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Career Questions tagged Ophthalmology

Britney’s Avatar
Britney Oct 19, 2020 224 views

Are you happy as an ophthalmologist?

I’ve seen doctors that warn others of their profession because they grow unhappy of it and it’s lifestyle. How do ophthalmologists feel about their job? #ophthalmology #medicine

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Britney Oct 19, 2020 497 views

Do you have free time as an ophthalmologist?

Free time does not have to be very long, but is there a small window of time to do what you like? #medicine #ophthalmology

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Britney Oct 19, 2020 289 views

What is the average salary of an ophthalmologist?

What is the salary specifically in the United States? Does it vary from place to place? #medicine #ophthalmology

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Britney Oct 19, 2020 544 views

What personality type best fits the role of an ophthalmologist?

Is personality really important? What kind of traits would excel in a career in ophthalmology?#medicine #ophthalmology

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Britney Oct 19, 2020 242 views

Optometry or Ophthalmology?

Do you believe one is better than the other? If so, in what aspects? #medicine #optometry #ophthalmology

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Miriam Mar 25, 2019 413 views

How do I find volunteer opportunities as a technician in ophthalmology?

I'm looking volunteer as a technician for a private ophthalmology practice.
#volunteer #ophthalmology #technician #career

Bhavani’s Avatar
Bhavani Jan 17, 2018 431 views

How will the MD-DO residency merger affect students seeking an MD and students seeking a DO, particularly those students interesting in pursuing ophthalmology?

I've has a passion for medicine for as long as I can remember. Due to my medical history and having read up on various conditions and diseases, I've found ophthalmology to be the field, that I would like to pursue, so that I can give other individuals a shot at living an uninhibited life. I...

Dariann’s Avatar
Dariann Jan 17, 2018 474 views

If I work in a medical career in another country, what are the regulations I need to follow?

If I become certified with IJCAHPO (International Joint Commission on Allied Health Professionals in Ophthalmology) after graduating with my Associates, I can pretty much find a career in another country. If there is anyone working abroad or internationally in the medical field, I am interested...

Dariann’s Avatar
Dariann Jan 17, 2018 422 views

What will the future look like for ocular medicine and technological advancements?

The reason I ask this is because I am going to college to become an Ophthalmic Technician and I graduate in May 2019. With technology moving at a fast pace, I wonder if my professors will be able to create advanced lessons and labs in regards to the medical advancements occurring in the future....