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Matthew S.’s Avatar
Matthew S. Jul 10 197 views

What is the best way to prep for a case style interview at a big four accounting firm?

What is the best way to prep for a case style interview at a big four accounting firm?

Hannah W.’s Avatar
Hannah W. Jul 26, 2018 552 views

Should I start a Roth IRA in college or when I get my first job?

#college-jobs #first-job

Christopher K.’s Avatar
Christopher K. May 17, 2016 515 views

In Journalism, what would be a proper ratio of interview/news content to reviews and editorials.

I ask because I plan to become a Journalist for a career, and I am curious as to what ratio of opinion to news content would be most professional. #journalism

Briana S.’s Avatar
Briana S. May 06, 2016 1017 views

What is the average pay for a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

I am beginning my classes in the fall for my Associates Degree in DMS and would like an idea of what I should be considering when pursuing a career after graduation. #hospital #radiology #ultrasound #sonographer #finance #career #career-counseling #healthcare

Naomi F.’s Avatar
Naomi F. Jul 20 135 views

What exactly do tech consultants do?

Would it include any sort of programming or SWE?

Hanana F.’s Avatar
Hanana F. Aug 10, 2018 569 views

Educationally, what do astronauts really need to know?

Becoming an astronaut is really challenging. Sometimes it really makes me confused about what an astronaut needs to know, I know they need to be physically fit, meet the requirements for some tests, and other; but, what do they need to really study and train? #astronaut #astrophysics...

Leslie N.’s Avatar
Leslie N. Aug 13, 2018 368 views

How do I become an excellent nurse?

I have chosen nursing as a career path and would love to know what i need to do to succeed in a nursing school and become an excellent nursing?#career path,#healthcare,#nursing

#good nurse

Cori H.’s Avatar
Cori H. Jan 16, 2018 537 views

Has anyone been successful with scholarships posted on Fastweb and other search sites? #moneyforcollege

Continue to have difficulty with finding money for college. #moneyforcollege #financial-aid #scholarships #college

Cassandra Q.’s Avatar
Cassandra Q. Sep 01, 2017 663 views

How can I change my outlook on life and its complications to be less stressful and more enjoyable?

college applications and everything is piling on me. I know it'll all turn out to be okay, but I can't help but feeling super stressed all the time
#stress #stress-management #college

Rose N.’s Avatar
Rose N. Jul 11 113 views

How do I gain the skillset to work as a cloud and digital consultant for organizations today?

How do I gain just enough experience through exposure to a wide range of cloud and technological services and skills, without being too shallow in my understanding of or competence in all the respective fields of expertise to keep up with market trends. Do you recommend depth over breadth or...

Kira Z.’s Avatar
Kira Z. Mar 18, 2018 289 views

Are there any problems with entering college in the spring semester?

I've recently gotten accepted to a good college, but with admission deferred to spring semester. Once I get in, I'll be student just like any students, but I was wondering if there were any academic or social problems with not entering in the fall with most admitted freshman. Does anyone have...

jacob D.’s Avatar
jacob D. May 30 76 views

What are some good schools for Automotive-engineering?

What are some good schools for Automotive-engineering?

Maripoza G.’s Avatar
Maripoza G. Apr 07, 2021 334 views

can i receive training on computers, microsoft 10 n other job skills?


Nirel G.’s Avatar
Nirel G. Jan 29, 2018 351 views

Is determination enough to decide one's future?


Kartik C.’s Avatar
Kartik C. Aug 30, 2016 792 views

Does volunteering in non-technical events help building up profile for student in Information Systems, Business Analysis track?

I am doing the same, as mentioned in the question. #career #career-counseling #career-choice #career-paths #business-analysis

Jordan B.’s Avatar
Jordan B. Oct 25, 2016 526 views

Does anyone have advice for college athletes majoring in STEM subjects when labs and athletic practices may conflict?

I will be playing a sport for my school and, while my coach is very much academically focused and will support any afternoon labs I have, I know there will be some conflicts between those labs and our athletic practices. I am curious if anyone has any creative ideas for making sure that I can...

Jermaine M.’s Avatar
Jermaine M. Jun 27 142 views

As a U.S. Army Vet and non-traditional student who will graduate at the age of 34 with a degree in finance, how can I make myself an attractive candidate for hire at competitive firms such as the Big 4 firms, McKinsey, Bain, or BCG.

I am studying at UMD - Smith School of Business.

I have 2 years of school remaining.

I have no relevant work history outside of my current internship at a Big 4 firm.

I am shooting for a Management Consultant position.

Emily S.’s Avatar
Emily S. Jul 10, 2018 395 views

When College Advisors Don'tappear to have all the anwers...

#counseling #advisors #courseload #righttrack I am transferring from Community College and halfway through my studies there I was assigned a temporary counselor. This left me choosing my own courses from a catalog, rather that asking for assistance. Now I find myself behind in credits due to...

g L.’s Avatar
g L. Oct 21, 2020 390 views

Is a business management class worth it?

Im in eighth grade and I want to be a copywriter (in advertising). Right now applications for high school are open. My local high school offers some good programs and has a lot of departments for kids wanting to pursue a career in business, technology and media arts. I wanted to know if a...

Tamiya M.’s Avatar
Tamiya M. Nov 16, 2017 636 views

What resources can Communications majors use to improve their writing skills?

As a public relations major, I did not have many journalism classes. I wish I had a online editing software for my media post and other digital relationed things. #Technology #digital-media #digital-journalism #new-media

Isabella G.’s Avatar
Isabella G. Jan 16, 2018 424 views

How will I know when I've chosen the right career?

I am not 100% certain about my future and I don't want to go to college for something I'm not going to like later on. #career-choice

Danielle M.’s Avatar
Danielle M. Oct 29, 2019 676 views

What is the most successful route to go with IT? (Information Technology)

#Computers #information-technology #computer #technology

Dakota S.’s Avatar
Dakota S. May 11, 2016 1435 views

How did you pick your career path?

I am wondering how some of you choose what you choose and why. #career #career-path #pick

Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. Jan 12, 2018 516 views

As a student interested not in just getting rich quick, how can one really learn how to invest their money wisely?

Too often we hear that education systems don't prepare us for real life, but I think they are trying to improve this. But what are some great resources to learn about money management and wealth as a student?

#investing #real-estate-investing #money-management #wealth-management

Dasha S.’s Avatar
Dasha S. Jan 07, 2016 788 views

What is the difference between waste-to-energy and mass burn?

I have a project on Municipal Waste Energy. #municipalities

Alaysia B.’s Avatar
Alaysia B. Mar 26, 2014 1338 views

What is the Journalism Career like?

I am interested in Journalism and I would like to know how does this whole career pan out for some people? Is it a beneficial career choice or no? #career #career-path #journalism #news-writing

Keila F.’s Avatar
Keila F. Jan 04, 2018 667 views

How to make your mind more creative?

#creativity #learning #mental-exercise #creative #learning

Tarinegigha O.’s Avatar
Tarinegigha O. May 26, 2016 690 views

What are the various ways of treatment that physical therapists offer?

I am a graduating senior who has a certain career that he wants to pursue. I have recently been accepted to Allegany College of Maryland and decided to test to become a physical therapy assistant. This is a big question I had relating to my field of choice. #college #professional-sports

Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. Jul 03, 2016 1712 views

How can I get a job at CareerVillage??

I see career village is hiring...what makes you choose the best candidates? #career #technology #education #career-counseling #hiring #student-development

Alyssa C.’s Avatar
Alyssa C. Jan 12, 2017 845 views

What is a good first step to take when you realize the field you got your Bachelor's Degree in has a low demand job wise in the job market?

Alyssa.24. Currently employed in the Legal/Law Field. Recent College Graduate. #college #careers

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