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Career Questions tagged Working Abroad

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Oct 31, 2022 169 views

What are some steps i can do to work in foreign diplomacy?

I am a junior in high school and would really like to have a job where I could travel more and practice my language skills.

Suzy’s Avatar
Suzy May 22, 2018 546 views

If I attend Grad School abroad will it be easier to work internationally with my degree?

I am attending Graduate School abroad this upcoming year for a one-year Msc in Applied Behavior Analysis. There are currently many positions in the US for careers in Behavior Analysis, however my main interest is to work internationally. Since my Master's degree will be from an international...

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Jan 19, 2018 482 views

Should I look at teaching abroad for experience?

I enjoy tutoring so much, that I decided to work on becoming a teacher. While I am working on the education process: i.e. degree and credentials, I was wondering If I should also look to teaching abroad for job experience?

#study-abroad #working-abroad

Dariann’s Avatar
Dariann Jan 17, 2018 523 views

If I work in a medical career in another country, what are the regulations I need to follow?

If I become certified with IJCAHPO (International Joint Commission on Allied Health Professionals in Ophthalmology) after graduating with my Associates, I can pretty much find a career in another country. If there is anyone working abroad or internationally in the medical field, I am interested...

Lejla’s Avatar
Lejla Jan 16, 2018 538 views

Are degrees earned in America accepted in other countries?

Specifically, I’m going to earn a bachelors in #biology, and I️ was just wondering if there’s a listen if countries it’s accepted or not accepted? #college #international #working-abroad

Hammed’s Avatar
Hammed Jan 16, 2018 555 views

What does it takes to be successful in an unconducive environment?

I discover most people in Nigeria and Africa go out to source for good living in the USA and European countries and in my statistics 85% of these people are always successful when they come back to their various birth countries compared to those that stay in there countries to make it to the...

Tierra’s Avatar
Tierra Jan 16, 2018 572 views

Are jobs overseas better than the US?

I want to live and work outside the US #foreign-languages #international #jobs #working-abroad

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha Jan 12, 2018 693 views

What are some of the best careers for people who love to travel?

Growing up abroad I feel I like I can't stay in one place too long, but how and which careers are suited for this kind of work? And where can one look for jobs like these?

#travel #working-abroad

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Dec 23, 2017 686 views

What courses should I do?

I'm 16 and college isn't far away I want to #travel a lot and do #YouTube when I'm older but I have no idea which type of college courses would be best for them both? #influencing #study-abroad #working-abroad #college

Faith ’s Avatar
Faith Sep 01, 2017 866 views

What are some college courses to consider for working abroad?

My dream is to travel the world, but I obviously need a good source of income in order to do that. Writing/editing has always interested me, and so a career doing something similar to that would be great. However, I'm very open to other ideas: I've heard #web-design and #transcriptionist have...

江斌’s Avatar
江斌 Mar 12, 2017 819 views

How can I find a job abroad?

He! I am Norton. I am pursuing my masters degree at Nanjing Normal university right now. My major is traditional Chinese painting , and I am going to finish my masters degree in June 2018. I want to find a job abroad and experience the world, but I don't know how?!?! I can speak...

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Feb 08, 2017 719 views

Will going abroad for your first job increase your chances for jobs back home?

I'm planning on going abroad for my first job. It will be a teaching job and I don't have any serious career ideas. I don't know what job I would be working if I stay home instead so I'm assuming staying or leaving won't makeba huge difference in what I care about, unless I find something...

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Feb 04, 2017 1409 views

How would you recommend I go about getting a job in Hong Kong?

Hi everyone, I am a college student currently very interested in working in Hong Kong. I am using some resources like Linkedin and stuff. I hear that it is possible to get jobs there even without sufficient Chinese(Cantonese and Mandarin alike). I'm looking for experiences in areas of: sales,...

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Jan 04, 2017 1028 views

what can I major in if I want to work for a non-profit

I am interested in working for an organization, something like Rapha Hous which deals with the rehabilitation of young girls that have been trafficked, or Playing for Change which teaches music to children in different parts of the world; mostly dealing with underdeveloped or developing...

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Dec 09, 2016 856 views

What are the merits of studying abroad?

I am a second year student in college, and I was thinking about studying abroad after one of my friends told me she was planning on doing so the next year. I would love to find out more information about the program, but I'm not sure if it is the right decision. Are their specific majors that...

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Aug 22, 2016 670 views

Biochemical Engineering from Biochemistry Degree

I'm about to enter my final year of a BSc Biochemistry degree in the UK. I would really like to go on to become a biochemical engineer but i'm not sure exactly what further study (if any) or graduate program that I would need to complete in order to do so. I would also be more than happy to...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Aug 15, 2016 987 views

What is it like to pursue a teaching career in another country?

I am a high school student currently interested in taking up education as a future career. It was a difficult choice to pick this career path because although I always wanted to be a teacher, my father refuses to allow me to take up a low-paying job. I decided to look into teaching outside of...

Bhavarth’s Avatar
Bhavarth Aug 02, 2016 765 views

Which is better option for study in canada engineering 1=>Doing ADVANCE DIPLOMA AND GETTING PR(5yrs)..(less expensive)2=>Complete bachlor in indian(4yrs) and doing MASTERs IN CANADA(little expensive)

Which is better option for study in canada engineering 1=>Doing ADVANCE DIPLOMA AND GETTING PR(5yrs)..(less expensive)2=>Complete bachlor in indian(4yrs) and doing MASTERs IN CANADA(little expensive) #career #career-counseling #software-engineering #study-abroad #foreign-languages...