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Katherine Hurrell

Energy Sourcing Execution Senior Analyst at Accenture
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Abbey Mar 18, 2018 287 views

Are you allowed to have more than one career?

I'd like to have a lot of jobs when I'm older. I'd like to be an environmental activist, a teacher, an archaeologist, an author, and many more! How can I do all these if I can only go to college to prepare for getting one job?

#overachiever daily

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celeste Jan 16, 2018 766 views

What does an enviormentalist exactly do? is it a wide range or a specific job?

Because I want to major in being an environmentalist and a lot of people ask me exactly what I will be doing and I really do not know how to answer that. I just want to major in helping the environment. #environmental-services #college #environmental-science #ecology #biology #environmentalism...

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Anne Jan 22, 2018 942 views

What are some strategies to improve your focus?

#studyskills #studying #studying-tips #study-habits #reading