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Is there a large variety and availability of jobs if I have a Forensic and Investigative Sciences degree?

This is the field I plan on studying and I am curious as to what my future would be after attaining my degree. #forensic #forensic-analysis #criminal-investigations #forensic-investigation

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2 answers

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Carole’s Answer

Hi Sarah: Forensic Science grads are highly employable, both in the specialist arena of forensic investigation and in other associated areas requiring and enquiring, scientific and legal mind.

Here are some job options related to your degree: Analytic Chemist; Biomedical Scientist; Detective; Forensic Scientist; Scientific laboratory Technician; Teaching laboratory technician; Toxicologist. Here are some careers in which your degrees would be useful: Higher Education Teacher; Paralegal; Police Officer; Science Writer; Secondary Science Teacher; and others. It is essential that you gain some laboratory work experience, in order to prove you have the necessary skills, such as attention to detail and accuracy. This experience would be found in a scientific or hospital laboratory than a forensic setting due to the sensitive nature of the work. working for the police is a good option and sometimes they need volunteers to do extra work. The government outsources most of the forensic work, so opportunities may arise in private companies. Your skills sre very important in this career and here are a few: attention to detail; analytical and interpretative skills; a methodical approach; patience and concentration in the lab; team work and working independently; presentation skills with written and verbal skills and flexibility. I wish you the best in your research and possible jobs. Be pro-active in finding out what is the best career for you. It can only make you HAPPY!!BEST OF LUCK!!

Carole recommends the following next steps:

To get more information on this career use your Career Center at your school to research this further. Also, they have some assessments that you can take and it will give you some answers as to other careers you might be interested in. They might also have ideas on internships that you might look into or jobs with one of the teachers in the lab at your school.

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Bastian’s Answer

Hi Sarah,

I definately see a lot of opportunities for you - whether this is in forensic services of the big consulting companies, in corporate security and compliance functions, or in the public sector (not limited to police).

The forensic angle (e.g. forensic data analytics) is a future key playing filed for sure - "big data" is a big topic now, not only in fraud detection. These type of skills definately make you more unique ... with better chance for higher salary categories.

Another intersting field for development is so called Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), which to some extent overlaps with/corresponds to forensic data analysis.

Good luck!