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Miami, Florida

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victor Jan 27 65 views

What are the occupations needed in becoming a voice actor, what are ways I can get connections to get started in the industry ?

I started voice acting when I was 10 and I watched many animations with many deep and low pitch characters and I want to be able to do this.
what are some ways to develop new voice skills?

victor’s Avatar
victor Jan 27 62 views

How do i develop a new way to make new Voice Acting skills ?

I have tried to work on many voice but the only voices i can do are Megatron and Stitch, how can I develop more ways to make new voices?

Eva’s Avatar
Eva Jan 20 161 views

What volunteer opportunities or internships are there for undergraduate communication science and disorders majors?

-Freshman at Florida State Univeristy
-Communication Science and Disorders Major
-Future career in Audiology

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Dec 04, 2022 316 views

Which business or side gig should I pursue?

I have 13 years of experience in the education field. I took a course in professional coaching. I have conflict resolution and paralegal skills training. I taught finance to students. I enjoy learning foreign languages and I have experience teaching ESL students. I hate writing but I love...

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Aug 09, 2022 656 views

should I turn my hobby into a career?

I enjoy drawing stylized anime art, but I'm not sure if I want to turn it into a career path for myself. I am passionate about my art as well.

soup’s Avatar
soup Mar 20, 2022 375 views

what careers are available in computer science?

I'm taking AP CSP and its very interesting

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Nov 09, 2021 220 views

What is an ideal Job for an Master of Health Administration student right out of school?

2nd year MHA candidate seeking employment right out of school upon my graduation in May 2022 #college #mha #healthadmin #healthadministration

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 255 views

What VISA do you apply for as a international student who is looking to take a job as a nurse?

I know that because RN is not considered a strictly undergraduate degree because you can become a RN without a degree, sometimes we don't qualify for H1 B visa so what VISA can I qualify for and apply for?


hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 298 views

What does a RN job application process look like?

I am an international student studying Nursing in Miami and I have no idea what to expect of the job application process to look like.

#nursing #nurse #nursing-education #medicine #college #nursing-application #registered-nurse

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 1497 views

What are some good study habits that will help me in a rigourous major

Hey, I am a nursing student and I never developed any good study habits because ei would do well or at least pass by studying 2 days before the exam but that has not been enough with nursing and I am scared of failing #studyhabits #college #university #nursingstudent #nursing #healthcaremajor...

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 505 views

Tips for passing the NCLEX

I am a nursing student who will graduate in May 2022 and I am scared about my ability to be able to pass and clear the NCLEX exam so I appreciate any tips that you have #nurse #college-advice #college #healthcare #nursing

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 194 views

Can you work a different job during OPT than what you studied for in College?

OPT Is for international students and we were told it must be related to your area of study but what if I volunteer in my area of study and do another job, can that work out?


hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 278 views

How to figure out your interest and speciality as a new nurse (RN)

I graduate in May 2022 and I want to work for a year before I go back to school for my masters and I want to use that year in figuring out what I would want to do and what my interests are when considering different specialities etc

#psychology #college #medicine #healthcare #nursing

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 527 views

How do I become a string applicant when applying for masters in Nursing?

I graduate in May 2022 and I want to get a year of experience before applying for masters in nursing and was wondering what I can do to ensure my success in the application process

#graduate-school #healthcare #nurse #nursing #college #masters #registered-nurses

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 289 views

Is there a different VISA Process for International students with healthcare related jobs? or do we have to do the lottery system with H1 B also?

I am a nursing student and it doesn't count as a STEM degree so I only have one year of OPT

#healthcare #college #university #internationalstudent #opt

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 301 views

Any tips for a new graduate nurse (RN) looking for jobs?

I graduate in May 2022 and am terrified of whether or not I will be able to get a job. As an international student, me staying in America is dependent on that

#nursing #graduate-school #job #healthcare

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 391 views

How hard is it to do a Masters in Nursing?

Is it hard to get into the Masters programs and how hard is it to actually get the masters, I know that each exam has a higher passing rate when it comes to Masters so I was wondering

#college #nursing #degree

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 284 views

How do I get started when looking for Jobs and what things to look at

Hey, I am an international Nursing student and I need to get a job asap after graduating so i can stay here but i have no clue where to even start looking for jobs or when is a good time to start or what to look for in jobs when I apply. #nursing #job-search #job #internationalstudent...

Leetsy’s Avatar
Leetsy Sep 05, 2021 448 views

How do you become a medical doctor?

After undergrad and receiving your bachelor’s degree, do you continue to grad school then med school? Or after undergrad, you go straight to med school? #doctor #medical #college #medicine #premed

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Aug 04, 2021 284 views

Options for Biology Major

Hi! I am a biology student, I do not want to pursue graduate work. What kinds of jobs and salaries can I expect. What are my options to stay in a biology-related field?


Dominiq’s Avatar
Dominiq Jun 09, 2021 279 views

What schooling is needed to join the FBI?

How much education for FBI

Dominiq’s Avatar
Dominiq Jun 09, 2021 239 views

How do you get into the law enforcement field?

law enforcement

Norris’s Avatar
Norris Jun 07, 2021 250 views

How to help my friends on there journey to find the careers

How can I help other people look for a job or a career that fits themselves.

And how can they do that there selves #career-counseling

kayalani’s Avatar
kayalani Jun 04, 2021 265 views

Do I need to get my business license first in order for me to open up a business?

#business #entrepreneur #business-management

Jamari’s Avatar
Jamari Jun 04, 2021 642 views

What are the highest salary jobs in Florida?

#salary Hard worker, Never gives up on future goals, And a ton of other qualities.

John’s Avatar
John Jun 04, 2021 452 views

what are some good stocks to invest to that's dealing with covid ?

#business #finance #marketing #accounting

John’s Avatar
John Jun 04, 2021 365 views

what is the best way to get into real-estate?

#architect #business

Wayne’s Avatar
Wayne Jun 04, 2021 313 views

What other goals did you put in place to become a sport analyst?

So I can know what goals I can set ? #sports #athletics #journalism #broadcast-media

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jun 04, 2021 369 views

How hard is it for a beginning attorney to get a job at a private law firm

#law-school #lawyer #attorney #law-practice #law

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Brionna Jun 04, 2021 242 views

What's the hardest part about becoming a Realtor ?

I want to get to know more about selling houses and helping people get there ideal dream house and I love house tours! #realtors

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