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Dua’s Avatar
Dua yesterday 112 views

What do I really want to do?

I am an intern at North Point High School, for Cisco Networking Academy. I am finding a remote job that pays well for a student, while I get the learning I need.

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Mar 22 87 views

If the ideal job I want does not have an ideal career path, then what do I do? Do I make it myself or should I give up and switch and niche up?

I've always wanted to be a fiction writer but when looking at professional jobs/career paths, writing is never there. I would love to make short stories more than anything but it doesn't seem like it's a job I could make a comfortable living off of.

korynn’s Avatar
korynn Mar 07 76 views

how long would it take for me to become a combat medic?

i wanna be a pre medic for the airforce

William’s Avatar
William Mar 07 88 views

How do I know what i to major in when i get to college ?

I'm a high school junior and I'm thinking about going to college and not sure what i want to major in.

christian’s Avatar
christian Mar 07 67 views

how will this help me with getting a scholarship?

im in 11 grade and i want to go to college but i dont know how to go about getting grants

theodore’s Avatar
theodore Mar 07 73 views

How do you start planning for your future?

I need help planning.

phillip’s Avatar
phillip Mar 07 94 views

when i grow up i'm going to be like andrew tate and elon musk?

how i can accomplish that goal is by working and thinking out of the box and be more diligent and be more out standing than the rest

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Mar 07 64 views

What Do I have to do to become an engineer?

I feel like engineering would be something interesting that I would be interested in because it would help with my skills

Ayanna’s Avatar
Ayanna Mar 07 98 views

How to become better?

How to become better at things you like to do? How to have motivation and self-esteem for it?

Elias’s Avatar
Elias Mar 07 49 views

How hard is it to get into UMBC?

UMBC is one of the best Universitys

kashif’s Avatar
kashif Mar 07 73 views

how do things work?

how do things work in a professional computer science workspace and in a college

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Mar 07 188 views

How do you figure out what you want to be (career and major)?

I am a junior in high school and am having trouble figuring out and deciding what to major in. Part of me wants to explore fields that would help me become a behavioral analyst for crimes and another part of me wants to just take an easier route in being a business major. Probably marketing or...

Sky’s Avatar
Sky Mar 01 147 views

Looking for advice as a student pursuing business

#CV23 What is an advice you would give to a high school student that wants to pursue a business administration major? What range of careers is available from this major?

Clara’s Avatar
Clara Feb 25 103 views

Are there any specific activities that will assist in strengthening my application so I can be admitted into T20 colleges next year?

I'm a Junior in a highly competitive high school and I am looking to major in Computer Science

Lincoln’s Avatar
Lincoln Feb 09 51 views

How to become a nuerosurgeon?

What kind of education do you need to become a neurosurgeon?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Feb 09 247 views

Finding your career?

How long does it usually take people to realize what they want or have interest in in college when they don't have any in highschool?

Helene’s Avatar
Helene Jan 23 203 views

What did you have for an undergraduate major as Computer Science/Database admin?

Computer Science student and database administrator

Bohdan’s Avatar
Bohdan Jan 20 169 views

How do I get a medical or clinical internship?

I'm a pre-med student searching for clinical or medical volunteering or internship work.

g’s Avatar
g Dec 15, 2022 269 views

What is the typical day in the life of an investigative journalist?

I am a sophomore in high school; I want to become an investigative journalist. I am currently interning at a non-profit where I report on topics such as poverty, poverty alleviation and other worldly issues, but I really want to get a feel for "digging" up stories that could possibly make a...

gary’s Avatar
gary Nov 08, 2022 251 views

customer service ?

How can i get better at customer service ?

gary’s Avatar
gary Nov 08, 2022 293 views

entry level programming jobs

What is a good entry- level job in programming ?

Nat’s Avatar
Nat Oct 11, 2022 366 views

How did you get your position in technology?

I am currently trying to transition from marketing/social media in the entrepreneur world and taking classes in user experience.

However I wanted to see how others got their job in the field as a UX Designer and or Project Manager?

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 410 views

Difficulties becoming a psychiatrist...?

What difficulties might one face in trying to become a psychiatrist? How might they overcome them?

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 441 views

Sub-fields of Psychiatry...

While researching the career field, I found out that there are sub-fields of psychiatry. I am aware of the following: - Addiction Psychiatry - Geriatric Psychiatry - Pediatric Psychiatry - Neuropsychiatry What do these sub-fields mean? Are there other sub-fields I should be aware of? How does...

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 320 views

Psychiatrist career ladder...

What are the steps ( in chronological order) to becoming a psychiatrist? I understand that one must achieve a bachelor's degree, go to med-school, and complete a residency, but I am not sure what order these steps should be taken in.

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 465 views

Psychiatry and IT...

Do psychiatrists use IT skills at all? If so, what specific skills might be necessary? Are there any certifications that might be useful for the career path?

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 237 views

A few questions about becoming a psychiatrist...

What are some of the challenges a new employee might face as a psychiatrist? What were some challenges you had to face during your initial weeks at the company and how did you overcome them?

What are the parts of the job that are not commonly talked about or considered taboo?

ikirah’s Avatar
ikirah Sep 22, 2022 210 views

what are some ways to know how to get the real experience a veterinarian ?

you can do volunteer work or working at some animal shelter or doing pet sitting

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 21, 2022 184 views

What are some interesting subjects to study in college ?

What are some interesting subjects to study when you go to collage

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Sep 16, 2022 284 views

How to learn more about criminal investigating?

What is the most effective way to get a job in the FBI for criminal psychology?

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