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Christian H. Jan 16, 2018 202 views

Which American universities focus on nutrition in relation to neurobiology?

I am a senior high school student with a several year experience in ecological theory and ecological agriculture. My work has lead me to study how food impacts brain health and development. I already have several mentors, including a neurobiologist, and am looking for more perspectives. I have...

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Christian H. Jan 16, 2018 325 views

How to manage a double major, specifically in ecology and neurobiology?

As a senior high school student, I have two years of experience in ecology research. Having applied to 15 universities, I have targeted schools with cutting-edge research in ecology and neurobiology and flexible degree plans. I would like a personal perspective on co-managing two majors....

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Ashley H. Dec 11, 2017 632 views

What does the typical day of an environmental scientist look like?

So, I understand that it a very, VERY broad field. But, I am curious as to the range of jobs and daily activities associated with working within the environmental sciences/biology/geology? Thank you! #environmental-science #biology #environmental-geology #geology...


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Marica T. May 16, 2016 1119 views

What exactly does it take to obtain a masters degree in Ecology, what should I expect and how long does it take to gain a masters in Ecology?

I'm interested in Ecology, i'm aware that i'd have to go to graduate school but exactly how long. I would like to get a persons perspective that's actually been through the process. #biology #ecologist #science #ecology #career...


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Lonita A. Sep 01, 2017 372 views

What jobs are available for a biology major?

I have always loved studying biology in school. I have actually taken all of the science courses offered to my school i love science so much. Upon speaking to the schools guidance counselor, I found that i truly wanted to major in biology. What jobs would be achievable with a #biology major? I...

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Daniel F. May 27, 2016 515 views

Will opportunities for civil engineering grow in the near future?

I'm #undecided whether to become a civil or mechanical engineer. I know that America, where I live, needs about 3.6 trillion dollars by 2020 to address infrastructure repairs and that the bureau of labor statistics estimates that civil engineers have the highest growth projection (by demand)...

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Hailey M. May 05, 2016 451 views

What kind of jobs and careers do people enter after studying conservation biology?

Is it common for people to work for the national parks and government, or is there another source of jobs? #biology #environment #ecology #nature-conservation...


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Mariel O. May 05, 2016 441 views

Do I have to major in biology to be an ornithologist/zoologist?

I want to be a zoologist, specifically an ornithologist focused on research and conservation. However, I'm not particularly interested in what is going on inside the bird. I understand how that would be important to know, but I don't want my major (i.e. biology) to simply be focused on this....

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Ilana N. May 20, 2016 661 views

The most exciting part of research to me is going out in the field and working with animals and in the environment, but I'm concerned that in my career I'll get stuck analyzing data and not doing field work. Any advice?

I'm going into Ecology & Environmental Biology and I love working with animals on the field and studying animal cognition in the wild or at a sanctuary. However, it seems to me that professionals in biology often spend their time analyzing data in the lab or writing grants, which I would...

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Sedona R. Oct 29, 2016 572 views

Which college provides the best programs for both science and teaching?

I am interested in both biology and education, so I was wondering which colleges or universities (preferably Northeast) have the best programs for these two careers. #science #teaching #biology #education #ecology #environmental-services #evolutionary-biology...


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Sedona R. Oct 29, 2016 618 views

For those interested in pursuing a career in ecology and evolutionary biology, what types of jobs are available that involve working in the field with real organisms?

I have always been very interested in biology and animals, so when I discovered the ecology and evolutionary biology major at most prestigious schools, I thought it would be perfect! However, I know that I am a very hands on learner who would prefer to be out in the environment as opposed to at...

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Lydia H. Oct 23, 2016 536 views

What does it take to become an ecologist?

I'm considering pursuing this career. #environmental-science...


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Katherine C. Oct 20, 2016 418 views
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Darby F. May 27, 2016 490 views

Would a marine biology degree or a marine ecology degree be more beneficial to an aspiring marine biologist?

I want to become a marine biologist. I will be attending Western Washington University. From what I understand, marine ecology tends to be an easier degree to attain, so I planned to get a marine biology degree with the biology department. My dilemma is that Huxley College of the Environment...

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Ilana N. May 20, 2016 519 views

Do I need to get a PhD to do field research in the field of Environmental Biology or Animal Cognition?

I'm going into Ecology & Environmental Biology, and I'm wondering how much schooling I will have to do to do the work I want to, which right now resembles that of Jane Goodall. #biology #environmental #wildlife-biology #ecology...


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Alejandra Q. May 20, 2016 456 views

What is the best way to engage with a philanthropist?

I am interested in starting a project which integrates sustainable buisness practices, nutrition, and community involvement. #nutrition #ecology #community...


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Joshua S. May 07, 2016 511 views

Is this a good plan of action for a major in environmental science?

I was told by a family friend that the best thing to do with an environmental major is to begin by working for the state government, and then after getting more experience, work for businesses doing such things as environmental impact tests. Is this good advice? #science #environmental...

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Hailey M. May 05, 2016 707 views

Is volunteer work a good option to gain experience after majoring in environmental science?

I am curious as to what college graduates do after receiving a diploma in environmental science. Do they typically receive job offers, or do they need more experience in the field? I am especially interested in conservation and restoration. #science #environment #ecology #animal-conservation...