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What will the future look like for ocular medicine and technological advancements?

The reason I ask this is because I am going to college to become an Ophthalmic Technician and I graduate in May 2019. With technology moving at a fast pace, I wonder if my professors will be able to create advanced lessons and labs in regards to the medical advancements occurring in the future. I am worried on missing out in learning new medical techniques after I graduate.
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2 answers

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Ken’s Answer

You ask some very important questions.

You can find the answers by doing networking that involves face to face real time conversations with people who are involved in the field, in addition to doing research on the internet. During my many years in Human Resources and College Recruiting, I have found that the internet is good for some things, but in getting to know about a career, it is best to be involved in a communication mode that allows for two way communication and dialogue.

There are two groups of people that would be important for you to contact:

1 Call or visit the Director of Alumni Relations at your school to arrange to meet and talk to graduates who are working in ocular medicine, so that you can get answers first hand from them. Also, this allows you to start to build a networking support base that will be very important for you as you advance in ocular medicine.

2 Call or visit your academic advisor and favorite professors to learn about professional associations to which people working in ocular medicine belong and arrange to go to a meeting to meet those involved in ocular medicine. By participating in these professional associations, people in a professional field learn about advances and pariticate in advanced education and progress in their careers.

This link will allow you to see some of the opportunities in ocular medicine: ## http://www.visionaware.org/info/your-eye-condition/eye-health/types-of-eye-care-professionals-5981/125 ##

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Hector’s Answer

Technology makes an impact in any field, and ocular medicine is not an exception. Besides, as long as people have eyes, ocular medicine will be there, because people get older, age, and need a tool to help them see as clear as possible.