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Lauralea Jan 17, 2018 678 views

What is the best way to manage working two jobs, maintaining an A average, and make time for a social life in college?

As a student who is depending on scholarships and my own jobs to pay for college, it is very intimidating to take on two jobs and keep my grades up. I worked as a manager in high school and the stress and workload of my job on top of school made me feel as if I were losing my life to my...

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Mar 04, 2017 717 views

What are some recommendations of business school in North America?

Especially graduation step #business-school #after-graduation

Ivy’s Avatar
Ivy Jun 27, 2016 1186 views

What exactly do people involved in international business do?

I'm an upcoming senior in high school and I'm trying to explore different fields of study to determine which one I'm more interested in. Recently I took a Financial Occupations course and I became interested in business specifically international business. Now I'm just wondering what exactly...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace May 28, 2016 1158 views

How do I know what degree to peruse in order to follow my planed career path?

I want to go into advertising, but more specifically write and direct television ads and music videos. I would presume I would meed some sort of marketing degree, but do I major or minor in that? Also what do I do as far as the artistic side of it? #college #career #marketing #arts

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Apr 13, 2016 985 views

What school has the best business program?

I'm asking because once I graduate I'm interested in being a business manager. #business

Aminatou’s Avatar
Aminatou Sep 18, 2020 508 views

how many years do it takes to be a doctor

#doctor # #business #career #lesson-planning

Jamie’s Avatar
Jamie May 13, 2016 1914 views

What is the main reason small businesses fail?

I want to own my own business and want to know the do's and dont's. #business #success

Freddy’s Avatar
Freddy Jul 01, 2016 1050 views

How do you recommend I go about opening up my own car shop?

Im in 10th and i want to know how to open a car shop #business #entrepreneur #mechanics #automobile

Desi’s Avatar
Desi Apr 08, 2014 1359 views

How do I get people to invest in my business?

I was thinking about starting a business but couldn't figure out how i would get people to invest in my business. #investing #e-business #investor

Mariangeliz’s Avatar
Mariangeliz Apr 09, 2014 1088 views

How long does it usually take to start your business and comfortably run it ?

I just want to know an estimated time that it takes to learn everything you need to learn about business and then start on your own #business

Suki’s Avatar
Suki Mar 19, 2015 1312 views

How do computer science majors differ?

I'm a High school student and will be looking at colleges soon. I am looking at colleges and they all have many majors about computer science that seem to be the same. #professor #technology #professional

Darlen’s Avatar
Darlen Sep 01, 2015 991 views

How many years does it take to finish a career in business?

What are the requirements? #business #international

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Oct 20, 2015 3271 views

why do you like technology and try programing a computer?

I'm a junior in middle school and I love advanced technology. I'm starting advanced technology and like to know a lot about all kinds of tech. So what does advanced technology do? Why does it need better programing than other technology? What does it mean to be a tech pro? If I could know all...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 21, 2016 1037 views

who own a business and want to hire me ?

im a hard worker and i need the money so that i can give to my family and also i want to help myself get more independence im 16 going to 17 in march #business #business-owner

Cristy’s Avatar
Cristy May 05, 2016 1018 views

Should I apply to the business school of my college?

Should I apply to the business school of my university or remain undecided as I enter my freshmen year of college? I am not passionate about this major but i think it is one that get me further in life. #business #undecided