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Sarah M. May 12, 2016 552 views

Is there a large variety and availability of jobs if I have a Forensic and Investigative Sciences degree?

This is the field I plan on studying and I am curious as to what my future would be after attaining my degree. #forensic #forensic-analysis #criminal-investigations...


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Trisha W. Oct 19, 2016 451 views

What education requirements, college degrees, licenses are needed for your career as a Forensic Toxicologist?

I am asking this question because I want to be a Forensic Toxicologist and I want to know how the job actually feels once you have it as a career. #chemistry #forensic #criminal-investigations...


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Michael C. Jan 03, 2018 463 views
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isacc Y. Sep 01, 2017 534 views

How would I apply to become a forensic analyst after I got my degree?

I'm curious as to how I would become a forensic analyst after i got my degree. What I mean is that I'm confused as to where I would go to apply and how I would learn how to do my job. I'm also curious as to whether I'd need to travel long distances to investigate crime scenes....

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Diamond D. Sep 01, 2017 370 views

Is there any challenging that any FBI agent faces ?

I want to know are there any challenges any FBI agent faces when they are on duty? Are there emotional times when they see things happen from someone they don't even know? Is there tension between 2 FBI agents or them having tension with someone else? #fbi-agent #criminal-justice...

#criminal-investigations #criminology

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june W. Aug 31, 2017 367 views

What is the best way to become a detective?

I want to become a detective to help investigate and solve serious crimes. What is the best way to get there .To become a detective do someone work up to the career or start from college. What is the best route to become a detective? #detective #police #criminal-justice #criminal-law...


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My'Lirea M. Aug 30, 2017 247 views

What do you like most about being a private investigator ? What do you like least about it ?

Hi, I am a high school student and I want to be a private investigator. I would like to know more of pro's and con's about this specific career. #private-investigations #criminal-justice #criminal-investigations #private-detective...

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Quashika C. May 05, 2016 806 views
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khalia B. May 30, 2017 474 views

what are the best colleges offering forensic science programs and are any summer programs that would help me better understand what i would need to do in order to major/study this in college?

When I first started high school, I wanted to become a pediatrician, but as the years went on I became more interested in forensics. I want to pursue forensic science/ criminal science as a career but I don't know where to start. #college #forensic...


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Azandia T. Feb 21, 2017 412 views
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Lindsay S. Oct 19, 2016 459 views

Do I have to study chemistry or biology in college to become a Forensic Scientist?

I have been debating over whether it will be easier to find work in this field if I major in a strictly science subject, or if I can major in criminal justice/criminology and still achieve the same goal. #science #biology #chemistry #forensic #college-majors #japan #criminology...

#criminal-investigations #crime-scene-investigator

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Andrea L. Aug 05, 2016 959 views

Special Agents vs Crime Scene Investigators

Is there a difference between the two? If so, what is/are they? #college #university #federal-government #crime #criminal-investigations...


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Cayman W. Jul 23, 2016 1403 views

I want to work in the BAU but i have a lot of questions

I want to work in the BAU as a "profiler" I want to work on making profiles for unidentified/identified suspect. I want to work in the field and see the crime scenes and help catch the criminals. I want to work on serial murder cases, rape cases, abduction cases, typically any violent crime...

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Christina A. Jul 05, 2016 672 views

What do you wish you had known before you went in to law enforcement?

I am currently in college and hope to pursue a career in law enforcement. I have looked up different law enforcement agencies, but I don't know which one is a good fit for me. What are some things you wish you had known before you went into law enforcement? Or before you picked a specific...

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Lilian M. May 14, 2016 453 views

What is the best i should take if i want to become a detective?

Im a high school senior and i want to know what the best option for this career is. It has been on my mind lately and i would lik to know more about it. #law #criminal-justice #detective...


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Brooke M. Nov 25, 2015 3785 views

What classes should I take in high school to help me get into the FBI?

I am currently taking Counseling and Mental Health classes (for future hopes of joining to Behavioral Analysis Unit). Next year, I think it may be beneficial to take some kind of law enforcement class or even a crime scene investigation class of some sort. My school also offers the IB...

#criminal-investigations #psychology #federal-agent #criminal-justice #law-enforcement

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Nasurae L. Mar 26, 2014 828 views

Majors associated with Forensic Biology

Hello, My name is Nasurae and I am a senior at Achievement First Amistad High School. I am interested in either becoming a forensic biologist, but most schools do not offer any majors that is directly related to this career. Are there any majors or classes I can take that will connect me to...

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