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What does an enviormentalist exactly do? is it a wide range or a specific job?

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Because I want to major in being an environmentalist and a lot of people ask me exactly what I will be doing and I really do not know how to answer that. I just want to major in helping the environment. #environmental-services #college #environmental-science #ecology #biology #environmentalism #conservation

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Lesley’s Answer

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Hey Celeste!

An 'environmentalist' isn't really a job, just like a 'feminist' isn't really--it's more about someone's values.

However, an environmentalist could be an ecologist, toxicologist, engineer, chemist, program manager, sustainability director, product designer, professor, philanthropist, consultant, etc. Every single industry has a need for someone who understands the environment and how everything we do depends on and is affected by it.

I'm an 'environmentalist' at heart, but I studied ecology, writing, and sustainable development. Now I help an IT company drive sustainable development initiatives, from designing more energy-efficient, recyclable products, to transitioning to a 'zero waste,' circular economy, to holding manufacturing suppliers accountable in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and more! I have peers from college who own businesses, consult businesses and residences on energy efficiency, certify buildings as sustainable, advise on science-based state and federal environmental policies, etc.

I recommend taking a class either at university or a free online class on environmental science and pay attention to what interests you--there's no shortage of paths, careers and focuses.

Katherine’s Answer


An environmentalist can have many different jobs. I received my Master of Environmental Management, and in my master's program there were several concentrations. Students could focus in energy, forestry, conservation, toxicology, water resources, economics, and more! Within those concentrations, many students focused on a specific geographic region or specific environmental issue. Some students decided to be generalists rather than specialists. There are countless jobs available to environmentalists, many of which I never knew existed until I reached out to alumni and researched for my own job search.