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Would it be better to live in a small town or big city when it comes to forensics?

Updated Palm Harbor, Florida

I’m not sure where I want to live in the future and want to know if I’ll be able to find a stable job anywhere I go. #forensic-science #forensics #forensic #chemistry

17 answers

Vincent’s Answer

Updated New City, New York

In urban environments like cities, more crimes occur, which equal the need for more Forensic Scientists. However, how much that city is invested in their labs is the true issue. I know for a fact that even in New York City, with their large laboratories and staffs, they have a large backlog of evidence to examine, and their budget can hire only so many people. Not to mention the inner politics in such a work environment can be taxing on your mental health and productivity. Competition for a forensic scientist is also extremely high due to low turnover.

Suburban areas do not have as much crime, but that doesn't mean it is nonexistent. Some counties can afford to fund a forensic lab, but a lot of suburbs do not and often send their evidence to be analyzed elsewhere in the state where there are labs. The same can be said for rural areas, where populations are low, resulting is less funding for any laboratories.

I, too, am learning as I go, and have decided to get some practical experience working in non-forensic science labs to pad my resume. Most Forensic science labs require years of experience before taking in new employees.

Shraddha’s Answer


It is always better to be in a bigger city when it comes to Forensic. Bigger cities have a well developed system of investigating crimes and therefore provide you with better opportunities to explore.

Caleb’s Answer

Updated Garland, Texas

Generally astronomically immense cities are more liable to have malefaction labs. Each state has a malefaction lab system and they will generally have their main location in a sizably voluminous city but may have satellite labs in other places that may or may not be an astronomically immense city. Aside from the state system, more astronomically immense cities may have their own malefaction lab. A diminutive town will not have enough resources or need to fortify its own malefaction lab.

Sanaz’s Answer

Updated London, England, United Kingdom

I would say both. They both have pros and cons about them.

Omar’s Answer


Oui, dans une grande ville -

Yes, in a big city (it is better)

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Shaminie’s Answer


Bigger cities (have more opportunities) and you will be able to process different types of cases and learn more. Smaller cities, workload is less but you might travel to different locations to testify if your lab is located at one location and it serves several different counties within the state. It also depends whether you decide to join federal, state or city labs; that makes a difference too.

Shaminie recommends the following next steps:

  • Identify the speciality forensic area you are interested in
  • Make sure you fulfill all the required courses
  • Get the right training in a good accredited school

Candace’s Answer


Hi Trinity, It is my experience that you can have the best of both worlds. I work for a large lab, the busiest in forensics by volume, but I live an hour outside of NYC. I commute (drive) to work everyday but I also work with a lot of younger people that love living in the city and take the subway. I agree with Yhaqueri Niola, it ultimately depends on your idea of an ideal living environment, what your preferences are and what sacrifices you're willing to make for your career. When you decide to apply to an organization, you'll weigh your options, (city or suburbs, rent or own, drive or public trans, do you have a family or not etc). Hope this helps!

Hi, my name is Kayla and I am a senior in high school, I am interested in pursuing a career in forensics, well I actually want to be a pathologist to be exact. I was wondering if I can ask you a few questions to help me get clarification on the steps to be a real forensic scientist. Also to better understand the livelihood I am going to college for. It would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Aneri’s Answer


Depends on state where there is more opportunity available.

Kate’s Answer


It just depends! I'm in the market for a forensic science position right now, and I've seen a lot of different places with forensic labs. It does tend to be larger cities in general, since those areas are more likely to have dedicated crime labs, but there are some private labs that are out in the middle of nowhere PA, etc. It's more important to have a good college degree and some experience, and some flexibility in where you're willing to live, rather than originally choosing to live in the right spot.

Megan’s Answer

Updated Brighton, Michigan

A big city since you probably will be traveling around.

Stephanie’s Answer


Generally big cities are more likely to have crime labs. Each state has a crime lab system and they will generally have their main location in a big city but may have satellite labs in other places that may or may not be a big city. Aside from the state system, larger cities may have their own crime lab. A small town will not have enough resources or need to support its own crime lab.

Viviane’s Answer

Updated Sandy Springs, Georgia

Small town get more time to analyze samples

Gail’s Answer


A small town can have limited resources (money, opportunities) to offer a well rounded forensic work experience. Don't think big city is your only option. Mid-size cities have robust criminal forensic labs with opportunities to grow in your field. You should look at regions of the US. The East Coast of the country has a multitude of forensic labs; federal, state, regional opportunities. While other areas like Montana or North/South Dakota has limited opportunities.

Gail recommends the following next steps:

  • Decide which field of forensics you want to pursue
  • Make sure you have an appropriate college degree for your chosen field
  • Many forensic labs will train you in your chosen field. Look for federal and state forensic labs with training programs.
Yes, it is a useful answer

yhaqueri’s Answer


It honestly comes to your ideal living environment. If you like working with other people living in a big city would be best. Living in a big city helps you make connections and you get to gain knowledge from others. I'm from a big city and I've been given so many exciting opportunities for free.

Try this link: http://www.apa.org/ed/precollege/ptn/2012/11/student-opportunities.aspx

yhaqueri recommends the following next steps:

  • Look online for possible payed internships
  • Talk to close relatives about your ideas and see how they could help

Valeri’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

The more information we can reduce or eliminate uncertainty, as marked by the entropy or the measure of disorder.

Therefore I would choose a big city.

Moses’s Answer

Updated Chino Hills, California

Big city

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I would prefer to live in a big cities.