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Desi D. Apr 08, 2014 719 views

How do I get people to invest in my business?

I was thinking about starting a business but couldn't figure out how i would get people to invest in my business. #investing #e-business...


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Mariangeliz C. Apr 09, 2014 761 views

How long does it usually take to start your business and comfortably run it ?

I just want to know an estimated time that it takes to learn everything you need to learn about business and then start on your own...


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Suki L. Mar 19, 2015 687 views

How do computer science majors differ?

I'm a High school student and will be looking at colleges soon. I am looking at colleges and they all have many majors about computer science that seem to be the same. #professor #technology...


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Darlen A. Sep 01, 2015 656 views
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Justin S. Oct 20, 2015 2375 views

why do you like technology and try programing a computer?

I'm a junior in middle school and I love advanced technology. I'm starting advanced technology and like to know a lot about all kinds of tech. So what does advanced technology do? Why does it need better programing than other technology? What does it mean to be a tech pro? If I could know all...

#technology #tech #programming #information-technology

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Michael R. Jan 21, 2016 606 views

who own a business and want to hire me ?

im a hard worker and i need the money so that i can give to my family and also i want to help myself get more independence im 16 going to 17 in march #business...


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Melissa L. Apr 13, 2016 538 views

What school has the best business program?

I'm asking because once I graduate I'm interested in being a business manager....


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Cristy R. May 05, 2016 586 views

Should I apply to the business school of my college?

Should I apply to the business school of my university or remain undecided as I enter my freshmen year of college? I am not passionate about this major but i think it is one that get me further in life. #business...


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Jade D. May 05, 2016 533 views
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Matthew G. May 13, 2016 598 views

Is It Doable to work full time and go go school full time

I was wanting to hear peoples experience working full time and going to college full time because I will probably be in that situation #college #money-management...


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Jamie A. May 13, 2016 498 views

What is the main reason small businesses fail?

I want to own my own business and want to know the do's and dont's. #business...


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Amber C. May 13, 2016 590 views

What is the best idea to take if your dream for the future is not as practical or resourceful as you once believed?

I am asking this question because many people tell me that I may be overthinking the results of my post-secondary choices. I hope to create an inspiring cartoon that will capture attention and or possibly turn it into a film. However, I realize that I may not animation as much as I like the...

#parent #student #graduate #business #mentoring #counselor #job-coaching #teacher

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Luis A. May 14, 2016 581 views

How did you find a job once you graduated college?

I'm planning on having my major be in business or law and I question myself how I am planning on starting my career. Do most people need to have a connection to start working or do they find the job themselves? Although I am only a freshman I still focus on what I'm planning to do with my...


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Meredith M. May 14, 2016 605 views

How hard is it to pay off the debt on pre-vet and vet school?

I've been considering the fact that vet schools are very expensive and sometimes hard to get into. Is the expense really worth it if you love taking care of animals? How long does it usually take to pay off the debt if you go to a place like Auburn University for vet school in Alabama?...

#higher-education #veterinarian #money-management #veterinary-medicine