recommendations for what I should do?

-Taking honors chem right now
-Took honors biology freshman year
-Plan on taking AP Bio senior year

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Feb 20 221 views

What should I do the summer after high school as an incoming pre-med freshman?

As someone who is planning to pursue neuroscience on the pre-med track, what are some things I should do in the summer after I graduate high school? I was thinking of getting a certificate so I can work and have clinical experience during my first year in college.


Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 07 202 views

What can I do to increase my chances of getting into a pre-med program?

The ideal pre-med program/ school I would like to be accepted into is CU Denver. Is there any specific way to increase my chances of being accepted?

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 205 views

Did you know what you wanted to be from the start or did it alter throughout the years?

Why do you like what you do?

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 271 views

How much does the training/education cost for med school?

What does the cost look like

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Terinn Dec 09, 2022 198 views

What is the best way to become a Psychiatrist, Is there only one route? What AP courses should you take in high school to become one and what is the best path?

I am a junior in high school struggling with course selection.

Terinn’s Avatar
Terinn Dec 09, 2022 178 views

What is the best way to become a Psychiatrist, Is there only one route? What AP courses should you take in high school to become one and what is the best path?

I am a junior in high school struggling with course selection.

Nana’s Avatar
Nana Dec 09, 2022 181 views


I just wanted to ask: ---how much does it usually cost to go to college straight through winter, holidays/vacations (if possible)? ----next year I will be in senior year, so when done with high school will I be able to take some college classes before college...

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Kayla Dec 08, 2022 271 views

How do I find the right college majors to study as a high school student?

What are some ways to determine which college major I want to study in college as a high schooler, especially under the pre-med or medical branch?

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 410 views

Difficulties becoming a psychiatrist...?

What difficulties might one face in trying to become a psychiatrist? How might they overcome them?

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 440 views

Sub-fields of Psychiatry...

While researching the career field, I found out that there are sub-fields of psychiatry. I am aware of the following: - Addiction Psychiatry - Geriatric Psychiatry - Pediatric Psychiatry - Neuropsychiatry What do these sub-fields mean? Are there other sub-fields I should be aware of? How does...

Tuwanda’s Avatar
Tuwanda Sep 27, 2022 177 views

How was your educational journey towards landing a Career in the medical field?

I am an Undergraduate Biology major who is fueled towards a career in the medical field. I have always had a passion for this area of study, but I think that I lack the knowledge that I need. My question is; How tedious was the process for landing a career within the medical field like a...

Leticia’s Avatar
Leticia Sep 26, 2022 323 views

How does pre-med differ from other majors in the medical field?

Medical major question

Aniya’s Avatar
Aniya Sep 16, 2022 353 views

How long does it really take to become a Psychiatrist?

I really wish to know.

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 28, 2022 423 views

What paths can a high school student take if they want to pursue a career in the medical field?

Most of my extra-curricular activities are geared towards advocacy, public health, arts and medicine. What are some tips that you can give me as I aspire to be a pediatrician?

emma’s Avatar
emma May 05, 2022 438 views

What can I do with a pre-med degree if I dont go to med school?

I am interested in going pre-med, however I know getting into medical school after can be very challenging. My worry is going through the pre-med program, and not being able to get into med school, if that were to happen, what careers could i take on?

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 06, 2022 334 views

After graduating med school? How/where does one look for a job? How do they apply?

Just a curious high school sophomore :)

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Helen Feb 03, 2022 380 views

What should pre-med students do over the summer?

#highschool #pre-med #medical #medicine #medschool #premed #healthcare #summerjob

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Jam Jul 09, 2021 349 views

What is a major with higher gpa average? What is considered an easy major?

Currently deciding college majors. Need help.

#college #college-major #major #college-admissions #anthropology #pre-med #education

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Michala Apr 17, 2021 370 views

How can I make myself more interesting to health are orgs?

I would like to become a medical examiner, post secondary education, and in order to get there I want to get some research internships and volunteer opportunities. How can I make myself look more interesting to research orgs and other orgs i can work on? #pre-med #research #health #healthcare

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Josh Apr 14, 2021 236 views

My mind tends to get distracted very easily so my question is what are some good tips for staying focused and determined during pre-med, especially during late nights with little sleep?


Raeshell’s Avatar
Raeshell Apr 13, 2021 402 views

What are the steps to going into school and medical school.

#Cardiothoracic Surgeon #medical-school #pre-med

Sherlock’s Avatar
Sherlock Apr 13, 2021 288 views

How can I learn psychology?

#pre-med #learning

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 12, 2021 467 views

What are some extracurricular activities I can do if I want to be a doctor and I live in the Philippines?

I'm a high school student. I want to be a doctor and I want extracurricular activities related to that. Currently, my extracurricular activities are all related to writing. I want to change that. Where I live, there aren't many opportunities. I'm open to volunteering online, joining research...

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Apr 03, 2021 769 views

What is social life like during premed and medical school?

What are your experiences going into medicine? I've been watching a lot of youtube videos lately, and everyone that I've watched so far spends practically the whole day studying. Is medical school actually non stop studying? I do understand that medical school is hard, but there has to be some...

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Apr 01, 2021 624 views

Smith or Bates?

Hi! I need to take a decision and choose the college I want to go to for the next 4 years. I got admitted to both Smith and Bates and will be playing soccer at whichever one I choose. I also plan to do Pre-Med with a Biology major. I visited both schools and absolutely loved them. If anyone...

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Mar 24, 2021 310 views

#medicine is med school worth it?

I am interested in going to the medical field #pre-med

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Ane Mar 23, 2021 587 views

which course to take for med school?

I'm brazilian but I want to start my studies in Canada to become a doctor, but I don't know which premed to choose.
I am between biology, biomedical sciences and biotechnology. Which of these would be the best choice?
#doctor #medicine #canada
#medical-school #pre-med #premed

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Lucy Mar 15, 2021 364 views

Is the stress and pressure of being a surgeon worth the opportunity to be able to save lives?

#surgeons #cardiothoracic #pre-med