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Career Questions tagged Degree

Every college offers a degree to a student who completes a predetermined set of requirements. Some careers will expect an employee to have a degree in whichever field they have...

jackie’s Avatar
jackie 2 days ago 53 views

what can i do with bachelor of science degree?

i am still undecided on what i want to be but I'm in school for BS. What jobs can I get with BS degree? Any jobs in the health department? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 20 41 views

What is the difference/pros and cons between/of a BS and a BBA in Accounting?

Can you still qualify for the CPA exam if you get a BBA as your bachelor's degree?

Ali’s Avatar
Ali Sep 14 38 views

How important is Master's degree for chemichal engineers?

Is it much easier to find a job with Master's degree?

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chaitanya Aug 20 53 views

which is the best course after degree

i,am computers application 2nd yr now
i want to learn coding language which is used for AI & ML

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Harold Aug 06 179 views

What's the best major for marketing?

What's the best undergrad major for someone who wants to be in a marketing managerial position eventually, whilst simultaneously having a plan B? Marketing, finance, or other? I've heard that marketing is not the major that it used to be, and most people advice me to align with the marketing...

Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 27 265 views

Is it better to do your undergrad in mechanical engineering and for grad school, focus on the actual career?

Hello, I am currently a junior and I am preparing for my major and the college that I want to be enrolled in. I am interested in being a part of STEM however I am not sure what I want to do exactly. Some of my career interests include aerospace, biotech, biomedical, nuclear engineer,...

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Lauren May 10 129 views

What specifically do you love about surgery ?

What specifically do you love about surgery ?

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Luis Apr 27 190 views

I am a student at Job Corps in El Paso, I am 16 , and I wanted to ask if going for a Doctoral Degree to become a Marine Architect was a better option than getting my Bachelors Degree and become a Wind Energy Engineer?.

I have had this thought for a while and if someone could guide me, or help me it would be really appreciated.

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meila Apr 19 152 views

what school do you want to go to if your into construction .

im into construction.

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meila Apr 19 178 views

What school did you go to that made you want to choose the career or field that you are in currently.

i dont have any more questions regarding this specif topic sorry.

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Hope Mar 02 149 views

What degree do I need to have to be a writer?

#writing #degree

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Daniel Feb 07 253 views

How much does your degree affect how easy it is to get a job?

I want to go to college and get a degree that is best for me. I am considering financing and computer science right now. I am thinking of getting a bachelor's degree on one of these majors. I don't know how much better it would be for me to get a master's degree, and I don't know if it would be...

Kendra’s Avatar
Kendra Jan 03 164 views

What degree do I need to get to be a phycologists?

#degree #phycologist

Marquis’s Avatar
Marquis Nov 05, 2021 281 views

was your dream job the one you ended up doing?

#job #human-resources #human-resources #career #degree

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Nov 02, 2021 170 views

What degree do I have to get to produce a Hollywood movie?

#degree #theater

Victory’s Avatar
Victory Sep 25, 2021 202 views

How does one find a job after completing schooling and obtaining degrees required for the career?

I want to major in neuroscience. #job #major #degree #career

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Sep 21, 2021 216 views

What type of person would be a good fit for architecture? How did you know this field was right for you?

I am a 16 year old girl. I am a junior in high-school. I am currently interested in the architecture field.
#architecture #architect #career #college #university #degree

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 282 views

How hard is it to do a Masters in Nursing?

Is it hard to get into the Masters programs and how hard is it to actually get the masters, I know that each exam has a higher passing rate when it comes to Masters so I was wondering

#college #nursing #degree

Van’s Avatar
Van Sep 14, 2021 198 views

Is a MIS degree hard

#degree #college

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Leo Sep 14, 2021 342 views

Is it worth it to get a degree vs trade school?

#college #college-admissions #college-advice #graduate-school #degree #masters #school #trade-school #highschool #van

Marie’s Avatar
Marie Aug 25, 2021 298 views

Master in Primatology

I studied Agro- and Biotechnology (Animal Care) & I would love to study Primatology. I've been looking at Masters' degrees online but they often already require a Masters' degree before I can start... Can anyone help? #degree #animals #master #primatology #veterinary-medicine

Manisha’s Avatar
Manisha Aug 25, 2021 251 views

Jntu integrated vs vit integrated datascience vellore... which one is better?

#college #degree

Vish’s Avatar
Vish Aug 23, 2021 251 views

What degrees do I need to become an astrobiologist?

#astrobiologist #education #degree

K’s Avatar
K Aug 22, 2021 381 views

What do i need to do in university to become a vet?

I'm homeschooling, so i'll be done with school a lot earlier than the rest of my age group. I want to become a vet, but i have no clue how to become one. I know i need a bachelor's, but i don't know how to get it or how long it will take and i'm looking for a few loopholes, so that i don't need...

moni’s Avatar
moni Aug 21, 2021 293 views

Hi i want to pursue orthodontics, which degree should I earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science or Nursing Science.

#science #degree #teeth #mouth #hospital-and-health-care #hospital-and-health-care #hospital-and-health-care #hospital-and-health-care #hospital-and-health-care #hospital-and-health-care #hospital-and-health-care

Ragavendra’s Avatar
Ragavendra Aug 09, 2021 261 views

If I Complete a Intergrated Mtech degree in VIT , will i get a certificate where it is mentioned like Intergrated Mtech or Mtech

#college #VIT #IntergratedMtech #Mtech #college-admissions #degree #Engineering #engineering #engineer

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Jun 22, 2021 355 views

How much of a difference is it to get your bachelors or masters degree when looking for a job?

I want to know the difference of a person who has the bachelors degree who’s looking for a job compared to a person who has masters degree looking for a job. #job #degree #job-search #career

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 19, 2021 322 views

Requirements for a Behavioral Psychologist

Hello! I am in the 11th grade, and I plan to major in psychology. I am interested in pursuing behavioral psychology specifically, and I was wondering what degrees are needed to become one. What bachelors and graduate degrees are required? Would any particular minors be useful to take as well?...

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Apr 29, 2021 264 views

Is it better to go to a more “prestigious” university for medical school rather for pre-med?

I want to know what I should except going into becoming a neonatologist and be prepared rather than lost and confused. #nicu #degree #career #college #medicine #doctor

Katrina’s Avatar
Katrina Apr 16, 2021 348 views

How is it like to go for a Masters degree?

I know I want to go for a bachelors degree but I'm not sure if I should go for a masters. I want to know how hard or complicated it is to go for a masters degree. #degree