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Career Questions tagged College Prep

Jaylin’s Avatar
Jaylin Mar 04 156 views

What is some advice for preparing to pay and go to collage?

I am applying to scholarships with a few websites and and doing community server and I would like to do anything I can to pay and go to collage! I specifically would like to go to school to study in psychology and become a therapist!

adhyansh’s Avatar
adhyansh Feb 18 164 views

how to prepare for sat to achieve the best score possible?

this year i'm appearing for sat and in alot of pressure. Need your guidance on how could i prepare for it?

Deandra’s Avatar
Deandra Aug 11, 2022 228 views

Is doing prep pharmacy tech. classes a good way to transfer to biology?

also, are there any book recommendations for an aspiring biologist?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 26, 2022 326 views

What are some tips to prepare for college applications?

I'm a rising senior and a first generation student. The whole college application feels new to me and it looks like it's a lot. What are some tips that you have?

kellis’s Avatar
kellis May 10, 2022 277 views

what are good colleges in new York city for nursing

what are good colleges in new York city for nursing

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden May 06, 2022 362 views

What are good skills I should learn during the summer to prepare myself for when I head to college?

From basic life skills to insights on ways to prepare, I am looking to get as much tips and tricks as possible to help prepare myself for the college lifestyle.

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Jul 22, 2020 326 views

Describe the college application process

#college-application #college-prep

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Jul 22, 2020 345 views

What are some common mistake made in applying to college?

#college #college-prep

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Jul 22, 2020 265 views

What are good colleges to go to in New York?


Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Mar 06, 2020 446 views

What is the best free online SAT practice?

I'm a sophomore in high school in Orange County, CA and I'm looking for free and/or low-cost resources and training materials for SAT prep. I have a 3.6 GPA and need particular help in reading comprehension.

#SAT #college-prep #college-admissions #studying-tips #irvine

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna May 13, 2018 633 views

What requirements are needed for a Public Relations Specialist?

I am a sophomore, but I have already decided that I want to focus on Public Relations / Communications. What requirements are needed in high school or college classes for someone interested in Public Relations? #communications #public-relations #college-prep #career-path #requirements

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Jan 24, 2018 646 views

What can I do in high school to prepare for a career in wildlife biology?

I want to pursue a career in wildlife biology or conservation biology. At my school, there are extensive programs to prepare students for a career in the medical services, and engineering. There's classes for theatre and visual arts, as well as other performing arts programs, however there does...

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Jan 17, 2018 483 views

Those attending colleges what can you recommend High school Students?

What are some things a college student or professor, would recommend a high school student to do, or accomplish, before they graduate?

#high-school #college #college-admission #college-prep

Haddy’s Avatar
Haddy Jan 16, 2018 632 views

How do you take a GAP year?

#gap-year #college #graduation #college-prep #life-transitions

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Jan 16, 2018 489 views

If I take a Gap Year before college, is it better to apply & accept to a college but delay my start date?

If I take a Gap Year, I've heard that I can still apply to college and accept but tell them I'm going to delay my start once I'm accepted. Is this the best way to go.

#gap-year #college #college-prep #college-admissions

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Jan 16, 2018 544 views

Is taking a Gap Year a good idea?

I hear pros and cons to taking a Gap Year. I'm not 100% sure on which major I want to take in college and thought it best to give myself time to find out what I like.

#gap-year #college #college-prep #college-major #life-transitions

Tayler’s Avatar
Tayler Jan 16, 2018 848 views

Should I get a laptop for college?

I know alot of students in college uses the computer for taking notes by putting it on vioce type. Which is really smart but the computer I have is really slow on take notes like that. So should I get a new one or should I keep the one I have? #college #computers #laptops #college-prep

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Jan 14, 2018 601 views

What obstacles may I foresee being a non-traditional student and what advice could be given?

I am entering as a non-traditional student and I want to know how should I prepare for college and what advice I should have. #college-advice #college #college-prep

Montrell’s Avatar
Montrell Jan 13, 2018 673 views

How can an incoming college student best prepare for transitioning from high school to college?

With college less than a year and a half away, I'm beginning to realize that I need to do everything I can to make the transition smooth, but the problem is I don't know where to start.
#college #life-transitions #college-prep

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 13, 2018 489 views

What do I need to do in order to get an A in college?

I'm starting college next semester and want to be prepared. #college-prep #college #preparing-for-college

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Sep 02, 2017 719 views

How do you find a college that is best fit for you?

I am going into my senior year of high school and need to start preparing for college applications. There are several universities that I have been drawn to, but after doing a ton of research, I could not seem to find a university that offers the whole package. I plan to go into the field of...

Uriah’s Avatar
Uriah Sep 01, 2017 819 views

Can I Get Some Info About Education Beyond A Bachelor's?

I really want to be a nurse or PA in a specialized field (Hematology), but I can't find a lot of helpful information from Google when I'm looking at education that goes beyond a Bahelor's degree. I need more information, preferably from a Hematologist or Hematology nurse, caseworker, etc....

Micah’s Avatar
Micah Sep 01, 2017 616 views

What ways are there to improve the chance of receiving a scholarship to pay for school?

One of my tops schools has a high priced tuition. The most likely way I would be able to go to that school is if I earn one of their scholarships such as their Presidential Scholarship. It requires an essay and then a half an hour interview in January so I was wondering if there was any way I...

Elyza’s Avatar
Elyza Sep 01, 2017 915 views

What are the chances of winning a scholarship contest?

I've been applying for scholarship after scholarship. I'm fine with writing essays. I just don't want all of my effort to go unnoticed. It's a little stressful. #nailbiting #scholarships #financial-planning #college-prep

Mounia’s Avatar
Mounia Feb 13, 2017 731 views

How should I prepare for grad school?

I am going into my senior year as an undergrad and am wondering how I should start preparing for grad school? What are the best ways to prepare for grad school? Should I start applying at the start of my senior year? Or should I wait until I am closer to graduation? Should I hold off on...

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 17, 2016 766 views

What are really good online prep websites and prep books that will really raise my score on the SAT?

I know that in order to get into a really good university for undergrad and graduate schooling a great score on the SAT is the best way to do that. However while everyone says that you should always aim high on the SAT and study A LOT they never say which study tools are best utilized to get a...

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 29, 2016 814 views

Pediatrics, economics/finance, or law?

I get the opportunity to shadow and delve deeper into one field of choice and I am equally interested in these three options. Which occupation would be most interesting or give me the most learning experience? #finance #law #lawyer #pediatrics #economics #college-prep

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 29, 2016 690 views

How important are SAT subject tests in college admissions decisions?

I haven't prepared for these as much as I did for the actual SAT and ACT. #college-admissions #college-bound #college-prep

Whitney’s Avatar
Whitney May 25, 2016 722 views

What are some of the most important things that should be known going into college?

In a couple of months i will be starting college as a new freshmen. This whole process has been very nerve wracking and i just want to make sure that i am completely prepared. So any advice that anyone has will be greatly appreciated. #college #college-prep #giving-advice

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey May 24, 2016 811 views

How difficult is it to transition from community college to a four year university?

I am currently enrolled in community college. After I complete my Associates in Art there then I want to continue on to an undecided four year university. Will it be easy to transition since I will have an associates degree? Just how different are universities from community colleges, besides...