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Eldon L.’s Avatar
Eldon L. Mar 09, 2019 413 views

Why did you choose tech?

Tech is so new and coming. Why did you choose to go into the tech industry?...


Alaysia B.’s Avatar
Alaysia B. Mar 26, 2014 2886 views

What does a typical journalist do in an average day?

I would LOVE to know how a typical journalist spends their day. Is it in an office? Or are you out and about researching for new stories to generate to the public? journalism careers life...


Emily S.’s Avatar
Emily S. May 09, 2018 309 views

Would I be better off taking a student teaching position over the summer, or babysitting and continuing my other not school major related job for an Elementary Education Major?

I applied for a student teaching summer position with the local school district, when a former employer offered me a position to Baby sit their 3 children over the summer. I will be entering my Junior Year in College, and while I would like to get some good experiences on my resume, the...

education elementary-education resume-building

jacob U.’s Avatar
jacob U. May 19, 2016 3214 views

What are the challenges you face in college as an engineering student?

Am an 11th grader l want to study automobile engineering when l get to college. engineering...


Nicole Q.’s Avatar
Nicole Q. May 14, 2016 494 views

What core classes would be the most useful to a dance and integrated marketing major?

I am trying to decide what core classes I want to take and was wondering if some would be more useful or interesting than others. marketing dance double-major...


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 27, 2016 1335 views

What are the tried and tested, best social media tools to use in the industry ?

I'm new to social media marketing and I would like to know how I could optimize my social media to drive growth business marketing social-media...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Dec 30, 2016 3823 views

What are some good tips for someone new to interviews?

I don't really have much experience with interviews in the past and was just wondering what are some things I should have in mind when others interview me. interviews interviewing-skills interviewing job-application...


Eldon L.’s Avatar
Eldon L. Mar 09, 2019 301 views

What career paths are there in the tech industry?

The tech industry is ever going day by day. What are the different possible career paths one can follow?...


Camryn E.’s Avatar
Camryn E. May 19, 2016 749 views

How do you participate in Teach For America?

I plan to do Teach For America in between undergraduate and graduate and I would like more information on the salary and requirements. education...


David P.’s Avatar
David P. Jan 17, 2018 711 views

How helpful is your school’s alumni network in finding a job after graduation?

I can take the proper courses to prepare myself for the job I want. I can get experience. But how do I get set on the proper path? Will the school help me find a good job? Are schools’ alumni more open to hiring recent graduates of their alma mater? social-networking networking...

buildingrelationships business-networking

Mounia M.’s Avatar
Mounia M. Feb 26, 2017 1010 views

How can I create my personal brand?

What are things that I can do to help create my brand? Will creating a career portfolio help with personal branding? career career-development personal-branding portfolio...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Jan 13, 2017 419 views

How can I get an internship?

I see that some internships require prior experience in a field, are there also internships that require minimal experience? What do recruiters look at when selecting interns?...


Stephane karel T.’s Avatar
Stephane karel T. Jan 16, 2018 840 views

How much years of education do you need to be a pediatrician

I am asking this because i would love to know how many years i have infront of me pediatrician graduate-school medical-school healthcare medicine...


Eldon L.’s Avatar
Eldon L. Jan 17, 2018 357 views

When is it best to get your Master's?

I am split between getting it right after undergrad or waiting until I have more money to pursue this degree....


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. Jul 03, 2016 1563 views

How can I get a job at CareerVillage??

I see career village is hiring...what makes you choose the best candidates? career technology education career-counseling hiring...


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 27, 2016 5347 views
Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 02, 2016 657 views

How can I get sales experience is all sales jobs require experience??

I'd love to work at my favourite retails stores but they always require where do I...

Fakaradin F.’s Avatar
Fakaradin F. May 21, 2016 1305 views

Is Physical Therapy a good career choice?

I love to work with people, since I'm a people person. My father once recommended me to become a physical therapist, since i read so much on muscles and know how to fix knots in the back and helped his knee get better with physical therapy at home. (He was kind of my test subject to test my new...

physical-therapy physical-therapist college personal-development medicine college-major scientists nurses healthcare career-details

Cristy R.’s Avatar
Cristy R. May 05, 2016 639 views

Should I apply to the business school of my college?

Should I apply to the business school of my university or remain undecided as I enter my freshmen year of college? I am not passionate about this major but i think it is one that get me further in life. business...


Luz A.’s Avatar
Luz A. Mar 06, 2018 348 views

What are effective methods for handling stress?

From the stories I've heard about college, it can be very stressful due to the workload, exams, tuition, etc. I'm not even a college undergraduate student yet, but I am already overwhelmed with tuition. I've taken a psychology class and understand there exist 5 stages of stress. The final stage...

stress-reduction stress-management

Allison F.’s Avatar
Allison F. Oct 25, 2016 907 views

What jobs, besides teaching, can Math majors get?

I love mathematics, but the high school teaching salary has me wary of that job. Are there other jobs, besides accountants, that math majors are qualified for? mathematics math mathematics-education...


Cody P.’s Avatar
Cody P. Nov 10, 2016 563 views
Shawn K.’s Avatar
Shawn K. May 13, 2016 642 views
Gregory B.’s Avatar
Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 956 views

Psychology and Philosophy Compensation

What is the difference in pay between a psychologist and a philosopher? psychology counseling philosophy...


Hannah C.’s Avatar
Hannah C. Aug 17, 2016 826 views

what is a good first job while in high school?

I want to find a part time job...


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