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Alisha S. May 27, 2016 4438 views

What is the toughest thing about being in sales?

What are some tricks you learned on the way? #business #social-media #sales...


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khamira W. Apr 30, 2019 132 views
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Payton H. Sep 01, 2017 413 views

College rowing, yay or nay?

I am REALLY into rowing, crew is my life, especially as a coxswain to just wants to see my boat succeed in everything they do together. But I don't know if pursuing rowing in college is a good idea if I'm going to be doing other things like some of the harder classes plus a major and a minor....

#sports #crew #athletics #college-sports #rowing #college

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Assetou C. Apr 10, 2019 116 views
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Rachael E. Jan 23 147 views
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Camille S. Feb 04, 2019 149 views
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Ayon R. Jan 16 72 views

How do I become a Data Scientist after completing my undergraduate degree in Economics?

I'm currently pursuing an Economics degree (lots of econometrics experience) and I am learning principles of machine learning on the side. What aspect of data science should I focus on honing to get my foot into the world of DS/ML? #technology...


Tanasia R.’s Avatar
Tanasia R. Jul 27, 2018 235 views

WHat are some tips to become an event planner?

I want to become an event planner and eventually own my own business. I am majoring in public relations and I would like to know if there are any specific routes I should take to reach my goals. #event-planning #public-relations...


Nadine-Marie B.’s Avatar
Nadine-Marie B. Mar 19, 2018 314 views

Is getting an Electrician’s License after earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) wise?

I am a College Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering. My long-term goals include: 1) using what I learned in school to create, build, and repair things; and 2) owning an Engineering firm. I, therefore, think learning a technical skill similar to my present major might be very...

#electrician #electrical #engineering #electrical-engineer #electrical-engineering

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Samuel P. Jan 16, 2018 187 views

Why is anthropology important for us, and why should be apply it to society?

I am asking this question because there are many individuals who might misunderstand the term of anthropology. #anthropology...


Eboni B.’s Avatar
Eboni B. Aug 29, 2018 202 views

How do you build a successful career, without any experience?

Many job offers/positions require a person to have experience. If I'm fresh out of College, of course I'd be looking for a place to work. How will I be able to prove myself in my field, even though I'm a rookie/newbie. #jobs #salary #job-market #career...


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James A. Sep 01, 2017 457 views

when should i do Internships in College

I am hoping to attend college somewhere for marketing and i'm hoping to do some internships during college to get experience for when i graduate. I was wondering what year should i start looking and getting internships? Also do companies look at summer internships as less then school year...

#marketing #internships

Angel H.’s Avatar
Angel H. Aug 25, 2018 179 views

How do I know what path to take?

As a rising senior, I know it's important to start making decisions about my future. I know the classes I choose to take can prepare me, but I how do i choose which path to take to ensure success? #classes #success...


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Ayden W. Dec 10, 2019 104 views
Peyton G.’s Avatar
Peyton G. Aug 26, 2018 159 views
Helal B.’s Avatar
Helal B. Mar 07, 2019 127 views

Community college to medical school

# #premed # communitycollege #college...


Tim S.’s Avatar
Tim S. Nov 07, 2019 85 views

How did you make post-secondary affordable?

Good at learning. Open to feedback. Friendly and playful. Looking to get out of my state for college. Aspirations of being an English major. #college #english #business...


Sarah S.’s Avatar
Sarah S. Mar 06, 2018 237 views
Matthew W.’s Avatar
Matthew W. Jul 01, 2016 861 views

What are habits for success?

What do you do every morning to be productive during the day? At night? Any tips are more than appreciated! :) #help #advice #success #fitness #exercise #routine...


Latashia B.’s Avatar
Latashia B. Sep 11, 2019 46 views

what undergraduate courses and graduate courses do i need to take to become a forensic pathologist?

I am in college trying to become a forensic pathologist, however it is unclear to what courses i need to take. I am majoring in Criminal Justice but do not know what to do next. #forensic #forensic-science...


Anna L.’s Avatar
Anna L. Jul 09, 2018 336 views

How will I be able to get into Johns Hopkins University?

Hello! My name is Anna and I am a sophmore by the time summer break ends. I was wondering if I can do anything, or should do anything in particular to be able to get accepted into John Hopkins. I would want to be a doctor if you were wondering by the way! Any tips, and information about John...

#academic-advising #jhu #medicine #applying-to-college #college-applications #college #johns-hopkins

Amanda N.’s Avatar
Amanda N. Mar 11, 2018 257 views

What influence have the classics had on your understanding of literature?

Interested in further pursuing ancient Greek or Latin, curious as to how deeper study in those areas influences literary perceptions. #english-literature #classical-studies #literature...


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Peter D. Jan 21, 2018 708 views

Intern/Work in Australia

I recently came from a study abroad experience in Australia. I fell in love with the city of Melbourne and would like to know what are some of the best approaches for getting employment in Australia as a computer scientist? #australia #computer-science...


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Haddy J. Jan 16, 2018 254 views
Stephane karel T.’s Avatar
Stephane karel T. Jan 16, 2018 301 views

How much years of education do you need to be a pediatrician

I am asking this because i would love to know how many years i have infront of me #pediatrician #graduate-school #medical-school #healthcare #medicine...


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Keila F. Jan 04, 2018 395 views
Brian R.’s Avatar
Brian R. Dec 22, 2019 124 views

School may be committing fraud.

So after I had already been dropped out of school for more than a month and a half, still my school had pulled out a $5,000 portion of the financial aid for the next semester. And I've been notified several times, for several weeks prior, that I would be considered dropped out the next...

#college #financial-aid

Nicholas B.’s Avatar
Nicholas B. May 17, 2016 716 views

What is a good way to manage your time?

I want to be able to manage my time wisely through college and my possible career choice. Being able to manage my time will allow me to equally distribute time through my activities and finish any assignment given to me. #college #management...


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