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Career Questions tagged Forensic

Cecil J.’s Avatar
Cecil J. Mar 03 174 views

What are three important things I should know about Forensic science careers?

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Lily C.’s Avatar
Lily C. Feb 25 149 views

What is a good college for forensic psychology in the MN area.

#psychology #forensic #college #college-major #Minnesota

Alphonzo H.’s Avatar
Alphonzo H. Jan 21 332 views

1. What does a typical day look like as a Forensic science technician? 2. What are 3 things I should know about this job before committing myself? 3. What are the tools I will be using every day? 4. What other training would I need to advance in this career? And what are those career possibilities?

I am 19 years old and I am looking for more information on Forensic science technician. I hope to make this as my career but I want to get as much information on it.

#forensic #career

Bridgette D.’s Avatar
Bridgette D. Jan 12 172 views

How many accumulated years is it to become a licensed and board certified pathologist?

Hello! I'm trying to figure out a few different career paths to look into, but I'm starting out to see the ones I have chosen, and what is required with them, Meaning years of college, training, as an assistant, etc, and how the people who work in those jobs feel about them. I do have multiple...

Stephanie A.’s Avatar
Stephanie A. Nov 30, 2021 220 views

Forensics internship

Looking for internships in Forensic psychology #forensic #forensics #psychology #criminal-justice

Brandy H.’s Avatar
Brandy H. Nov 24, 2021 279 views

I want to be a Forensic Doctor, but what do i need to be one?

#forensic #medicine

Ashanti B.’s Avatar
Ashanti B. Nov 07, 2021 271 views

How did you decide which career to pursue when you have so many interests?

I’m a 25 year old woman that has too many interests to count. I’m currently a science major, but I constantly doubt if that’s what I want my degree in. I’m interested in pursuing vet school, law, and I’ll be starting a coding boot camp in December! #career-choice #forensic #veterinarian #law #tech

Jolee M.’s Avatar
Jolee M. Oct 20, 2021 253 views

What may be some benefits of becoming a forensic psychologist?

I'm trying to decide if this will be a good job for me and I would like a base idea of what I'm getting into. #psychology #forensic

Olivia R.’s Avatar
Olivia R. Sep 16, 2021 217 views

What should I study in college to become a forensic pathologist?

My current plan is to study Biology and then go to med school but im wondering if theres an easier route to achive this. Do I have to go to med school? #biology #forensic

Angelica M.’s Avatar
Angelica M. Jul 20, 2021 314 views

How To Become A FBI Medical Examiner ?

I love criminology but I also love to help people in the medical field. My dreams is to become an FBI Agent and medical Examiner. #medicine #Forensic #school

Vishnu S.’s Avatar
Vishnu S. Jul 06, 2021 406 views

What about the course BSc forensic science?

#forensic #science

Cloris L.’s Avatar
Cloris L. Jun 27, 2021 248 views

What careers can you pursue if you want to study forensics?

I've always found mysteries and crime shows very interesting and want to study forensics but I don't know specific jobs that I can have with a forensics degree. #forensic #forensics #criminal-justice

Umayyah K.’s Avatar
Umayyah K. Jun 24, 2021 213 views

What do I need in order to be a forensic psychologist, and how challenging is this job ?

I am in high school going to 10th grade in September , I enjoy Law but also helping and understanding people. So that’s where I thought forensic psychology would be a good fit, but I’m not sure on the process and what it’s actually like . #forensic #psychology #criminal-justice #law

Dakota P.’s Avatar
Dakota P. Jun 08, 2021 265 views

I want to do a lot of things so how should i narrow it down?

I love Mysteries and i want to become a forensic scientist #forensic #criminal-justice #science I love makeup and i want to be a cosmetologist I love taking care and helping people i want to be a nurse #nurse #health #doctor

michaela C.’s Avatar
michaela C. May 06, 2021 253 views

how much schooling do i have to do to become a PI (Private Investigater)

i just need to know the basics for schooling # la #law-enforcement #forensic #criminal-justice

Samyukta S.’s Avatar
Samyukta S. Mar 14, 2021 471 views

Hi! Can I know the process of becoming a forensic scientist IN INDIA?

I wanted to know what should be done after 12th grade if I want to pursue Forensic Science. What is the whole process? What are some good colleges? How many years will it take? What are its job requirements?
Note- I want to know how it works in INDIA
#forensic #science #college #doctor #crime #india

Hannah S.’s Avatar
Hannah S. Dec 10, 2020 473 views

What is a good second major to complete with Forensic Anthropology?

I plan on completing a BS in Anthropology, MS in Forensic Anthropology, and continuing on to complete a PhD in Anthropology at BU. What would be a good complementary second major for my undergrad degree to broaden my career choices? I would like to keep my options open in case I decide to...

Kimberly C.’s Avatar
Kimberly C. Dec 10, 2020 547 views

Is the FBI BAU as intense as the show Criminal Minds interprets it?

Hello! My name is Kim and I’m fifteen years old. Growing up I’ve always been fascinated with true crime, and unsolved mysteries, etc. I came across the show and I really liked it! It’s quite intense but I’m always up for a challenge! I’ve very curious about being a profiler. It seems very easy...

KAIA W.’s Avatar
KAIA W. Nov 20, 2020 275 views


#forensic #research

Annabeth R.’s Avatar
Annabeth R. Oct 08, 2020 283 views

Careers in Forensic Science

I am so interested in all of the careers in forensic science. It’s hard to know which one to major in. I know I don’t want to go in the careers that does autopsies. But all the rest seem so interesting. I just can’t choose. #forensicscience #forensic #science #professional

Karlee M.’s Avatar
Karlee M. Aug 04, 2020 302 views

Opportunities for aspiring Forensic Science Technician?

I was wondering what training or experience opportunities one should pursue for a future career as a Forensic Science Technician or to work in a crime lab. Are there specific employers, internships, etc. to look for?
#technician #forensic #forensic-scientists

Angel W.’s Avatar
Angel W. Aug 03, 2020 319 views

What jobs are available for forensic science ?

College senior looking for a job in the forensic field because I will be receiving my forensic certification and criminal justice degree. #criminaljustice #forensic

Janelle T.’s Avatar
Janelle T. Jul 09, 2020 293 views

What is the biggest challenge you have faced working as a Forensic Science Technician?

#forensic #science #biology

Janelle T.’s Avatar
Janelle T. Jul 09, 2020 324 views

What is a typical day of work while working as a Forensic Science Technician?

#forensic #science #forensics

Laureale C.’s Avatar
Laureale C. Jul 03, 2020 306 views

What is an expert witness?

#expert #witness #forensic #psychology

Laureale C.’s Avatar
Laureale C. Jun 20, 2020 396 views

I majored in Forensic Psychology to become a jury consultant. What minor would be great along with major? Correction, criminal justice, or law?

#psychology #criminal-justice #forensic #law

Laureale C.’s Avatar
Laureale C. Jun 20, 2020 262 views

What is the whole day like to be as a Jury Consultant?

#forensic psychology # #jury consultant

Steven T.’s Avatar
Steven T. Jun 15, 2020 364 views

Best entry level position for a career in forensic biology?

Currently a junior working on a bachelors in forensic biology at CSU Sacramento. I am a veteran that is trying to get a career in forensics. #forensic #forensics #biology #criminal-justice #science

Laureale C.’s Avatar
Laureale C. Jun 10, 2020 244 views

What kind of job someone can get working in the court with a Forensic Psychology major?

#psychology #forensic #law

Laureale C.’s Avatar
Laureale C. Jun 10, 2020 237 views

What kind of jobs can someone get with a Forensic Psychology major?

#psychology #forensic