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Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. Jan 12, 2018 507 views

What are the career prospects for someone currently involved in Social Media Marketing or Management at a small scale?

I have managed social media accounts for organizations, just as a side hustle, but how could I go one step further? Do I need to get a degree in marketing? social-media social-media-marketing digital-marketing...


Alaysia B.’s Avatar
Alaysia B. Mar 26, 2014 1258 views

What is the Journalism Career like?

I am interested in Journalism and I would like to know how does this whole career pan out for some people? Is it a beneficial career choice or no? career career-path journalism...


Scott S.’s Avatar
Scott S. Aug 26, 2018 274 views

How should I decide what I want to do in IT?

I love technology, however I have no idea where my career will end up. I know there are many paths in IT, but how should I pick which to pursue?...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Dec 23, 2016 555 views

What are some of the more competitive jobs for computer science?

I want to know what kind of jobs are competitive in this field....


Isabella G.’s Avatar
Isabella G. Jan 16, 2018 341 views

How will I know when I've chosen the right career?

I am not 100% certain about my future and I don't want to go to college for something I'm not going to like later on....


Camryn E.’s Avatar
Camryn E. May 19, 2016 818 views

How do you participate in Teach For America?

I plan to do Teach For America in between undergraduate and graduate and I would like more information on the salary and requirements. education...


David H.’s Avatar
David H. Jan 23, 2018 596 views

Is it best to chase after your dream or financial stability?

Everyone has that one thing they love to do, but know they probably won't make a lot of money from it though. Is it best to put stability over fun and passion? philosophy social-science-phd social-science social-sciences career-counseling career-choice finance business-finance...

purpose career-goals passions

Mounia M.’s Avatar
Mounia M. Feb 13, 2017 587 views

How should I prepare for grad school?

I am going into my senior year as an undergrad and am wondering how I should start preparing for grad school? What are the best ways to prepare for grad school? Should I start applying at the start of my senior year? Or should I wait until I am closer to graduation? Should I hold off on...

college-applications graduate-school career-path college-prep

Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 05, 2016 998 views

What is the worst career mistake one can make?

Just curious what the worst possible-scenario could be... jobs career-paths...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Dec 19, 2016 496 views

What is the difference between the GRE and the SAT?

I'm thinking of applying to grad school in the future and I see that the GRE is a requirement. Is it similar to the SAT? Thanks! graduate-school...


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 27, 2016 780 views

Is a career in livestock and farming a good option nowadays ?

I stumbled upon and now I'm considering the path less traveled....any tips? Is it a good idea? agriculture farming livestock...


Haider A.’s Avatar
Haider A. Mar 22, 2015 972 views

Which is the best medical career I should choose?

I am interested in becoming a doctor but can anyone please tell me what kind of doctor i should become and which medical field should i go in? doctor science biology medicare...


Kianna L.’s Avatar
Kianna L. Nov 06, 2021 121 views

What is the best option and advice you’ll give for some one entering the respiratory therapy track ?

I was taking classes at pgcc but they messed up my credits with classes I didn’t need so now I’m looking for a back up option for the same major. college-major major psychology...

Asad W.’s Avatar
Asad W. Jan 14, 2018 423 views

How hard is it to Double Major?

I am looking to major in both Civil Engineering and Business, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or could offer advice...


Deszirae S.’s Avatar
Deszirae S. Jan 23, 2019 340 views

is it true that you only need a associates degree to become a registered nurse

nursing What path way would help me become a successful...

Emerald S.’s Avatar
Emerald S. Jun 23, 2021 186 views

Job help for a recent psych undergrad

Hello! I'm a recent college graduate who's low-income. I plan to eventually go to graduate school once I can afford it but as I'm entering the "adult" world, I'm curious about what jobs to apply to that still have some relevance to what I studied in school for. There's a research assistant but...

undergraduate psychology college jobhelp

Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 27, 2016 5523 views
William F.’s Avatar
William F. Oct 19, 2016 525 views

What is the best major to become a computer modeling and simulation designer

I am maybe interested in providing computer generated simulations for the military computer-science computer-software...


Cristy R.’s Avatar
Cristy R. May 05, 2016 690 views

Should I apply to the business school of my college?

Should I apply to the business school of my university or remain undecided as I enter my freshmen year of college? I am not passionate about this major but i think it is one that get me further in life. business...


Suzy M.’s Avatar
Suzy M. May 22, 2018 528 views

Will I still feel part of my University if I am an international student?

I will be attending Graduate School in either Ireland or the UK this fall, as an international student I am nervous about not feeling part of my University as much as I did when I attended an Undergraduate course in the US. Will my status as an international student make it harder to feel...

gradschool college-student international abroad college integration student-affairs student

Naaima Z.’s Avatar
Naaima Z. Jul 15, 2021 217 views

How should I get involved during the summer?

I am in 9th grade and want to get into a college like UCLA majoring in psychology. I wanted to do something specific to my interests of psychology this summer but I am lost. I have asked my sister and other family to help but they clearly did not do much. What should I do this summer that you...

psychology college summer

Minh V.’s Avatar
Minh V. May 18, 2016 929 views

Is it possible for students adapt to new career paths that are unrelated to their major? And if so, what steps should they take?

A lot of times, people end up having a new passion that is unrelated to their degree. I have seen many professionals gain high profile jobs even though they had a degree that was unrelated to their career. I was curious to see how a student could gain experience in a different field and dive...

majors development business graduate recruiting consulting

Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Dec 21, 2016 751 views

What is the difference between a software engineer and a software developer?

I have interest in the software industry but I would like to have some clarification on what sets these two careers apart. software-engineering software-development...