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What jobs are available for a biology major?

I have always loved studying biology in school. I have actually taken all of the science courses offered to my school i love science so much. Upon speaking to the schools guidance counselor, I found that i truly wanted to major in biology. What jobs would be achievable with a #biology major? I always dreamed of working with animals, but not testing on them. I would love to become a veterinarian but there is a lot of schooling involved there, and i feel as if i would get lost along the way. The specific major I was looking into was Biology with Ecology Concentration, but i have no idea what i would be able to manage with this. #wildlife-biology #ecology

You could go into a variety of different fields. You may want to become a medical doctor or a researcher. It is completely up to you to decide where you want to go in your career path. You could go onto graduate school which allows a more specific window of what can be done. Jacquese B.

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2 answers

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David’s Answer


There a ton of careers which a biology degree can prepare you for, all you need to do is think about where you would like to end up.  I focused on wildlife behavior and physiology and worked many years as an aquatic biologist, but that is because I focused as much of my studies on wildlife/ecology courses and research.  A degree in biology can really take you anywhere you want to go, just figure out what you want to end up doing.

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Herman’s Answer

Hi Lonita,

There are many careers in Biology. I personally studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as my undergraduate degree. I have seen some of my friends become doctors, some vets, and even some who work with microbes that clean up oil in the ocean. Furthermore, I work in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry where I help develop new drugs.

I suggest you ask the career advisers/counselors and professors when you are in college. They should be able to give you a lot more information.

Best regards,